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Episode 2147

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 1 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 19th March 2002)

[The first regular Wednesday episode, marking the show airing 3 days a week.]

It's the morning after the night before for Sophie.

Albert puts pay to Zak's romantic plans,

While Kelly's new romance with Tom takes off.

Episode 2148

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 2 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 20th March 2002)

[Sean Rossi makes a re-appearance.]

Kim is forced to deal with heartbreak alone.

The Sugden's say a final goodbye to Emmerdale Farm.

While Donna causes more problems for The Windsor's [by pleading with her mother to come home].

Episode 2149







Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 7 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 21st March 2002)





[Episode features a visit by Kathy's mother Carolne Bates.]

Zak attempts to win back the love of his life [with a present he bought from Eric. Eric of course over-charged him and to add insult to injury Lisa was un-impressed].

Kathy faces the hardest day of her life [Dave's funeral and the Glovers are at each others throats in their time of grief],

While Kim stands proud in the face of her enemies [by turning up at the funeral and despite Frank's and Biff's hopes that Dave's plans to run away with Kim, would never come out and hurt his family, Kim decides to tells all after Kathy rows with her for comng to the funeral].

Episode 2150























Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 8 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 22nd March 2002)




















[Nasty schoolgirl Lyn's first episode.]

Tom begins to regret recent events.

Frank forgives an act of angry violence.

While Roy learns some distressing home truths.

[The village is reeling from Kim's statement at Dave's funeral. Mandy offers to beat Kim up for Kathy. Biff begins to blame himself, thinking he should have said something about Kim's plans for Dave before the wedding and may be none of the tragedy would have happened. Linda has little sympathy. Eric tries to capitalise on the funeral party by opening the bar. However Mandy thwarts him by saying all the drinks are on the house. Of course Seth is first in line for free drinks.

Tom wants to start taking his romance with the intense Kelly slowly, after she gets into a fight at school with another girl - who knows Kelly likes Tom but doesn't know about the affair.

Sophie reveals to Zoe that little James shakes whenever Kim and Frank start rowing. Sophie (having been fired by Frank for taking James - on Kim's instructions - to Dave's funeral the previous day) is now distraught at leaving the little boy.

Zoe later pleads with her Dad to give Sophie her job back and also threatens her father to put his love of James first before his hatred of Kim. If not, he won't just lose Jame, but also Zoe.

Roy Glover starts attacking Kim's car and blames Kim for Dave's death. Chris wants to sack him, but Frank interjects.

Caroline wants to take her granddaughter Alice back to Scarborough to live with her and she also wants to know Sean's intentions. Sean is just being a friend and Kathy will not be parted from Alice.

Later Roy and Kim have a heart to heart in which all their pent up grief and feelings for Dave come out.]

Episode 2151























Original Airdate ITV
9 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 25th March 2002)





















Frank lays down the law to Kim by telling her that she can stay until James' 1st birthday, as long as they don't row in front of James and give him a stable home, otherwise she's finished in Emmerdale.

Kim thanks Zoe for saving her from being thrown out of Home Farm. Linda is not pleased to hear this as she has just been moaning about Kim to Zoe. Linda storms out of work, although later Zoe finds her and they have a chat about their individual grievances with Kim - but Zoe stresses that they must think of what is best for James and that is being with his mother.

Roy fails to turn up for work and seems completely dis-interested in anything..

Kathy decides not to buy Annie's cottage from the Sugdens and that she and Alice will stay in the flat at the Tea Rooms.

Marlon and Butch bang into Sophie at the Tea Rooms, after flirting, Butch gets embarrassed and flees with Marlon to the Woolpack.

Kelly attempts to save her love affair, by blackmailing Tom by saying she will go and tell the authorities about their affair. This is in response to Tom's anger at her blowing kisses at him from the bus.

Viv and Vic have a family meal together. However while she thought it was to initiate peace talks and they were ready to move on, Vic and Donna saw it as the first sign of Viv coming home.

After dinner ends in a row, Viv ends up agreeing to letting Donna move in at The Woolpack with her tomorrow night. However neither Alan or Terry are pleased at this turn of events.

Alice and Kathy sort through Dave's belongings.

While romance is in the air for Rachel and Steve - now that both of them are single - as they spend the evening together and after Joseph goes to bed, both give into their feelings for one another.

Episode 2152
















Original Airdate ITV
14 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 26th March 2002)













Zak unveils a token of his affection a hand-made hammack (which promptly falls apart), however Lisa sees the love that went into it.

The Sugdens settle into Annie's cottage. Andy causes problems for the Sugden's as he has been fighting at school.

Tom makes it clear he has finished with Kelly.

A while later, Betty takes pity on a distraught looking Kelly and takes her back to her house. Kelly confides in Betty her broken heart, however they are interupted by Tom (Betty not realising it is Tom who is the cause of Kelly's heartbreak).

Meanwhile Donna moves into the Woolpack with her Mum, Terry and Alan, however it doesn't look like it is going to work out.

While Chris has a tempting proposal for Kim to buy her stables and her share of the Golf Club, so she has extra cash to escape Frank. In return Chris has an independent business of his own and Kim and James out of the way.

