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The end of an era!!!

Christopher Francis ("Chris") Tate
16 November 1989 -
17 September 2003

Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for #3476-36?? --30 June 2003 - 31st December 2003 will appear here

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Episodes #3476-3481; (Mon) 30th June - 4th July 2003 with full reviews including WITH EITHNE'S REVIEW
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Sam gets stopped by the police when he is driving without a licence. He gives Marlon's name, Laurel and Nicola both find themselves in trouble for moonlighting and Chris is less than pleased when Cain turns up at the school for a meeting with Debbie's teacher. TUESDAY: Marlon attempts to perfect his Sam impersonation. WEDNESDAY: Steph turns 50 and propositions Rodney. THURSDAY: Chloe is unnerved by Scott's suggestion of having children. She talks to Syd and they end up in a clinch. FRIDAY: Rodney proposes to Steph

Episodes #3482-3487; (Mon) 7th July - 11th July 2003 with full reviews including WITH EITHNE'S REVIEW
Cain shows Charity where he had carved their initials in the rock...Charity, Debbie and Cain go on a picnic...Cain and Charity share a moment . TUESDAY:Chris promises to trust Charity and Steph uses Turner's credit card and Viv's computer to order equipment for her new venture with Shelly. WEDNESDAY: The mail order hairdressing equipment arrives and Turner orders it to be taken back. THURSDAY: Diane and Louise exorcise their demons in a police cell. FRIDAY: Zoe is devastated as Baby Jean's lays critically ill in hospital.

Episodes #3588-3492 (Mon) 14th July - 18th July 2003 with full reviews including EITHNE'S REVIEW
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Chloe and Syd wrestle with their consciences over Jean's injury. Andy and Katie get romantic. TUESDAY: The hospital social worker arrives at Pear Tree Cottage to interview Chloe which alarms Scott into thinking there is more to the situation than he knows WEDNESDAY: Zoe finds out that Scott is the father of her baby. THURSDAY: Chloe is devastated when she find out about about Scott and Zoe needs answers. Chloe turns to Syd for comfort. Scott faces up to a shocked Zoe about the events surround Baby Jean's conception and Chris accuses Scott of rape . FRIDAY: Scott admits to the police that he slept with Zoe. Chloe tries to come to terms with Scotts revelation and to get her own back tells him about her affair with Syd. Scott punches Syd when he finds out about his affair with Chloe.

Episodes #3593-3497 (Mon) 21st July - 25th July 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
Chloe steps in as a fight breaks out between Syd and Scott. Syd, Chloe and Scott finds themselves with nowhere to live when they are evicted from the cottage by bailiff's. TUESDAY: Chloe is asked to go down to the police station. Scott returns to the garage to find the word 'rapist' written across the doors Charity is upset when Debbie moves into the Dingles. WEDNESDAY: A tipsy Charity enjoys time out at The Dingles and reluctantly agrees to let Cain walk her back to The Woolpack. THURSDAY: Jack shows Andy how to shear sheep. FRIDAY: Scott's garage goes up in flames - but who is responsible ....?
Episodes #3598-3502 (Mon) 28th July - 1 August 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Neither Cain nor Charity notice Debbie watching as they impulsively kiss. Cain and Debbie's picnic is interrupted by two thugs. TUESDAY: Chris sacks Terry for telling Charity about the thugs. Robert and Donna get passionate WEDNESDAY: Marlon is concerned about Lisa's state of mind while Shadrach feels guilty about the letter. THURSDAY: An upset Lisa throws Shadrach out. FRIDAY: Jarvis has plans for a reluctant Len and Edna. Sam's loyalties are tested when Lisa reveals there's a new man in her life. Steph and Shelly's unorthodox methods prove to be a success.

Episodes #3503-3507 (Mon) 4th August - 8 August 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
HIGHLIGHTS Monday: Elaine is thrilled when she passes her driving test but causes concern when she decides to buy Robert's car. TUESDAY: Edna watches horrified as Len gives Pearl a kiss on the cheek. WEDNESDAY: Turner collapses....Turner is rushed into hospital after collapsing. Elaine is fed up when Donna stakes her claim over Robert. THURSDAY: Rodney & Pollard decide to compete against one another in an antiques contest. Danny is amused as the umpire. Steph is devastated to find she has been left out of Turner's will. FRIDAY: Viv is ecstatic to have won a trip to the Caribbean but has a confession for Donna.

