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Emmerdale Farm 1978
Episodes #415-489


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Enter NY Estates

Passing Through Famous Faces Jean Heywood (When the boat comes in), Oscar James (EE), Philip Madoc (Lloyd George)

Local squire George Verney died in Cannes and left the estate, including the Manor to his nephew, Gerald, who, facing death-duties of £600,000 was forced to sell the lot. At this point the folk at Emmerdale Farm found out that their 'Top Twenty' field was NOT theirs but had been rented by Jacob years before for an annual rent of 'The Verney Bottle', a bottle of scotch per year. After a lot of haggling the Sugdens were forced to pay for the field. The rest of the estate was brought by NY Estates of Humberside who renamed the Manor 'Home Farm' and put in a manager, Trevor Thatcher and his wife, Paula. One of Trevor's first acts was to arrest Sam Pearson for poaching when the real poacher was Seth Armstrong. Note: This was Stan Richards' first appearance as Seth who, at the time, was an odd job man.

When Dolly Acaster married Matt Skilbeck on the 29th of June 1978, she was kissed by the local sweep for luck.


February Stan Richards first appears as School odd job man Seth Armstrong.
June After rejecting old flame, Richard Ropers' offer of reconciliation (Richard was the father of their illegitimate son who Dolly gave up for adoption), Dolly Acaster married Matt Skillbeck at St Mary's, Beckindale on June 29. The couple moved into a converted barn at Emmerdale.

Matt and Dolly

September Local Squire George Verney, died in exile in Spain. The manor and land is bought by property conglomerate NY Estates.


October Trevor Thatcher arrives as NY Estates first manager in the village, and the manor house is renamed Home Farm.


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Pictures © Yorkshire Television. I make no profit from using them. They are here for the fans pleasure