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Emmerdale 1995
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1995 - This ill-fated romance came to a head when Tina Dingle infamously jilted Luke McAllister at the alter with tragic consequences.

Famous Faces passing through: 1995 Ian Botham (England Cricketer), Rachel Ambler (Corrie), Matthew Marsden (Corrie), Sandra Gough (Corrie), Michelle Holmes (Corrie, Goodnight Sweetheart)

The cricketer Ian Botham, played himself in 1995 to open the newley refurbished Woolpack.
Kathy's divorce settlement from Chris Tate gives her enough money to open the Old School Tea Rooms in 1995. Kathy Glover

1995 Key Dates:-

2nd Feb 1995:
Terry & Britt Woods first episode.

Terry and Britt

14th Feb 1995:
Sam Dingle first appeared.


Feb 1995:
Dr. Bernard and his wife Angharad moved back to London. Sick of many things, not least the Dingles' intimidation of them. Luke stays behind in Emmerdale to finish his A-Levels. Jessica went with her parents, but came back to visit ex-boyfriend Biff in April and stayed to 1st June.


Angharad Jessica
Angharad & Jessica


April 1995:
Robert Sugden went missing. After hearing Jack and Sarah arguing he ran off and lived rough with a hermit called Derek Simpson, a former paratrooper, and was under no threat. But as far as his parents were concerned he had been abducted.


18th May 1995:
Luke McAllister asked Tina Dingle to marry him.

6th June 1995:
Joe Sugden died off-screen in Spain in a car accident.


8th June 1995:
Joseph Mark Tate was born.

20th July 1995:
Tina Dingle jilted Luke McAllister at the alter.


1st August 1995:
Luke McAllister died possibly trying to kill himself and Tina Dingle - who had broken his heart. Luke in a fit of rage, persuaded Tina into a van, drove off at speed and crashed into a wall. Luke died but Tina escaped.


October 1995:
Frank Tate evicted the Dingles from their farm, where they lived rent free, he subsequently allowed them to return, but now charged them rent.


5th Novovember 1995:
Amos Brealy married Annie Sugden Kempinski as her 3rd husband - this occured off-screen.

Amos and Annie

7th December 1995:
Chris Tate married Rachel Hughes

Chris and Rachel

The original famil, from L to R: Tina, Sam, Nellie, Butch & Zak
By the end of 1995, the Dingles had taken over Emmerdale. Click for your complete guide to every Dingle

The years 1995-1996 were perhaps some of the most exciting and ratings grabbing in Emmerdale history.

1995 was a very eventful and dramatic year.

There were two big stories that dominated over the many others though.

Firstly, the Dingle/McAllister feud had many twists and turns. Tina Dingle seemed to have fallen in love with Luke McAllister (the man her family held responsible for her brother Ben's death in August 1994).

Tina went against her family to move in with Luke and announced she was pregnant and soon they got engaged. For his part, he became besotted. She however, calculatingly caused Luke to drop out of school and then dumped him at the altar admitting that the whole affair had been her revenge for the death of her brother. Luke was devastated and could not accept the truth. He persuaded Tina to get in a Home Farm van (he had borrowed from Dave Glover), then killed himself and nearly took her with him when Luke crashed the van into a wall and it burst into flame on the 1st August, thus bringing an end to the Dingle and McAllister feud once and for all. Tina survived by jumping out of the moving van, just before impact.

The other big story was the start of Dave Gloverís affair with Kim Tate. He just couldnít seem to help himself where she was concerned, even though he knew that it could destroy everything.

The tension had reached a peak in August during the 2000th episode when Frank turned up at the hotel the lovers were staying in and nearly cuaght them.

Dave's girlfriend Kathy Tate (nee Bates) eventually found out about the affair and dumped him. Her brother Nick Bates found out and was trampled by Kimís horse when he tried to blackmail her (in November 1995).

In December Kim announced to a delighted Frank that she was pregnant, but on the same day, Frank found out about her affair with Dave. He had a heart attack and spent Christmas in hospital plotting his revenge.

Dave & Kim

Other stories of the year included:-

The Glover family got their own farm tenancy from Frank Tate.

Nedand his wife Jan Glover

The Glovers were unaware of Daveís affair, but had enough to cope with daughter Linda (who was working at Zoe's vet practice). Linda induced her own abortion with a veterinary drug. She had become pregnant by Danny Weir, but he wanted nothing more to do with her and was even engaged to another girl. Linda found it difficult to come to terms with what she had done, but found comfort with Biff Fowler.

The Woolpack saw changes when pressure from the Brewery forced Alan Turner to take on Terry and Britt Woods as managers of the Woolpack. Alan had to go along with karaoke nights and pub grub as they tried to change the image of the Woolpack. Ian Botham performed the re-opening ceremony.

Britt had her own dramatic storyline when her father turned up unexpectedly. He reopened the wounds of the abuse that she suffered as a child. Britt eventually left Terry to run her own pub in York. He went on to have an affair with Tina Dingle.

Zoe Tate had her first major lesbian affair with interior designer Emma Nightingale. They braved the village when they moved into the old smithy and Zoe transferred her practice there. Zoe suffered an attempted rape by farmer Ken Adlington in the summer. He was later run out of the village.

Rachel Hughes was so upset to hear about the death of her stepfather, Joe Sugden, in Spain, that she went into labour eight weeks early and gave birth to Joseph Mark Tate in June. Rachel married Chris Tate six months later, in December 1995.

Off screen, Annie Sugden married long time friend Amos Brearly

Kathy Bates/Merrick/Tate brought the old school with her £120,000 divorce settlement from Chris Tate and opened it up as the old tea-rooms.

The Dingles were very active in 1995 - aside from the Tina storyline. Frank tried to evict them, but surprisingly the whole village supported the Dingles and staged a siege. Many villagers were arrested, but the Dingles were evicted. They went and camped on the lawn at Home Farm and then moved into the village hall. Frank had to change his mind and let them move back to their original home - with a tenancy agreement.

Sam Dingle was released from a Youth Offenders Insititution and started working for Eric Pollard.

Nellie Dingle left to go and look after her father in Ireland (and she would not return).

The end of the year saw the arrival of Zak Dingle's niece, the infamous Mandy Dingle, to the village.


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