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Emmerdale Farm 1985
Episodes #919-1011

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made varrous photographs and imformation available to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site. Also to She Wolf & Bill Sands for Providing information and being of great support.

The 1,000th episode of Emmerdale was celebrated in November 1985 with a special lunch attended by HRH Princess Michael of Kent, who failed to recognise any of the cast and later admitted that she never watched the show.

A sad off screen event in 1986 was the death in March, at the age of 84, of Al Dixon, the extra renowned for sitting at the bar of the Woolpack, and never saying a line. He had appeared as silent Walter for nine years, leaving in 1985.

Infact Walter DID speak, but never in the Woolpack. At a dance in the village hall in 1978, Annie Sugden asked Walter if he was enjoying himself. Walter replied, "Not really Annie, I'd rather be in the Woolpack having a drink with Amos"

Events From

Famous Faces Passing Through: Sandra Gough (Corrie)

Alan Turner narrowly beat Seth to become a parish councillor. Alan's wife divorced him.

Harry Mowlen took a fancy to Dolly Skilbeck who had another miscarriage this year.


Alan Turner accidentally knocked Jackie Merrick off his motorbike in his NY Estates Range Rover on a dark country lane. Jackie ended up in hospital for five months with broken bones. Whilst there Jackie met and fell for nurse Sita Sharma. The couple became engaged but Sita left Jackie when he became too possessive.



Alan Turner's undergraduate son, Terence came to stay with him after beeing sent down from Oxford. Alan made clear his disgust for Terence, who thought the world owed him a living.


June Terence Turner launched into a steamy affair with Sandie Merrick.


Sandie Merrick was the sole witness when Derek Warner and Harry Mowlem commited an armed robbery on a security van of £6,000.


November The 1000th episode of Emmerdale Farm was celebrated in November 1985

Kathy and Nick Bates are seen for the first time.

Kathy and Nick

In 1985, Joe Sugden began seeing Karen Moore. Karen had just been promoted to Hotten Market Auctioneer. A year earlier she had an affair with Joe's brother Jack. Having almost wrecked Jack's marriage to wife Pat, Karen would never have been accepted by Joe's family and the romance fizzled out.
Annie Hulley, who played Karen Moore was in Coronation Street recently playing Gwen Loveday, a worker in Mike Baldwin's factory.

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