Seth gives food for thought to Kim regarding how to get back at Frank.

Kim tries to make peace with Linda by saying she wants James to be a Glover, however Linda isn't interested and turns her away. Later however, Linda talks to Roy and Ned about James and thinks they should be doing more for David's "son."

Episode 2153

Original Airdate ITV
15 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 27th March 2002)

Linda ruins Biff's romantic plans for a day in bed and turns down his special breakfast. She is in no mood to celebrate as it is three weeks since David's death. Later they make up in the Woolpack however.

Andy claims to have an Asthma attack to get a day off school. Jack wonders if they can cope with the extra hassles of another (somewhat troubled) boy?

Chris reminds Linda that he has the door key to her and Biff's house.

Kathy asks to buy Eric's share back in the Wine Bar. He says yes but she has to pay £5,000 extra costs - which she cannot afford to do.

Zak is determined to stop Lisa from going home to her pigs and asks Butch to tinker with her van. However Butch gets it wrong and mucks up Zak's van instead and Lisa eventually goes home.

Kelly's heartbreak seems to be over, as she ignores Tom. However it soon becomes apparent she is aching inside. After an emotional scene Tom says he loves her and agrees to them starting again.

Alan's patience with having Donna staying at the Woolpack, is running out.

Ned makes arrangements to meet with Kim. At their secret meeting she insists that James is David's son and she wants him to grow up knowing that he is a Glover even if James' last name is Tate.

Sophie overhears Kim whispering to James how they are going to run far away together. Sophie promises not to say anything.

While a visit to Steve's brings a nasty shock for Chris as he catches Rachel coming down the stairs (when Steve said she was out back). Chris announces he is suing her for adultery.

Meanwhile Chris is desperate to get his hands on money to pay off Kim.

Episode 2154

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 16 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 28th March 2002)

Kelly is sick of keeping her love secret.

Roy is struggling to come to terms with his brother's death.

It is a week until the Inquest into Dave's death and this fact plays on many of the characters' minds throughout the episode.

Steve suggests to Rachel that she sue Chris for mental cruelty, before he has chance to sue her for adultery.

Kim tries to heal some old wounds by making her peace with Kathy saying that she feels David would want them to be friends, however Kathy isn't interested in anything Kim has got to say.

Zak plucks up the courage to go and see Lisa and it appears she is pleased to see him - even if it is to help her clean out her pigs. Later Zak asks Lisa to move in with the Dingles but Lisa wants to keep their relationship as it is for the time-being.

Later in the Woolpack, Lisa asks the Dingles if they have heard from Tina, to which Mandy replies that she had a letter from Tina saying that she needed more space. Zak says he can't understand what's she's on about as there is lots of space in the Dales. The family are of the opinion she'll be back. Mandy hopes so as she misses not having a female around the house.

Zak is unhappy about Lisa not wanting to move in, Mandy is sick of his moping and says she will not cook for the men until Zak sorts himself out.

Chris tries to get Kim to drop her price in their business arrangement, however Kim says she won't be blackmailed and she'll find another buyer if Chris doesn't come up with the asking price. Kim later goes to see Steve and asks him if he will be a "phantom buyer" of her Livery and her share of the Golf Course in order to force Chris to pay up.

Kathy demands Eric produces the books for the Wine Bar.

Vic decides to end his self-imposed exile from the Woolpack by going for a drink with Tom (who has made Kelly very happy - the reasons for which Vic does not know). Terry offers to buy the pair drinks but Vic quietly informs Terry that he is only there to fight for his wife and he'll do anything to win her back.

A family dinner at the Glovers ends in chaos when Jan storms out after Ned declares that he has met with Kim and believes her when she says that David was James' father.

While later Kathy warns Jan about forthcoming events at the Inquest and they should be prepared to hear anything after all only Frank and Kim really know what happened the night of Dave's death.

Episode 2155 Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 21 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 29th March 2002)

It's the day of the Dave's Inquest and Roy refuses to go. Roy later confides in Butch Dingle that Kim insists that James is Dave's son. Both console each other on their messed up familes - Butch lamenting the loss of his mother and how Zak only is looking for a replacement in Lisa. Butch concludes once something is gone, then it is best to let it go. When "some things are gone, they're gone."

Chris ignores Kim's grief as he pushes for power - demanding to know if she is going to accept his offer. She informs him that there has been another offer.

Rachel is not happy to hear of Steve helping Kim and warns him against her. Steve says she is a "puppy" while Rachel maintains she is a "Black Widow spider."

Kim tries to heal some old wounds, by making her peace with Kathy again. Kathy doesn't want to know but acknowledges that it is Kim's Birthday.

At the inquest, the events of Christmas Eve are re-counted, as is the past history of Kim and Dave's affair. Frank says Dave was a hero for saving his baby. Kim tells the hearing that she wanted Dave to run away with her, but he only came to say goodbye to her and the baby and he was loyal to his wife. Kim maintains she loved David and that James was his son - and he wasn't Frank's! Upon hearing this, Frank leaves.