Episodes #3508-3512 (Mon) 11th August - 15th August 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
Highlights Monday :
Charity spits in Cain's face in disgust when he tries to kiss her. Cain) and Charity kiss passionately. Charity feels guilty about her night of passion with Cain. Terry tries to comfort terrified Chris on his way to the operating theatre. TUESDAY: A drunken Scott is pulled away by Syd as he argues with Zoe. Charity slaps Cain across the face. WEDNESDAY: Zoe seeks answers from Yolanda). Cain and Charity get steamy on the sofa. THURSDAY: The Sugden's celebrate Katie's exam results. Zoe blackmails Scott. FRIDAY: Chris is told by a specialist that his brain tumour is fatal. Louise asks Keith out on a date.
Episodes #3513-3517 (Mon) 18th August - 22nd August 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
Chris refuses to tell Charity about his illness, but his secrecy propels her into the arms of Cain. Scott's attempts to clear his name over the rape allegation backfire. Zoe pulls out all the stops to keep Jean to herself. TUESDAY: As their affair intensifies, Charity has serious misgivings about Cain. Zoe is disturbed when a drunken Scott pleads his innocence. As Chris recovers in intensive care, Terry and Dawn find solace in each other. WEDNESDAY: Zoe is shocked when she discovers the truth behind Scott's rape charge. Terry tries to convince a reluctant Chris to tell Charity about his illness. Despite her misgivings, Charity finds herself drawn to Cain again. THURSDAY: Zoe does a deal with Scott to keep him out of jail and out of Jean's life. Forced to keep their distance, Charity and Cain discover how much they miss each other. Chris returns home to find himself alienated from his wife and sister. FRIDAY: Chris is told that he is dying. Cain and Charity's affair reaches dangerous new heights. A nervous Scott receives a call from the police over the rape allegations.
Episodes #3518-3522 (Mon) 25th August - 29 August 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS (but no pictures at this stage)
The strain of keeping his fatal illness a secret from his family becomes too much for Chris. Charity is scared that her affair with Cain. is about to be discovered. Chloe is shocked to discover she could be charged with neglecting a child after Jean's accident. TUESDAY: Syd finds himself placed in an awkward position, but is desperate to help Chloe. Rodney is surprised to discover old friends from his past when the fair comes to the village. Chris spends some precious time with Joseph. WEDNESDAY: Syd is keen to impress upon Chloe the need for her to stay in the village. Ashley agrees to go speed dating with Louise and Laurel. Rodney is left with food for thought when the fair moves on. THURSDAY: Laurel gets her hopes up of finally bagging Ashley at the speed dating. Chris rues the state of his relationship and tries to patch it up. Charity starts to recoil as Cain becomes more demanding. FRIDAY: Laurel gets her chance to play wife to a drunken Ashley. Chris tries harder to make things work with Charity. Things hot up between Robert and Elaine at the Marsdens' party.
Episodes #3523-3527 (Mon) 1st September - 5th September 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
Debbie agrees to move back to Home Farm to try and split Chris and Charity up. TUESDAY: Charity is shocked when Debbie hints she knows something about her and Cain and they end up arguing. Charity loses her cool during an argument and slaps Debbie across the face. Chris's world falls apart when he discovers the truth about Cain and Charity . Chris is devastated and humiliated by Charity's affair. WEDNESDAY: Chris wants revenge ..... Knowing Chris has lost control Terry tries to safeguard Charity. Charity runs away as Cain starts to smash up the pavilion. THURSDAY: Cain pulls Lisa out of the path of a speeding car driven by Chris's hitman - but Shadrach is hit. Len recieves a slap for kissing Edna. Eddie Hope arrives in the village looking for Bob. Cain. hauls Chris out of his wheelchair in the middle of the pub. FRIDAY: Chris secretly files for divorce.
Episodes #3528-3532 (Mon) 8th September - 12th September 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
Donna arrives back from her holidays ........... Bob is delighted at the arrival of his brother Eddie TUESDAY: When Louise spots a mouse in the Woolpack Diane fears she is going to have to call pest control. WEDNESDAY: Charity pleads with Chris when he tells her he wants a divorce. Charity cannot contain her anger when Chris tells her he wants a divorce. Terry restrains Charity. Cain. attacks Ali for bad mouthing Charity. THURSDAY: Zoe is devastated by Chris's news. Rodney and Danny get carried away at the auctions. FRIDAY: Cain and Charity spend the night at a hotel.
Episodes #3533-3538 (Sun) 14th September - 19th September 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
Charity is horrified by Chris' maliciousness when she realises that he is serious about his threat to make her penniless. Gold-digging Steph is intrigued by Rodney's latest plans to make a fortune. Ashley seeks volunteers for the talent night and finds a willing helper in Laurel. MONDAY: Chris vows to get even as his illness humiliates him further. Steph encourages Pollard to thwart Rodney in his money-making schemes. Elaine feels pressured by an eager Robert, who is keen to take their relationship to another level. TUESDAY: As Charity struggles to come to terms with her new lowly status Chris is overwhelmed by his hatred for her. Steph joins forces with Pollard in order to dupe Rodney. A frustrated Robert finds that he cannot resist Donna's advances. WEDNESDAY: Murder is in the air when Chris invites Charity to Home Farm for a deadly head-to-head, unaware that an enraged Cain is beating a brutal path to their door. THURSDAY: Mystery surrounds prime suspect Cain's. disappearance as the aftershock of events at Home Farm reverberate around the village, and word spreads that the police are conducting a murder enquiry. FRIDAY: As Zoe tries to come to terms with events at Home Farm, she realises her life will never be the same again. As the police investigation intensifies, gossip in the village is rife as various conspiracy theories are posited. Eddie's money worries begin to escalate once more.
Episodes #3539-3544 (Sun) 21st September - 26th September 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
Chastity Dingle arrives back in Emmerdale! Donna is upset when she sees Robert and Elaine kissing. MONDAY: Pale and close to tears, Zoe is questioned by the police.TUESDAY: Marlon comes forward to the police with new evidence. WEDNESDAY: Pollard gets a drink thrown over him when he offers to buy the Mill from Rodney THURSDAY: Ollie is offered a place at university but struggles to tell her boyfriend Danny. FRIDAY: Gloria makes Pollard feel uncomfortable when she is hostile towards Steph.
Episodes #3545-3549 (Mon) 29th September - 3rd October 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY : Robert and Elaine have a car accident. Paramedics question Robert and check Elaine after the car crash. The Marsden's receive bad news from the doctor. Ronnie attacks Robert. WEDNESDAY: Susan pours a pint over Ashley then Louise does the same. Robert anxiously waits for Elaine to regain conciousness. Danny says goodbye to an emotional Ollie as she leaves the village for a new life at university. THURSDAY: Eddie has financial problems. FRIDAY: Louise kisses Ashley in front of the whole pub
Episodes #3550-3555 (Sun) 5th October - 10th October 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
HIGHLIGHTS SUNDAY : Andy and Katie get engaged. MONDAY: Eddie has had enough of his boss Garry. TUESDAY: Charity is arrested after Cain gives evidence against her. WEDNESDAY: Charity is devastated when bail isn't granted. There are mixed reactions when Charity doesn't get bail. Zoe applauds the decision while Debbie is upset. THURSDAY: Andy is amazed at the identity of the 'intruder'. FRIDAY: Billy confirms to Andy that Daz is his half-brother.
Episodes #3556-3561 (Sun) 12th October - 17th October 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
HIGHLIGHTS SUNDAY : Andy and Katie get engaged. MONDAY: Eddie has had en
Emmerdale turns 31 years old and Zak's back!
SUNDAY: Dawn gets nervous about giving birth after she has a false alarm. MONDAY: Paul tells Frances that he and Siobhan have decided to have an abortion but Paul tells Siobhan he wants to keep the baby. . TUESDAY: Lisa and Eddie enjoy their date. WEDNESDAY: Has Daz outstayed his welcome? THURSDAY: A handcuffed Charity arrives at Chris's funeral and while that's going on, Zak returns to the village and gets more than he bargained for when he breaks into Home Farm.. FRIDAY: Zak naively thinks he's in for a warm welcome from Lisa and Dawn is in labour.
Episodes #3562-3567 --- (Sun) 19th October - 24th October 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
Dawn and Terry present their new baby

