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30 Years of Emmerdale
16 October 1972 - 16 October 2002

Emmerdale Farm Episode One
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Emmerdale 1989
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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for 17th June - 18th October 2002, so click on a date for more information:-

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Emmerdale Episode Guide - from 17 June 2002

Episodes #3201-3204; 17 June - 20 June 2002
SMALL SUMMERY: Jack puts pressure on Andy to rethink his plans. Latisha thaws as Cain turns up the heat. Edna has second thoughts about Betty living in her home... Katie finds herself all alone as Andy backs out of their baby plan. Diane is hurt by Jerry's knock-back. Betty revels in her new-found fame, much to Edna's annoyance...Andy realises that he has made a mistake, but it is too late. Mack struggles to tell Diane what he really feels. Seth is stunned by Betty's plot to reunite them....Mack is frustrated as his plans to woo Diane crash and burn. Seth is nervous as the web vote results are announced. Scott lies to Chloe about his life of crime.

Episodes #3205; 21 June 2002 with screen captures.
THIS UPDATE INCLUDES: A failed birthday outing brings Diane and Mack together. Len is concerned about Scott's need to impress Chloe. Latisha tries to keep Cynthia in the dark about her liaison with Cain.
Episodes #3206-32010; 24 June - 27 June 2002
THIS UPDATE INCLUDES: Scott feels the pressure when Marc discovers the car ringing. Mack faces hostile questions about Diane's failure to attend her own party. Cynthia's job is on the line when Latisha fails to pay Charity. Chloe is horrified to learn that car crime has funded her lavish lifestyle. Latisha appeals to Charity's better nature as she fails to raise enough cash. Marlon is shocked when an old flame arrives in the Woolpack ... Scott vows to escape the clutches of Tony and his crimes. Sam takes the first step on the road to a relationship. Zoe struggles on her first day back at the vets ... Scott and Chloe use Ray to save them fSam's date with one of his internet matches does not go according to plan. Scott's gamble pays off when Ray deals with Tony. Nicola schemes to ruin Maggie's life once more.rom Tony. Zoe resents Rhona's presence at the vets. Sam is pleased when his internet dating reaps rewards.
Episodes #3211-3215; 1 July - 5 July 2002
THESE EPISODES INCLUDE:Chloe finds it difficult to forgive Scott as they receive an ominous warning from Ray. Zoe finds sanctuary in Ashley's church. Louise confronts Ray about his involvement in the car scam ... Zoe loses it at the vets, turning to drugs to ease her tormented mind. Louise decides to turn a blind eye to Ray's way of life. Sam is troubled by having to end his relationship ... Paddy is concerned as Zoe's behaviour becomes upsetting. Chloe realises her relationship with Scott is deteriorating. Mack and Angie flirt as he works on her house ...Zoe's behaviour leads to tragedy at Ashley's church. Chloe endeavours to save her relationship with Scott. Marc attempts to put his life back on track ... The villagers are dragged into Zoe's nightmare as the church fire takes hold. Marc and Ashley save Zoe from certain death, but she is deemed to be a danger to herself and is sectioned.
Episodes #3216-3217; 8 July 2002
THESE EPISODES INCLUDE: Latisha stoops to desperate measures to get a present for Kirk, leading Cynthia to take inadvisable action. Chris and Charity are shocked at the extent of Zoe's psychosis. Diane returns from holiday, but will Mack be pleased to see her?
Episodes #3218-3220; 9 July -11 July 2002
THESE EPISODES INCLUDE: ... Chris confronts his critics as he struggles to defend the family name. Diane conceals her jealousy as Mack andZoe is certain that she will be released following her appeal, but Ashley has doubts. There's trouble for Marlon as Rhona falls for him. Work pressures take their toll on Maggie and Phil's relationship. Angie share an evening together. Although Lucy knows where Katie is staying, she refuses to tell Andy ... Andy's hope is renewed when Donna tells him where Katie is. Zoe is devastated when her appeal for release fails. Nicola enjoys meddling in Maggie and Phil's relationship.
Episodes #3221-3225; 15 July-19 July 2002
THESE EPISODES INCLUDE: ... Maggie plots to use Rodney for her own gain. Andy's pleas to Katie fall on deaf ears. Christmas comes early at the Dingles when Peg says she wants to move out ...Nicola becomes the unwilling participant in a menage-a-trois when Maggie succumbs to Rodney. Zak contrives a foolproof plan to get Peg off his hands. Chris challenges Zoe's treatment ...Nicola spills the beans and Phil takes revenge on Rodney. Zak's foolproof plan fails. Scott and Chloe's relationship is strained to breaking point ...Zak decides that the only way Peg will leave is in a coffin. Scott and Chloe struggle to rekindle their passion. Lisa tries to help Cynthia and Latisha resolve their differences ...Zak's scam goes according to plan as Peg enjoys her own wake. Chloe falls into the arms of Syd as Scott refuses to accept that their relationship is over.
Episodes #3226-3227; 22 July-23 July 2002