The Inquest concludes that David was a hero who showed "courage and selflessness" as he lost his own life as a result of saving a three month old baby. The cause of death is marked down as "multiple organ failure" due to burnt injurie and severe smoke inhailation". The verdit "misadventure."

Jan as usual, picks up on the one negative thing suggested - as opposed to all the positive things said about Dave - and gets distressed as she felt the court implied that Dave was "too boozed up" (as a result of Linda's wedding) "to know what he was doing." The others assure Jan, that she has misinterpreted what the Inquest was saying.

After the Inquest, in the Ladies, Kim and Linda have a falling out. Kim says she lied to protect Dave's good name and to show him as a loving, honourable, caring husband (ie she left the bit out in court how Dave was going to run away with her). Howeve she is not prepared to lie to her son and wants James to know who his father was. This isn't good enough for Linda and they take their rowing back out into the corrider for Kathy and everyone to hear. Kathy makes Biff tell her what Dave really was going to do that night. Linda is left angry at her husband as well as Kim as realisation sinks in for Kathy, that Dave was going to leave her.

Steve calls at Home Farm and talks to Chris - while the others are out - and plays the part of Kim's "phantom buyer" to perfection.

Frank tells Chris that he was humiliated by Kim in court and tells her never to talk to him again - or so help him he'll swing for her.

Chris tells Kim that he is interested in paying the £350,000 asking price she wanted.

Mandy is still refusing to cook for a hungry Zak until he sorts out his problems with Lisa. She also states that the Dingle house is "like a pig-sty" and it is time Zak made it more welcoming if he wants Lisa to move in.

Chris tells Frank to get blood tests done to prove James' parentage once and for all.

Mandy offers her sympathies to Kathy and says what a wonderful man Dave was. Roy goes and visits his sister-in-law to get away from the bad atmosphere in the Glover household, however he is shocked to discover Kathy clearing out all Dave's belongings. While Kathy finds it impossible to forgive and forget.

Episode 2156

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 22 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 1st April 2002)

Frank is determined to end the rumours surrounding James and arranges for blood tests to be done to sort out parantage once and for all.

Chris tells Kim he's got her money.

Zak has tidied up the house and has Lisa over for a romantic dinner. She still refuses to move in with him though.

The local newspaper has the headline "Lady Chatterley's Glover" and tells all about Kim and Dave's affair. This infuriates the Glovers. Jan wants to sue anyone who "sullies" Dave's name.

Jan and Kathy come to blows over Dave, as Kathy feels betrayed and cannot forgive him. She tells Jan to wake up to the truth regarding her son. He was a "cheating little rat."

Realising that Kathy has washed her hands of Dave's memory, Jan realises that James is all she has left of her son. Taking Kim on her previous word that the Glovers could visit any time, Jan heads for Home Farm and Kim allows her to spend time with James. Although Jan makes it clear that she hates Kim, she does tell her she is grateful for being allowed to spend time with her grandson and they declare a semi-truce. Frank interupts and is furious at Kim for messing around with peoples' lives and tells Jan that she is not James' grandmother.

The Sugdens are worried about money and Jack turns down Andy's request for £1 for sweets. When he protests Jack says if Andy isn't happy he can go back to the life he had before.

Tom has remembered Betty's birthday, while Seth hasn't. To make it up to her, Seth promises her a night out. In the Woolpack Seth worries what he is going to do which won't cost him much money. Eric offers to organise her something special in the Winer Bar.

Seth takes Betty out to the Wine Bar and Eric lays on all sorts of things. Seth has told Eric Betty is sixty-five years old and Mandy has made a cake. All goes well with the evening until Betty see's "65" written on the cake. She is furious that Seth has made such a mistake - she is only sixty-three.

Betty storms out of the Wine Bar and returns home to a shocking discovery - Kelly and Tom kissing on the sofa.

Episode 2157

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 23 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 2nd Apr 2002)

Its the morning after Betty caught Kelly and Tom. Vic comes looking for his daughter - who it seems did not go home the night before. It seems Betty sent Kelly home shortly after catching her with Tom. Betty then threw Tom out as she wouldn't let him spend another night under her roof. Vic reacts violently to Betty's news of Tom kissing Kelly and is all ready to lynch the teacher.

As news spreads through the village that Kelly is missing, a search party is organised as everyone looks for Kelly.

Instead of finding Kelly, the searchers find Andy in the woods - who it transpires is skipping school. Andy is terrified by Jack's criticisms, however later they have a heart-to-heart and Andy agrees to give school a fresh go.

After spending the night with Zak, Lisa has to rush home to see to her pigs. Zak later cons Marlon and Butch into helping Lisa around her farm, so she will have more time to be with him.

Frank nearly catches Chris on the phone telling someone that he wants Kim to sign the contracts.

Kim and Jan come to some understanding over James and Kim makes it clear she wants Jan to be part of his life.

While later Frank shatters Kim's dreams for James by showing her results of the blood tests he has had done which prove Dave could not possibly be James' father.

Episode 2158

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 28 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 3rd Apr 2002)

Frank's news shatters Kim's dreams as she had believed James was the last thing she had of David.

Frank is full of cheer at the news that James is definately his son. He can see a glorious future a head for James and his grandson Joseph.

