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Emmerdale 1991
Episodes # #1518-1621

1991 - Chris and Kathy married in November after a stormy courtship.

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various photographs and imformation available to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site. Also to She Wolf & Bill Sands for Providing information and being of great support.

When Latimer was released in 1991 he set out for revenge. He kidnapped Sarah Connolly because he held a grudge against her then boyfriend Jack Sugden. Jack had been a witness for the prosecution at his trial back in 1973. Latimer held Sarah captive in a disused building, but she remained cool and was eventually released unhurt. Sarah & Jack
Newlyweds Chris and Kathy Tate moved into The Mill in November 1991, Frank bought it for them as a wedding present. Mill Cottage


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Famous Faces Passing Through: Tricia Penrose (Heartbeat), Anna Keaveney (Brookside)

January On January 2nd Elizabeth Feldmann took over her daughters job of secretary at Alan Turners's fish and game farm.

Alan Turner took over the Woolpack in January of this year.


February Alice Rose Bates was born to Elsa Feldmann and Nick Bates on February 14th 1991.
June Dolly Skilbeck decided to leave Beckindale and headed for Norfolk with her son Sam.  
July Eccentric farmer Bill Whiteley died in his sleep on July 30th
August Kate Sugden left prison after serving 12 months of her two year prison sentence for killing Pete Whiteley while drunk at the wheel.
October Henry Wilks died of a heart attack on October 3rd of this year.


November Chris Tate and Kathy Merrick were married on 5th November, the same day as Sarah Sugden was kidnapped by Jim Latimer.  

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