THESE EPISODES INCLUDE: Syd sleeps with Chloe after taking advantage of her emotional turmoil. The Dingles plan a day trip to the seaside. Pollard and Gloria plan to spruce up the factory ...The Dingles' day out ends in disaster as Cynthia is arrested and Lisa meets an old flame. Pollard and Gloria get their hands dirty in an attempt to win their contest.
Episodes #3228-3229; 24 July 2002
THESE EPISODES INCLUDE: Lisa enjoys the memory of Foggin, but is horrified when he turns up in the flesh. Mack worries he may have lost his touch with the ladies. Diane struggles to keep her jealousy of Angie at bay. Latisha makes the first move to rebuild her relationship with Cynthia.
Episode #3230; 26 July 2002
SMALL SUMMERY: A lads' night out turns nasty when Syd boasts about bedding Chloe. Mack is jealous of Syd's interest in Angie. Latisha decides to stay on at the Dingles, much to Cain's dismay.
Episodes #3231-3235; 29 July - 2 August 2002
THESE EPISODES INCLUDE: Mack is jealous of Syd's flirtation with Angie. Chloe and Scott reach the end of the road. Ray surprises Louise with a romantic gesture. ... Diane's jealousy leads her to spy on Mack. Lousie decides to take the plunge with Ray. Marlon fears there'll be fireworks when Tricia returns to find Rhona in the village. ...Diane's fears grow as Mack steals a kiss from Angie. Rhona is worried that Marlon has not told Tricia the truth. Maggie is encouraged by Rodney's romantic advances. ...Marlon finds himself in trouble when Tricia bumps into Rhona at the bar. Chris is concerned about Zoe's return home. Maggie has a dalliance with Rodney but decides not to tell the kids. ...Afraid of the outside world, Zoe opts to stay in hospital. Tricia attempts to be mature about Marlon and Rhona's friendship, but fails. Robert has one thing on his mind as he tricks Lucy into restarting their relationship.
Episodes #3236-3238; 5 August - 7 August 2002
THESE EPISODES INCLUDE: It is a red letter day for Zoe as she sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Marlon is between a rock and a hard place as Tricia rows with Rhona. Paddy and Emily cannot rid themselves of Nicola. ...Robert flees naked from Maggie, as Lucy exacts her humiliating revenge. Tricia resents Rhona's presence in the village. Paddy and Emily fear that Nicola won't help their bid to become foster parents. ...Nicola takes a disgraced Robert into her confidence, then lures him into her bed. Tricia tries being mature but her jealousy wins out. Zoe takes control of her life and leaves hospital.
Episodes #3239-3240; 8 August 2002
SMALL SUMMERY: Tricia fears she comes across as stupid and shallow next to Rhona. Rumours are rife as Robert boasts about his conquests. Paddy feels the full force of Chris's anger. Maggie makes a triumphant exit from the village, leaving Nicola floored.
Episodes #3241-3245; 12 August - 16 August 2002
SMALL SUMMERY: Tricia is forced to take drastic steps. Nicola and Robert stand up to the gossips. Zoe's long journey to recovery receives a boost when Joseph visits her ...Marlon sets off in pursuit of Tricia. Nicola faces homelessness when her liaison with Robert causes friction with Paddy and Emily. Chris is optimistic about Zoe's recovery ...Nicola schemes to prolong her stay at Paddy and Emily's. The Dingles rejoice as Marlon and Tricia get engaged. Donna is mortified as her modelling job turns out to be less glamorous than she hoped ...Nicola is stunned to feel the full force of Emily's rage. Diane is shaken by news from Bernice, while Mack displays the depth of his feelings for her. Suspecting Tricia of sabotage, Viv vows to get revenge ...Diane is worried by Mack's heartfelt declaration of love. As Tricia threatens Edna with the police, Bob fears for Viv. Nicola is devastated and alone after her bust-up with Emily.
Episodes #3246-3250; 19 August - 23 August 2002
THIS WEEK INCLUDES:- The villagers' rivalries over `Village in Bloom' are cut short by an explosive new development. Zak decides that it is time to fight Foggin. Diane despairs as she considers a new business partnership with Rodney... Andy is thrilled as Brian gives in, and Katie returns to the village. The Woolpack staff are nervous of Rodney's ambitious plans and Diane is enraged by his cheek. Syd and Nicola's plot leaves Robert heartbroken
Episodes #3251-3255; 26 August - 30 August 2002 with Picture
THIS WEEK INCLUDES:- Diane kicks Jerry into touch before he gets too comfortable in her life. Ray's lack of party spirit leads to a bust-up with Louise. Nicola teaches Robert a harsh lesson ... Louise sticks by Ray as he reveals his darker side to a terrified Charity. Things hot up for Andy and Katie. Danny discovers a flair for antiques.
Episodes #3256-3260; 2 September - 6 September 2002 with Pictures
THIS WEEK INCLUDES:- Young love triumphs as Andy and Katie are reunited. As work continues on Edith's house, Marlon fears it is a money trap. Tricia forges ahead with engagement party plans. Zak is enterprising in getting Marlon and Tricia's engagement present ...Marlon is floored by the unexpected arrival of Tricia's mother. Katie is thrilled as Andy and Brian start to get along ...Tricia is desperate to be rid of her mother, but Stephanie has other plans. Charity decides it is time to be rid of Joseph. Emily wants a driving lesson, but Paddy is underwhelmed by the idea.