Kim is still thinking over whether to sell to Chris. Chris tells her that she has nothing left in the village and they'd all be better off without her - including James!

Sometime later Chris thrusts a cheque for in Kim's hand and tells her that no one buys her sad act, so get the contracts sorted. To which Kim replies "fine, I couldn't care less anymore."

All is not business as usual at the Post Office. Butch spends much of the day trying to get his giro cashed - and even when Rachel points out the Windsor family crisis, Butch isn't sympathic. Later in the pub Lisa thanks Butch and Marlon for helping out at the farm and gives them a talking too on how her pigs need to be treated. Marlon tries to take control of the situation, but Butch points out that he is Zak's son and Marlon is nothing, so he (Butch) should be boss. Seeing as Butch has declared himself "the boss", Zak, Lisa and Marlon make him buy a round of drinks.

Kelly is still missing and with the Police not able to do anything, Vic goes up to the school in a rage - hoping they will be more helpful. He tells the Headmaster he wants Tom out of the school and out of the village or he will go to the press.

Viv blames Betty for saying anything in the first place, believing that if Betty had kept quiet, then Kelly wouldn't have run away. Viv questions what exactly did Betty see?

Tom is forced to face the consequences, when the Head suspends him from his teaching duties at the school.

Tom pleads for his job but to no avail.

Marlon is resenting doing all the hard work at Lisa's farm, while Lisa and Zak spend romantic moments together. So Marlon arranges for Lisa's pigs to escape in order for him to sell them on to a butcher in Hotten. He warns Butch not to say anything.

A panic-stricken Viv bangs into Linda and Biff and asks if they have seen Donna?

Viv goes mad at Terry, when Donna turns up home two hours later - she and Terry have been looking for Kelly in Leeds. Viv later apologizes to Terry.

Tom cries on Steve and Rachel's shoulders (as he is staying with Steve). However it becomes clear that while Rachel buys Tom's story, Steve has his reservations.

Meanwhile Kelly rang Betty's house in hopes of Tom answering. When he didn't and Betty did, she hung up without speaking. It later transpires that it isn't the first "silent call" Betty has had.

Biff and Linda decide to have romantic evening at home in front of the TV - although one feels Biff had other ideas.

While Frank is spending time with James and telling his baby the plans he has for James future, Kim walks in and has a go. Frank however says it is better that James takes after his father than after Kim.

While a terrified Kelly is left alone and in trouble when a gang of men approach her. They rip her picture up of Tom. She is only saved by the arrival of the gang's bus. The incident seems to make Kelly realise the prediciment she is in.

Episode 2159

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 29 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 4th Apr 2002)

Zak and Lisa share a romantic morning in bed while Butch and Marlon are seeing to her pigs. Later Lisa decides the Dingle house needs cleaning and makes Zak help her clean up. Later in the Woolpack, Zak complains that the whole reason for Butch and Marlon working on Lisa's farm was so he and Lisa could have some relaxing time together and not work. Lisa says she has always been a worker and it looks like Zak is going to have to get used to it.

Marlon is furious to discover that someone has blocked up the hole he made for Lisa's pigs to escape. Butch denies all knowledge of it. So if it wasn't Butch, who did save Lisa's pigs? Later on other things happen at Lisa's farm when Butch's spades go missing and while he's arguing with Marlon outside, inside Marlon's plate of beans also go missing. Is someone or something else staying at Lisa's farm too?

When it is night, Butch and Marlon go ghost hunting however they soon flee in the Dingle van when they hear banging coming from one of the out-buildings.

Kelly hitch-hike's to Hotten Comprehensive where she meets up with Donna before anyone else can see her. Donna informs her that their Dad has got Tom suspended.

Seth reports to Viv about the mystery phone calls Betty is getting. Each time the person is taking longer to hang up and Seth says that they feel it is Kelly which must mean she is okay. Meanwhile Betty is refusing to clean Steve's house while he has Tom - "a pervert" - living there. While Rachel is sympathetic to Tom's plight, she is starting to realise that Steve is just interested in business and couldn't care less about Tom or the missing Kelly.

Linda is at last ready to consemate her marriage to Biff and they plan a honeymoon at home. Chris however has been hassling her again.

Frank visits Kathy and tells her that he is the father of James. Upon hearing this, Kathy goes to 'Home Farm' stables to have it out with Kim once and for all. Kathy accuses Kim of ruining everything for her as well as using Dave to try and get what she wanted. Kim tries to say that she loved Dave. However Kathy doesn't accept this and accuses her of not loving anyone including her baby. Kathy goes on to say that the baby is just being used (just as she and Dave were) in the on-going war between Kim and Frank. James will never know love and would be better off had he died too that night.

Frank apologises to Kathy for hurting her more (by telling her that James wasn't Dave's). Biff takes a wound-up Kathy home and as he leaves he tells Kim to leave Emmerdale and that she isn't wanted in the village. Chris has the last word, telling Kim that's what everyone thinks, so she should do.

