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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for 21st October - 31st December 2002, so click on a date for more information:-

Emmerdale Episode Guide - from 21 October 2002 :-

Episodes #3316-3320; 25 November - 29 November 2002 with pictures
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Marc and Ollie are given the news that Angie is dead TUESDAY: Jack is heading for a blind date – but how will he react? THURSDAY: Gloria receives the result of the election recount FRIDAY: Louise is becoming increasingly spooked by her admirer

Episodes #3321-3325; 2 - 6 December 2002 with pictures
: Louise’s stalking terror returns TUESDAY: Paddy & Emily’s first foster child arrives
THURSDAY: Terry is ostracised by the village FRIDAY: Louise receives a chilling death threat
Episodes #3326-3330; 9 - 13 December 2002 with pictures
Edna wages war against her new neighbour TUESDAY: Louise’s evidence points to Mack being the stalker WEDNESDAY: Ray is arrested after attacking Mack THURSDAY: Louise receives a chilling present FRIDAY: Ray asks Louise to leave the village
Episodes #3331-3335; 15 December - 20 December 2002 with pictures
HIGHLIGHTS SUNDAY: Louise’s stalker gets personal with a photo MONDAY: Pollard confronts Gloria in Parliament
TUESDAY: Zak decides to visit his dying father THURSDAY: Sam is dreaming of a Dingle windfall FRIDAY: The stalker drives Louise out of the village

Episodes #3336-3340; 23 December - 27 December 2002 UPDATED with pictures
The stalker has finally pushed Louise to leave the village
TUESDAY: Louise fears for her life as Terry accosts her in the street WEDNESDAY: The stalker is finally revealed - Louise is in grave danger
THURSDAY: Having left the stalker for dead – Louise’s nightmare continues the outcome is fatal FRIDAY: Louise is questioned by the police, over the death of the stalker.

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Episode #3341; 30 December 2002 with lots of screen captures
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Louise feels the heat of the police investigation

UPDATED Episodes #3342/3343; 31 December 2002 with pictures
HIGHLIGHTS TUESDAY: Zak leaves Emmerdale for South America
TUESDAY 2: The Dingles try to cope with Zak's departure

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