Episodes #3261-3265; 9 September - 13 September 2002 with Pictures
THIS WEEK'S EVENTS INCLUDE:- Although shocked by the death of their local MP, Pollard and Gloria are quick to see the benefits for themselves. As Emily nervously counts down to her driving test, a lonely Nicola regrets their rift. Steph continues to make amends, but Tricia is increasingly hostile ...The likelihood of Pollard becoming an MP becomes more plausible as his popularity in the village rises. Emily offers Nicola an olive branch. Steph and Tricia lie about the cause of their rift to allay Marlon and Turner's concerns ... Nicola's driving test tips cannot be found in the Highway Code, but nevertheless help Emily pass. Zoe is alarmed by news that she is ready to leave the clinic. Glynis's unexpected visit leaves Pollard concerned about what she may be after ... Zoe is surprised by how well her trial home visit goes. Emily's first solo drive is an eventful one. Pollard is increasingly alarmed as Glynis contrives to get him alone ... Chris is moved by Zoe's determination to recover from her illness. Ray plans to take Louise out but is thwarted when she has to cancel. Edith is delighted to return home.
Episodes #3266-3270; 16 September - 20 September 2002 with Pictures
THIS WEEK'S EVENTS INCLUDE:- After failing to find the right moment for days, Ray proposes to Louise in the Woolpack. Edith's sudden death leaves Marlon and Tricia devastated. Zoe searches in vain for a diagnosis in a bid to understand her illness ... Louise's rejection of Ray's proposal causes a major crisis in their relationship. Pollard is struck by how important his political ambitions are to Gloria. Zoe causes a stir when she visits the pub for the first time since she was sectione ....The Woolpack regulars hold a school days disco in celebration of Louise becoming the licensee. Pollard is forced to agree to Glynis' sexual demands. Andy and Katie anticipate spending some time alone ... Andy and Katie enjoy an evening alone and look forward to their future together. Pollard feels guilty after his liaison with Glynis. Lisa is incapacitated as she falls and damages her back ... Andy feels distraught and helpless as a terrified Katie suffers a miscarriage. Marlon and Tricia are shocked by Mack's excessive bill for the house. Lisa is forced to suffer Zak's attempts to look after her.
Episodes #3271-3275; 23 September - 27 September 2002 with Pictures
THIS WEEK'S EVENTS INCLUDE:- Andy is devastated after Katie's miscarriage, but her grief is more reserved. Mack gives Marlon and Tricia a strict deadline for payment of his bill. The Dingles are amused by Zak's hopeless attempts to cook for the family ...Andy struggles to understand Katie's reaction to losing their child. Tricia is stressed out by Edith's funeral the following day and her impending marriage. Lisa hides the fact that her back is better ...Edith's sister Elsie lays claim to her house, leaving Marlon and Tricia shocked. Chris agrees to look into going horse riding with Zoe. Andy takes comfort from Ashley's advice ...Marlon and Tricia lose their dream home. Chris challenges his disability by going horse riding. Andy can't help being impatient with Katie, despite Ashley's advice ... Marlon and Tricia refuse to pay Mack's bill after losing their home. Pollard is seduced into another tryst with Glynis. Mack and Syd make a bet as they each set their sights on Angie.
Episodes #3276-3230; 30 September - 4 October 2002 Updated with Pictures
THIS WEEK'S EVENTS INCLUDE:- Pollard is disturbed to learn that Glynis has her sights on him. Mack fails miserably to make Marlon pay up. Betty finds herself a lodger ... Horrified by Glynis's demands, Pollard comes clean to Gloria. Syd and Mack continue to pressure Marlon for money. Chris and Zoe enjoy causing a stir in the village ...Gloria is shocked by Pollard's infidelity, but her solution to matters is even more shocking. Steph is captivated by Marlon. Cain is unimpressed to learn that Syd is dating Angie ... Marlon has cause for concern as Steph oversteps the mark. Zoe decides it is time to take stock of her life. Katie assures Brian she doesn't need counselling ...Marlon becomes convinced that Steph is trying to seduce him. Andy and Katie's relationship warms up. Pollard's tangled web of sex and power proves very unenjoyable.
Episodes #3281-3285; 7 October - 11 October 2002 with picttures
THIS WEEK INCLUDES:- Katie breaks down. Zoe panics that she is losing control again. Marlon confronts Steph about her rift with Tricia...Andy and Katie make a life-changing decision. Zoe fears that her medication is no longer helping her. And Marlon is driven to extremes in order to avoid Steph ...Zoe receives some devastating news. Andy and Katie convince their fathers that they are serious about spending the rest of their lives together. Steph's flirtatious behaviour causes Marlon to ruin his wedding cake ...Chris and Charity wrestle with the traumatic news of Zoe's condition, and Chris upsets Zoe with his suggestions about how she got into her current state ...Emily and Steph agree to be Tricia's bridesmaids. Marlon tries to avoid Dingle stag-night traditions. Zoe makes a decision about her baby's future. And Viv plots against Laurel's inclusion in the calendar shoot