Sophie comes to comfort an obviously disturbed Kim and takes her back to the main house where Kim tells her that she really did love Dave despite what people think. Chris interupts them and tells Kim that the only thing left for her to do is to get out of Emmerdale. No one would mourn her and her son would soon forget her. He then orders Sophie out as he has business to discuss with Kim. He then gets down to disuccsing their arrangement.

Kelly sends a message to Tom via Donna. Later Tom and Kelly meet up. After a bit of kissing, he tells her to come home and deny everything. He assures her the only way they can end up living together is ride this storm out for now. Kelly must do her exams in a few months time and then Tom can start looking for a job away from Emmerdale. After that they can be together. However if anyone finds out before then about their relationship, his career as a teacher will be over. Kelly reluctantly agrees to keep their love secret and Tom takes her back to Emmerdale.

Sophie finds James crying in his cot while Kim just sits opposite and stares into space. Realising the village have turned on her, Kim rejects James. Sophie explains that even though he is Frank's baby, he is Kim's too and that she suddenly can't turn off her feelings. Kim explains that she no longer knows what she feels. She walks out of the nursery saying that Kathy was right, James would be better off dead.

While Kelly gives the Windsor's a final ultimatum (this includes not quizzing or preasurising her when it becomes clear that Vic is still out for Tom's blood) by telling them that they accept her back on her terms or they never see her again!

Episode 2160














































































Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 30 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 5th Apr 2002)












































































Andy gets into yet more trouble.
Vic causes more trouble for Tom,
While Butch and Marlon meet an unexpected stranger.

Its the following morning in Emmerdale (from the previous episode). Andy ecourages Donna and Robert to skip school with him, particularly as Donna and Andy haven't done their homework. Andy brags how he used to always skip school and joyride when he was on Leeds. Skeptically the others tell him to go on then and steel a car. Which is exactly what he does with Robert and Donna in toe. They nearly get caught by Sarah as she goes by. Later the children have left the car and it transpires that they never actually drove off anywhere in it because Donna and Robert got cold feet. Donna and Robert complain that they should have gone to school, Andy looks up Sarah heading straight for them and Andy has to agree with Robert.

Sarah is furious with both Robert and Andy, and reflects on when Robert went missing once before. Did he not know what axiety that had caused his parents and if anyting had happened to him no one would have known because they would have all assumed he was in school. Andy says it was his idea, in an effort to save Robert from more trouble. Both get sent to their room to await Jack's return.

Viv is also angry with Donna for skipping school and tells her that she must not go near Andy again. Donna complains that no one is taking any notice of her anymore and all they ever talk about is Kelly.

Jan is still convinced that James is her grandson and believes Frank has the money to fiddle the blood tests. Even so, she'll never stop believing that James is a Glover and there's nothing Frank can do about it. This is of great concern to Ned.

Chris is still desperate to get Kim to sign the contract and presents her - yet again - with the cheque and the contract and tells her all she needs to do is sign. He asks her what is wrong with her and tells her that she looks like she hasn't slept for a month. Kim doesn't speak or sign the contract and just walks off.

A tearful Kim visits Dave's grave and pours out her heart. She tells him how much she loves/loved him and how sorry she is for everything that happened.

Later on Kim goes to see Chris and says she'll sign the contract, however she doesn't want a cheque, she wants £350,000 in cash. Chris is not best pleased, but she gives him 24 hours to come up with the cash or the deal is off.

Meanwhile down at the Post Office, Vic is not a happy man and neither is Kelly a particularly happy girl. Just as Kelly heads out of the door to go to school, he calls her back and tells her that she will not be leaving their house until he knows exactly what has/is gone/going on between her and Tom. Vic wants to go down to the school with a case against Tom. He tries to get Kelly to confess to having slept with Tom (which at this stage we don't even know if she has)? Furthermore did he force her?

Kelly is adamant that she has nothing to be ashamed of and that Tom was just a firiend during Viv and Vic's marriage break-up.

Over at Steve's, Tom is convinced he is going to get his job back, while Steve is worried about loosing money from shares. Tom foolishly suggests that Steve sells everything and gets a proper job. Steve does not take kindly to such talk, particulary from someone in Tom's sticky position. It is quite clear that their is tension building between these two men. It is left to Rachel interupt to keep the peace.

Like a man possessed, Vic drags Kelly to the school for a meeting with the Headmaster. Tom has been telling the Head that surely he can have his job back as Kelly has told the Windsors nothing happened. The Head however, says that he isn't prepared to make a hasty decision and will only decide Tom's future after he has spoken to Kelly. When Kelly and Vic arrive for their appointment, the Head asks Vic to wait outside while he speaks to Kelly alone. Kelly admits to the Headmaster that she's had problems at home and Tom has been a good listener. She even admits to once having a crush on Tom, but says that he told her that she was just a pupil and nothing would ever happen between them. Kelly concludes to the Head that she is now over her "stupid" crush.

The Headmaster calls Vic and Tom into the office to hear his decision. He has decided that Tom and Kelly should return to normal school routine as soon as possible. The Head feels that Tom was "naive" to allow Kelly to visit him after hours and get too involved with her problems, but he feels that both Kelly and Tom have had time to reflect on their actions and now feels that the matter should be put to rest. He suggests that Vic should take more time to notice his daughter and may be she will turn to him with her problems instead of going elsewhere. Vic is furious by this decision seeing it as a "white-wash" saying that Tom "molested" his daughter and he will go to the Governors and have Tom and the Head sacked.

