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Emmerdale Farm 1972
Episodes #1-20

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On 10th October 1972 Annie Sugden's husband Jacob died.

Jacob Sugden died of pneumonia. The official cause of death was given as liver failure.

Emmerdale Farm was first broacast on 16th October 1972 on the day of Jacob's funeral.



Henry Wilks bought the freehold to Emmerdale Farm , making him the Sugden's landlord.

Buinessman Henry Wilks caused problems for the Sugdens when he bought a piece of land between his house and Jack's Mill. To add insult to injury, while Henry was making investigations prior to the sale, he found out that Emmerdale Farm was not owned by the Sugdens but was part of the old Miffield estate. Henry Wilks chose to buy the freehold, making him the Sugdens' landlord.


December Jack Sugden and Marian Wilks embark on a brief affair. Jack was also seeing his ex-girlfried Ruth (later know as Pat, who he married in 1982). Also in December, Jack had a fling with Ruth's sister Janie Harker.

Jack and Marian

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