Episode #3286; 15 October 2002 Text
Preparations are well under way for the wedding, but a desperate stunt from Mack leaves Marlon and Tricia penniless. Viv will go to any lengths to get into the calendar shoot.

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Emmerdale is 30 years old Episode #3287; 16 October 2002 Mainly Text & some pictures
includes:- The dream wedding has been scuppered, but everyone rallies round to ensure that Marlon and Tricia still have a day to remember. But before then, Marlon must survive a pig, a curry and a stripper at a Dingle stag night from hell. Charity spills the beans about Zoe's pregnancy.

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Episodes #3288-3289 (90 minutes worth); 17 October 2002 Mainly Text & some pictures
Tricia's hen night ends in a clinch for Viv and a shock for Marlon as Steph declares her love. Meanwhile, the villagers are putting together a rather makeshift wedding ... Having limped towards their wedding day, Marlon and Tricia are determined that nothing else can go wrong. But with Steph chasing Marlon and Latisha dropping gum in Tricia's hair, it seems that the worst is yet to come. Paddy and Emily watch and wait, and pray for a happy ending. It's certainly a wedding to remember.

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Thursday 17th October 2002 pt1
Thursday 17th October 2002 pt2
Thursday 17th October 2002 pt3

Episode #3290; 18 October 2002 text
All hell breaks loose as Turner berates Steph over her obsessive behaviour. Pollard finds himself between a rock and a hard place as Glynis and Gloria vie for his attention.

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Emmerdale Farm Episode One
Year by Year Emmerdale Farm 1972-1989

Emmerdale 1989
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