Proud parents Dawn and Terry introduce baby Woods. MONDAY: Homeless Zak wakes up after another night in the barn. TUESDAY: Andy and Katie have mixed feelings as Daz returns home. WEDNESDAY: Terry is taken away by ambulance after he collapses. THURSDAY: An anxious wait at the hospital and it does not appear to be Zak's day - after an argument with Lisa he is recognised by the police and arrested on an overdue charge. FRIDAY: Lisa and Zak are horrified when their dog Woolie is knocked down.
Episodes #3568-3574 --- (Sun) 26th October - 31st October 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
Zak comes to Sam's when he finds himself in yet another difficult situation. MONDAY: Dawn tries to help a frustrated Terry. Will Robert's scars jog Elaine's memory? TUESDAY: Ronnie goes for Robert when he finds out the truth about the car crash. Jack comes to Robert's aid when Ronnie goes for him after discovering the truth about the car crash. Ronnie ends up worse for wear after starting a fight with Robert. WEDNESDAY: Pollard is shocked when 'Hilary' turns out to be a man! Gloria tries to spend time with Hilary but is interrupted by Pollard. Louise and Ashley enjoy their dinner date. THURSDAY: Louise watches unhappily as Chastity gives Ashley a big kiss. FRIDAY: Louise and Ashley finally get together. The Emmerdale Auction and Louise outbids Laurel for Ashley. Laurel is devastated when she sees Ashley and Louise kissing.
Episodes #3575-3579 --- (Mon) 3rd November - 7th November 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Gloria plays with fire when she calls Steph's bluff and refuses to pay for her lover's indiscretion. Paul is rocked by Siobhan's news but will he see through her lies? A friendly face helps get Terry on the road to recovery.TIESDAU:
Gloria digs for dirt on Steph's and comes up smelling of roses. Siobhan braces herself as Paul lets Frances and Ronnie in on their heartache. Ashley struggles to deal with village reaction to his relationship with Louise. WEDNESDAY: Steph plays hard-ball with Gloria and decides it is time to kiss and sell. Siobhan's treachery backfires when Paul makes plans to try for another child. Louise plays mum to Gabby with disastrous consequences.THURSDAY: It's a bad news day for Pollard and Gloria when her affair becomes front-page news. Siobhan's pretence is sorely tested when she finds herself at odds with Frances. A surprise phone call puts Marlon under pressure to find a new home. FRIDAY: Siobhan's lies come home to roost when Paul uncovers her web of deceit. Gloria makes a last-ditch effort to save her shattered marriage. Turner and Shelly vow to help each other beat the battle of the bulge.