Vic comes home and has a row with Viv (who has been working in the Post Office) after she says that they should let the matter drop for Kelly's sake as much as anything. Vic wants to go to the papers and is determined to ruin Tom. He should have been teaching Kelly "Shakespeare, not the Karma Sutra." When Viv points out that Kelly is no longer their little girl and that she is sixteen, Vic says that he is not surprised Viv would take that stance and that he doesn't want Kelly turning out like her. Afterall Viv will go with anyone "who just comes in here for a stamp."

Kelly confides in Viv that she can't take muc more of her father, but is still adamant that she never slept with Tom. Tom tells a similar story to Steve in the Woolpack. Seeing as Tom has been cleared, Steve tries to get Tom to confess, but he sticks to the story that he and Kelly have been putting about (that he was just a friend comforting her over her parents' breakup).

Betty is furious to see Tom drinking in the pub and they have a row for all to hear. Tom says that Betty had spread malicious rumours him about over nothing. She didn't see anything. He was just comforting a distraught girl. Betty however knows what she saw (Tom and Kelly kissing) and storms out of the pub in disgust.

Zak isn't happy that Butch and Marlon came home the night before (instead of staying at Lisa's farm) and ruined his night of passion with Lisa. As a result Lisa has had to go home early to feed her pigs. Zak tells Butch and Marlon that it isn't much to ask of them to stay over for one night and help look after Lisa's animals - so Zak and Lisa can be together. Despite the boys' protests that there is something strange at Lisa's farm, Zak tells them that they don't want people thinking the dingle men are a "bunch of fairies."

Butch and Marlon take Zak to the farm to try and prove to him that something isn't right there. They recount the events of the previous day, well Butch does, Marlon starts to dis-associate himself from the whole saga when it becomes clear that Zak doesn't believe them. Zak leaves telling them that they are going to stay there otherwise Butch will become a ghost haunting Lisa's farm.

Later that night, Marlon and Butch see flashing lights coming from one of the out buildings (a shed). Marlon has decided its time they investigate.

As the boys look through the windows of the shed, they are approached from behind by a man with his head covered and threatening them with a blow torch. While Butch and Marlon reveal who they are and Butch pleads for his life, the stranger reveals that he lives at the farm, his name is Barry, and he is Lisa's husband!

The credits role.

Episode 2161







































Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 4 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 8th Apr 2002)




































There's trouble at the Dingle's when Mandy confronts Lisa.

Its the next morning in Emmerdale. Marlon and Butch cannot decide what to do about Lisa's secret. In the end Butch decides he is going to confront Lisa about it, before telling his Dad as his Dad can make Mik Tyson look like a Care Bear. But later tries to ask Lisa about her husband, but is interupted by the returnof Zak.

Marlon and Butch confide in Mandy who is furious and says she will have it out with the "Pig Lady"!

Mandy heads towards Lisa at her farm and thumps her. Lisa staggers up and says to Mandy that Barry is her husband but it isn't what you think. Mandy says she is disappointed as she really liked Lisa. Lisa doesn't get much chance to say anything else as Mandy says she has until 5pm to tell Zak what is going on.

Lisa (with bruised out) reveals to Zak that she hasn't been married to Barry for twenty years, not shared for fifteen years and he has been living in a out-building for ten years. Neither one of them could afford to buy the other out. Zak is bewildered and doesn't really know what to think.

The Dingles decide that they will start spying on Lisa's farm to see what really is going on between her and Barry.

While Jan is shocked by Kim's revelations.

Jan is nearly caught on the phone to Kim by Ned. At this point we don't know what Kim wants. Jan lies and says it was Sarah talking about her problems with the children. Ned confesses to Jan, that he thinks Jack and Sarah have bitten off more than they can chew with fostering Andy.

Meanwhile at Home Farm, Chris presents the £350,000 in cash to Kim and she presents the singed contracts. Chris tries to get out of Kim where she is going, but she says he would never guess in a million years and he'll find out soon enough. The usual bickering and sniping between the two occurs, up until Sophie and James' entrance.

Frank is furious at Sophie for allowing Kim to take James to Jan Glover's.

Meanwhile Kim is telling Jan a sob story about how afraid she is of Frank and how he hits her and pleads with Jan as James' grandmother. Jan doesn't want to know anything about it (as she doesn't see what goes on between Frank and Kim is any of her business), even though she still is under the illusion that James is her grandson.

Kim and Jan are interupted by Frank who warns Jan to stay away from his son and if any more trouble is caused by Jan or the Glovers, he'll have them thrown out of their farm.

Frank tells Sophie that she is on her last warning. If she lets Kim take the baby out again, then Sophie will be "down the road without a reference." Frank threatens Kim with being ceritifed. She says she despises him, Franke says "the feeling is mutual, darling"!

