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Emmerdale Farm 1989
Emmerdale Farm Episodes #1313-1402
Emmerdale Episodes #1403-1415

From 14th November 1989 Emmerdale Farm
became known simply as Emmerdale!

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Events From Emmerdale

After 1,402 episodes, the last epiosde of Emmerdale Farm aired on the 9h November 1989. From the 14th November 1989 the series became known simply as "Emmerdale." It had a new theme tune and new opening credits and by the year's end various old faces had left - Matt, Jackie, Sandie and Phil Pearce.

The whole show changed forever with more stories involving Home Farm and the village of Beckindale itself. Emmerdale Farm would become less and less involved in stories. The show took a whole new glamerous look as the Tates arrived.

Behind the scenes various production procedures changed. Where before one writer would take charge and wrote a block of episodes. Now it was only one writer per episode and all the episode writers were answerable to a team of storyliners. More scenes per episode were also introduced.

In Noember, the infamous Tates arrived in Emmerdale.

November When Jack's former girlfriend Marion wilks was held by Italian police after the death of her husband, paolo Rossetti, Jack flew out to see her. Sarah believed her own relationship with him was over, but Jack returned in November and insisted that his future was with her.

Frank Tate bought Home Farm and moved in with second wife, Kim.


Frank and Kim

  Rachal Hughes began her affair with married man Pete Whiteley.

Rachel and Pete

Emmerdale Episode Guides

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EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1403) 14/11/1989

The first episode with the new title of "Emmerdale"

"He comes and goes, and doesn't give a damn about anyone." Jack is keeping his plans secret, but Joe, Wilks, and Sarah wish he wasn't.

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1404) 16/11/1989

Frank Tate arrives

A conforntation with a stranger pushes Matt into taking the law into his own hands, while Dolly delivers a bombshell.

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1405) 21/11/1989

Kim Tate makes herself comfortable at Home Farm as new lady of the manor. Chris Tate's first episode!

The new owner of Home Farm reveals himself, and Jack discovers that when Sarah says 'no', she really means 'yes'.

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1406) 23/11/1989 A letter from Dolly's solicitor has Matt spoiling for a fight, and he's not the only one - David Hughes is no mood for explanations when he catches Peter Whiteley with Rachel.
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1407) 28/11/1989 "I can't believe it, Rachel. I can't believe I'm listening to my little girl." Kate's in for a shock when Rachel tells her the truth about her affair.
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1408) 30/11/1989 While Jack gets involved in some fishy business, Alan Turner thinks he's got it made - until a surprise visitor throws a spanner in the works.
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1409) 05/12/1989 Amos tries to interest Frank Tate in showbiz. Nick tries to blackmail Turner, and Kate is waylaid by her ex-husband.
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1410) 07/12/1989 The battle between Joe and Jack for control of the farm reaches a climax, but it's Matt who saves the day with a surprise of his own.
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1411) 12/12/1989

Zoe Tate's first episode

Jack's got an offer for Sarah that she can't refuse. Amos bumps into two young ladies and discovers he's lost his touch.

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1412) 14/12/1989 Amos sets off to curry favour with the Tates and ends up being interviewed for a job! Meanwhile bad news on the farm finds Kate and Joe on a collision course.
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1413) 19/12/1989 Frank Tate sets out to get his own back over the stolen Christmas trees. Amos's cast are revolting and Nick Bates tries hard to impress.
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 1414) 21/12/1989 "You can't tell me who I can or can't meet. I've got rights too." Joe's determined to lay the down the law over David Hughes, but Kate's got her own ideas.


























PART 1 - It is Christmas Day ; Jack hears a noise downstairs at Demdyke ; it turns out to be Robert opening some of his presents ; Joe is annoyed because Kate stayed out with David & the children on Christmas Eve ; Jack tells Kathy that he has decided to move out of Demdyke into the cottage next door to Emmerdale ; the atmosphere is strained between Joe & Kate, but they decide to make up ; Annie is busy in the kitchen & Joe remarks " compared to Ma on Christmas morning the D-Day landings were a doddle " ; Alan & Henry reflect on their lack of family at Christmas ; Jack leaves Demdyke ; Joe buys Kate a black slip ; she has bought him a personal computer to use for the farm accounts ; Rachel, Mark & David have bought Kate a puppy ; Joe is not very happy ; David Hughes is busy wrapping up a glamorous dress for Kate ; Joe & Kate row.

PART 2 - Rachel & Mark laugh about their Christmas presents from Annie ; Mark wishes that his mum & dad would get back together ; Joe confides in Jack that he is not coping very well as a step father ; Henry & Annie talk about their families & Henry admits " I think I had some notion about replacing my family with yours " ; Kathy invites Alan infor a drink ; David has prepared a full Christmas dinner for Kate & the children ; he persuades Kate to have a glass of champagne ; she says that his present is `inappropriate' ; he sprays her with champagne & they have a laugh ; he tells her that he wants her back ; Joe is worried when Kate
does not return home ; she changes into the dress bought by
David just as Mark & Rachel walk in ; Joe & Kate row & he
throws her new dress on the fire.

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