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Emmerdale 1993
Episodes #1727-

The Cast Celebrate 21 Years of Emmerdale.

Famous Faces Passing Through: Rachel Davies (Band of Gold), Coral Atkins (Family at war)

The Emmerdale Plane Crash -
30th December 1993

Frank sees a fireball in the sky

Meet the McAllisters, one of two familes that joined Emmerdale in 1993

One of the most eventful years in Emmerdale history.

After 140 years the Sugdens had to leave the farmhouse affter it was found that the farmhouse and land was subsiding due to the collapse of old lead-workings. They moved into Hawthorn Cottage that had been owned by the family 20 years previously. Annie was upset when Jack failed to tell her. Annie did not want to know it until it was renamed Emmerdale Farm. Annie and Jack were reconciled before her marriage to Leonard.

Hawthorn Cottage
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Romance for Alan when he met former prostitute Shirley Foster at a drop-in centre.

When Chris Tate started thinking more of his business than her, his wife Kathy cut him off and started seeing wine salesman Josh Lewis, an American. She was due to leave Chris for Josh on the night of the plane crash.

In May, Zoe Tate came out as a lesbian to her father Frank.

The Windsor family arrived in August and have been entertaining now for the best part of a decade.

Frank Tate went into decline this year and started drinking again after Kimís departure following her affair with Neil Kincaid. Kim's affair soon ended however. Kim finally left to set up on her own Stables under her maiden name of Barker. Frank eventually pulled himself together when an old flame, Ruth, turned up.

BernardAngharad Jessica Luke

By the end of the year there was another new family, The McAllisters! Bernard, a GP and his wife (Angharad) - a teacher - arrived in the village with their two children - Luke and Jessica in the autumn.

Perhaps the most important Date in Emmerdale took place 30 December 1993 (see below)

Trying to make Emmerdale appeal to the yunger generation, Matthew Vaughan (Michael Feldmann) and Glenda McKay (Rachel Hughes) from the 1993 Emmerdale Calendar.
Seth Armstrong lived with his wife Meg at 6 Demdyke Row untill her death in 1993. Their house was destroyed in the plane crash a few months later. Ruth Holden is playing Meg in the photo. The role was originally played by Ursula Camm.

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Filming of the plane crash scene, with debris littered around , was done at Rudding Park on an area where a swathe had been cut in the trees for the building of a golf course.


1st Jan 1993
As the hunt assembled in Beckindale on new-year's day, Frank, full of anger, dragged The Rt Hon. Neil Kincaid from his horse and beat him to the ground because he had been having an affair with Kim He was left bruised and bleeding.

2nd Feb 1993
Margaret ("Meg") Armstrong died.

Wife of Seth the game keeper, Meg Armstrong died in her sleep of a stroke after an illness. All the village rallied around to help a grief-stricken Seth with the housework as he struggled at first to cope on his own.

April 1993

It was the end of an era for the Sugdens, when they had to move out of the farmhouse that had been home to the Sugden family for 140 years. The house was suffering from subsidence, caused by old lead mine workings.

May 1993

ZoŽ Tate told her father Frank that she was a lesbian.

June 1993

ZoŽ tells Archie that she thinks she might be gay.

10th Aug 1993
Viv Windsor (now Hope) and Vic Windsor's first episode as they came to visit the Post Office with the mind to move in.

Vic Viv

August 1993
The village welcomed the Windsor family to the post-office consisting of Vic, his wife Viv, their daughter Donna, her son Scott and his daughter Kelly. One of the main-stay families of 1990s Emmerdale.


Kelly Windsor grew up to be a right madam - and that is putting it mildly

28th Oct 1993
Leonard Kempski married Annie Sugden

30th Dec 1993
The famous plane crash that devestated the village.

Jack Sudgen and Frank Tate became heros of the hour.

It killed some of their own: Mark Hughes, Elizabeth Pollard, Archie Brooks and Leonard Kempinski.

Chris Tate was left confined to a heelchair. Kim's stables went up in flames (killing many of her horses) and she was left homeless. Many other animals died throughout the village - including Seth's beloved dog and homes destroyed or damaged. There were some lucky survivors though, when toddler Alice Bates was pulled out of the rubble of what was her home.

The explosion from the plane crash left The Woolpack devastated, with Chris Tate trapped in the rubble of the wine bar. He was eventually dug out but left with his legs paralysed.

The plane crash in 1993 took over three weeks to filmat a cost of £1 million pounds.


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