Jan tells Ned about her concerns for Kim and as the mother of their grandson (and she did love Dave), they should be doing something. Ned tells her to stay out of it and stop being obsessive about Kim and James. Dave's death was a tragedy, but they have to move on, if Jan doesn't stop her obsession then Ned will leave her. She agrees it is time to look to the future.


Eric and Kathy have a business meeting in which she reminds him that he has still to show her the books.

Mandy turns up work late with dung in her hair (after her fight with Lisa). Eric and Kathy tell her off and start quoting rules and regulations at her her. To which, Mandy reminds Eric of a promise he made to her the previous week of being able to have time off when she liked (as she had worked three extra nights recently). Mandy chooses this moment to leave Kathy and Eric in the lurch.

Terry finds Viv too much to handle.

On the way to the school bus stop, Viv tells Donna that she must stop mixing with Andy. Donna whines to Viv, that Viv doesn't care for her and she can't stop her from seeing her friends. They are interupted by the Sugdens, also on their way to school. Viv tells Sarah Sugden that Andy is nothing but trouble and she doesn't want her Donna mixing with him. Sarah says that you can't blame it all on Andy, but Viv says that Donna never got into trouble before Andy came on the scene. Andy says curses Viv under his breath, to which she storms off. Leaving Sarah to put a re-assuring arm around Andy, as she leads him and Robert to the bus.

Over at the Post Office, Vic is still pestering Kelly to know what went on with her and Tom and did Tom force her. While Kelly slips out of the room (as she is sick of her Dad's nagging), Vic looks through her bag and finds Kelly's diary. He reads something and says "got you."

Viv tries to reason with Vic, saying that she belives Kelly and they only had Betty's word for it about the kissing. Vic however says he now has evidence.

Tom is back working at the school. The Head comes to see him and Tom reveals some of the Windsor family history. Tom suggests that the whole thing is down to a bitter man (Vic) because his wife ran out on him.

Vic goes to the school armed with his evidence, a small letter from Tom to Kelly:

"be strong, keep faith, the fuss will soon die down. Tom x"

The Head says it is hardly incriminating evidence despite Vic pointing out the x for a kiss. The head reveals he knows about Vic's troubled marriage and suggests he doesn't take out his problems on Kelly. Tom was just helping her through a difficult patch. Vic is determined to carry on his crusade against Tom however.

Viv had promised Donna she'd have the night off so they could watch a video. When this doesn't happen, Donna has a tantrum and Viv says to her daughter that she can't help it, but Alan thinks the pub will be busy that night.

After Donna refuses to clear up her mess at the Pub, and storms off to her room (followed closely by Viv), Alan tells Terry that it is time that he, Viv and Donna found somewhere else to live as the current situation can't go on. Alan says he will allow them to stay, until they have found somewhere else.

After yet another nagging from her father (and the threat that he will sort out Tom once and for all), Kelly tells Vic that she was running away her him, not Tom and that she hates Vic.

The episode ends with Jack coming into the pub and asking Viv (who is serving behind the bar) to go easy on Andy. Viv gets into a slanging match with Jack over Andy and points out the whole reason for her and Vic moving to Emmerdale was to get away from the likes of Andy.

Terry leads Vic away and when she tells him it is none of his business (the arguement with Jack), he tells her a few home truths about herself and how she has to stop blaming others for her mistakes i.e. its not Alan's fault that Donna is living with them, its not the Sugdens fault for Donna getting in trouble or anyone's fault for Viv leaving her family. Terry basically tells Viv their relationship is no fun and they have some thinking to do.

Episode 2162

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 5 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 9th Apr 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

Zak comes face to face with a love-rival.

Terry celebrates an anniversary.

Frank and Kim finally come to bitter blows.

Episode 2163

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 6 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 10th Apr 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

Zak wins a precious prize.

Kim's disappearance worries Sophie.

While Kelly and Tom have an announcement to make.

Episode 2164

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 11 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 11 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

Lisa lays down the law.

Kelly finally forces Tom's hand.

Pollard makes a stunning confession to Steve.

Episode 2165

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 12 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Friday 12 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

Tom realises his bridges are burnt.

Frank tries to sweet talk a local reporter.

Chris puts increasing pressure on Linda.

Episode 2166

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 13 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Monday 15 April 2002)

[Dee De La Cruz first episode.]

A new arrival (Eric's mystery fiance) shocks the village. Dee De has arrived from the Phillipines. Betty tries to befriend her.

Linda has turned down Chris again, so Chris takes out his anger on Biff at work and Chris does what he has wanted to do for ages, and fires Biff.

While Frank is faced with disaster as some of his past schemes catch up with him. Frank is convinced that it is Kim out to get him.

Episode 2167

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 18 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Tuesday 16 April 2002)

Biff realises how much Linda loves him and they share some romantic time together.

Zoe's had enough of Frank's lies as one mystery after another seems to be landing in the familys' laps. Zoe is dispatched to Zurich to clear up the latest mess.

While Kelly is determined to build her life with Tom. Tom applies for a job in North Wales. Vic goes to visit his daughter to take her back home again, however Kelly issues an ultimatum, urging him to accept the situation or loose her for good.