Episodes #3580-3585 --- (Mon) 10th November - 14th November 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Paul is left reeling from the truth about Siobhan's abortion, and questions whether his marriage is also a sham. Gloria begins to wonder if Steph wants more than just friendship from Pollard. Charity prepares for her bail hearing and heaps more pressure on Marlon in the process. TUESDAY: Charity's bail hearing is rocked by a shock revelation that sets tongues wagging in the village. Frances prepares her children for news of Siobhan's skullduggery but Siobhan finds an unlikely ally within the family. As Gloria heads out of Pollard's life, another contender is waiting in the wings to enter it. WEDNESDAY: Charity is relieved when Cain buys into her vision of the future, but Zoe plans to throw a spanner in the works. Eddie cooks up another money-making scam to repay his debts. Marlon's loyalties are split as he struggles to do the right thing by Charity.THURSDAY: Charity plays a dangerous game and soon regrets her actions. Frustrated by his lack of access to Jean, Scott is surprised by an enticing offer from an unlikely source. Andy is dismayed when he gets a first-hand insight into Daz's pitiful home life.FRIDAY: Andy's loyalties to his brother are tested when Denise returns for a reluctant Daz. Charity's battle to prove her innocence falters when she oversteps the mark with a witness. Rodney and Danny return from their foreign adventure with some exciting news.

Episodes #3586-3591 --- (Mon) 17th November - 21st November 2003 WITH FULL REVIEWS - UPDATED WITH PRODUCTION DETALS
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Robert is driven to the brink when Daz sneaks behind the wheel of his new car with devastating consequences. Katie makes Victoria's dreams come true when she asks her to be her bridesmaid. A lonely and drunken Nicola makes a clumsy pass at Scott. TUESDAY: Terry and Dawn are devastated when it becomes clear that Terry's recovery is not as quick as they had hoped. A forbidden chemistry continues to grow between Katie and Robert. Len is forced to put in a full day for his slave mistress. WEDNESDAY: Dawn reaches breaking point as her dreams of returning to a normal life start to crumble. Katie struggles to deny her feelings when she sees Robert kiss Elaine. Eddie is delighted by a find in Jarvis's shed. THURSDAY: It is crunch time for Terry and Dawn as they have to make a decision about their future together. Emily becomes suspicious of Eddie as he continues to hoodwink Viv and Bob. A new face turns a few heads in Emmerdale. FRIDAY: With money slipping out of his fingers faster than he can make it, Eddie's desperation reaches a new low. Andy unwittingly pushes Katie and Robert closer when he is unable to join them for drinks. Nicola is stood up.

Episodes #3592-3621; 24th November - 31st December 2003
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