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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for #3632-3649 --11th January 2004 - 30th January 2004

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Episode 3632 - Sunday 11th January 2004 Updated
Terry crosses swords with Zoe and begins to wonder if Charity may be innocent after all. Ethan frowns on Marlon's plans to send Tricia off in style. Chloe tries to toughen up Syd's approach to business.
Episode 3633 - Monday 12th January 2004 Updated
After learning about his doubts over Charity, Zoe tells Terry to keep his mouth shut for Chris's sake. Steph's hidden grief brings her into conflict with Marlon over Tricia's funeral. Daz's efforts to impress Debbie go horribly wrong.
Episode 3634 - Tuesday 13th January 2004 Updatedt
Seeing that Charity is losing hope, Cain cooks up a desperate plan for her to avoid prison. Debbie drives Daz to a dare that lands him in hot water with Scott. Zoe buys Terry's silence and makes Scott an offer he cannot refuse.
Episode 3635 - Wednesday 14th January 2004 Updated
An angry Cain confronts Zoe in a bid to help Charity but has not counted on Scott trying to get in his way. Will Daz's misdemeanours spell disaster when he faces the magistrate? Betty is overwhelmed by the village's generosity.
Episode 3636 - Thursday 15th January 2004 Updated
Scott is stunned when Zoe makes a shocking confession about Chris's death. Daz lands himself in trouble but Katie puts her neck on the line to bail him out and save her own skin. Steph struggles to cope in the run-up to Tricia's funeral.

Episode 3637 - Friday 16th January 2004 Finished with Production Credits
Bernice is Back
Bernice returns to Emmerdale to pay her respects to Tricia, putting Laurel's nose out of joint in the process. Sparks fly as Diane and Steph clash in their grief. With her allies thin on the ground, Zoe leans on Scott ahead of Charity's trial.

Episode 3638 - Sunday 18th January 2004 Finished with Production Credits
Marlon's darkest hour arrives as he and the villagers bid an emotional farewell to Tricia. Cain promises to come through for Charity as her impending trial starts to take its toll on her. Dawn is pleasantly surprised upon her return from holiday.

Episode 3639 - Monday 19th January 2004 Finished with Production Credits
Charity is a nervous wreck as she faces day one of her murder trial, but she is unprepared for Cain's heroics which stun the courtroom. Marlon joins forces with Bernice as he battles with his grief after burying Tricia. Dawn fears Terry is pushing himself too hard.

Episode 3640 - Tuesday 20th January 2004 Finished with Production Credits
As the evidence starts stacking up against her, Charity takes matters into her own hands and pressures Zoe to change her evidence. Pollard falls foul of Steph by drawing unfortunate comparisons between Gloria's disappearance and Tricia's death. Cracks appear in Ashley and Louise's relationship.

Episode 3641 - Wednesday 21st January 2004 Finished with Production Credits
Zoe takes the stand to give evidence at Charity's murder trial. Ashley and Louise question their future together. Pollard goes public with an emotional account of life without Gloria.

Episode 3642 - Thursday 22nd January 2004 Finished with Production Credits
Charity's future lies in the hands of the jury as they decide upon a verdict. Pollard is shattered when the search for Gloria leads to a notorious suicide spot. Laurel is heartened by Ashley and Louise's news.

Episode 3643 - Friday 23rd January 2004 Finished with Production Credits
As Charity tries to adjust to life after the trial, Debbie swears never to let Zoe rest for what she has done. A distraught Pollard is forced to say his last goodbye to Gloria. Scott steps forward as an unlikely saviour for Daz.

Episode 3644 - Sunday 25th January 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Things hot up for Robert and Katie as Daz fires up their relationship. Bernice is back with a glint in her eye and news of her new man. A visit to Charity in prison brings little joy for Debbie.
Episode 3645 - Monday 26th January 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Robert gets hot under the collar as he blackmails Daz. Simon puts a smile back on Nicola's face and is rewarded with a kiss. Diane reveals her guilty conscience to Bernice.
Episode 3646 - Tuesday 27th January 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Fearful that Daz knows too much, Katie gives Andy an ultimatum: his brother or his wife. Jack is devastated when Diane packs her bags after a row about Rodney. Simon's perseverance with Nicola finally pays off.
Episode 3647 - Wednesday 28th January 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Andy unwittingly banishes Daz for telling the truth. Desperate to know where he stands with Diane, Jack provokes a reaction by popping the question. Laurel is shattered by Bernice's lonely-hearts advice.
Episode 3648 - Thursday 29th January 2004 NEWLY ADDED
It is decision day for Diane, but what will her choice be - Brighton or bride? Bernice leads the reopening of the Woolpack after the storm but she only has Gabby on her mind. Robert and Katie revisit the scene of the love crime.
Episode 3649 - Friday 30th January 2004 NEWLY ADDED
It is Bernice's last day in the village, but will it be she or Ashley who must bid farewell to Gabby? Robert and Katie think that they have the house to themselves but the postman only knocks twice. Diane and Jack have cause for celebration.

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