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Emmerdale 1990
Episodes #1416-1517

1990 - Life at Emmerdale was anything but quiet this year. Frank became a hero when he evacuated the Woolpack after a chemical tanker crashed in the village.

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various photographs and imformation available to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site. Also to She Wolf & Bill Sands for Providing information and being of great support.

Events From

Famous Faces Passing through: Debbie Arnold (Corrie) Sheila Greer (Brookside&Taggart)

March Joe Sugden was caught illegally implanting steroids into his beef cattle


May Elsa Feldmann fell pregnant by her boyfriend Nick Bates.
August On August 16th Kate Hughes accidentlly killed Pete Whiteley while driving her car. Pete had just resumed an affair with Kate's daughter Rachel.

Widow, Lynn Whiteley gave birth to a son, peter on the day of her husband Pete's funeral on August 28th.


Frank Tate underwent a vasectomy reversal operation.

Eric Pollard appeared to have found romance when he became engaged to young Debbie Wilson (Debbie Arnold). But she turned the tables on the dodgy dealer by running off with £2,000 of cash and goods he gave her to start an antique shop, to which he intended diverting goods from Hotten Market. Pollard had borrowed the money from crooked councillor Charlie Aindow.



October Chris Tate found love with widow Kathy Merrick


November A chemical tanker crashed into a wall in Beckindale's main street.

Kathy Merrick sang the song "Just This Side of Love" at a village concert. The song had been written by Chris Tate.


December Amos Brearly suffered a stroke at Annie Sugden's 70th birthday celebrations in the Woolpack.


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