Episode 2168

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 19 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Wednesday 17 April 2002)

Pollard and Dee struggle to do the right thing as they struggle with each others' different cultures.

Marlon and Butch investigate Barry's secret.

While Linda tells Biff the truth about Chris (trying to force her to do sexual favours for him these past few months).

Episode 2169













Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 20 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Thursday 18 April 2002)

One Hour Special








[Paddy Kirk's first episode]

Paddy Kirk arrrives to act as locum vet for Zoe (while she is in Zurich sorting the family business out.) He overhears Linda and Biff talking about what Chris has put her through these past few months and later unwittingly tells Ned.

Ned takes the law into his own hands. Armed with a shotgun Ned heads for Home Farm and takes Chris for a drive in the country. Eventually other members of his family and Frank join him and persuade Ned not to kill Chris. While Chris only just escapes with his life. Yet another PR. disaster for the Tate empire.

Pollard and Dee take a romantic break - or more accurately a business trip to Whitby. While there, other antique dealers flirt with Dee, which incurs Eric's anger. He defends her hounour and the business trip is a failure.

The Dingles discover Barry's great dream. He isn't interested in getting back with Lisa, he just needs her pig muck to fuel his rocket. He has dreams of taking it into space. Butch and Marlon discover this after believing he was making alcahol and ended up drinking watered down pig muck.

Episode 2170

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 25 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Friday 19 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

Dee is invited for a night out with the girls.

The Glovers are made a tempting offer.

While Frank attempts to scare off the Press.

Episode 2171

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 26 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Monday 22 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

D I Cooke increases the pressure on Frank.

Dee outwits Pollard,

While Kelly is scared of losing Tom.

Episode 2172

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 27 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Tuesday 23 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

[The Cairn Family arrive.]

Butch trains to be an astronaut.

Tom plans to leave Emmerdale,

While Andy makes a terrifying discovery when falling into the quarry.

Episode 2173

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 4 March 1997

(Granada Plus -
Wednesday 24 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

There's a grim discovery in the quarry [Kim's car with a body in it].

Robert and Andy hit the bottle.

While Frank is confronted by personal tragedy.

Episode 2174

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 5 March 1997

(Granada Plus -
Thuursday 25 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

Frank comes to terms with his loss.

Biff and Linda enjoy an intimate evening.

Barry sees his life's work go up in smoke.

Episode 2175

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 6 March 1997

(Granada Plus -
Friday 26 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

Zak's upset by the Dingle's new lodger.

The police investigate a suspicious death.

And is it the end of the road for Frank?

Episode 2176

Original Airdate ITV
March 1997

(Granada Plus -
Monday 29 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

Biff tries his luck at gambling.

Mandy is attacked by Burger rivals,

While Frank faces his worst nightmare yet.

Episode 2177

Original Airdate ITV
March 1997

(Granada Plus -
Tuesday 30 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, however I will be adding to them in due course.

Ned meets an old flame - Rebecca Cairns (who he dated over twenty-five years before).

Frank faces the wrath of the courts,

While Vic makes a fool of himself with Kathy.

Episode 2178

Original Airdate ITV
March 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 1 May 2002)

A furious Tony Cairns discovers Roy in a compromising position (after Cairn daughers Charlie and Emma had persuaded him to play strip poker).

Pollard realises how desperate Dee has become, after Kathy and Betty catch her stealing tea-bags from the Tea Rooms. After reporting to Ecic, he discovers she is sending them home and that her family are really poor.

While Zoe takes over at Home Farm on a jailed Frank's request.

Lisa and Barry are going to be sued for £250,000 for the blowing up of their rented farm.

Revenge is sweet in the on-going burger war.

Tom has arrived back from Wales to collect Kelly. Both are now staying in a hotel.

Roy allowed Will Cairns into the 'Home Farm' office, where he hacked into the 'Home Farm' computer and ordered gas cilanders (as his home is cold and Chris Tate is not prepared to do anything about it).

Episode 2179

Original Airdate ITV
March 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 2 May 2002)

The Tates have to deal with more chaos at 'Home Farm' when 1,000 gas cilanders arrived. This just adds extra preasure to Zoe who is struggling to run two businesses. So Rachel suggest that Steve helps her. Rachel's only reservations are what Chris will thin?. Zoe is past caring.

Mandy faces another roadside attack,

While Zoe is forced to withhold valuable evidence after Andy sold her a cufflink (for £10) with the initials FT which he had found at the quarry.

Biff is employed as Steve's chaurffer for the night, as Steve has plans to head off for the casino. Biff's new job ruins a night in with Linda - which she had plans for the next evening.

Jan is concerned about the re-appearance of old flane Becky in Ned's life.

Dee finally discovers what Eric is really like in his dealings with old ladies and their antiques.

Terry and reporter Helen Ackroyd begin a relationship and arrange to have a date the next evening.

Episode 2180

Original Airdate ITV
March 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 3 May 2002)

Biff tastes the highlife with Steve.

Butch and Marlon dish out a violent revenge,

While Terry enjoys a secret late night rendezvous.

Episode 2181

Original Airdate ITV
March 1997

(Granada Plus - Monday 6 May 2002)

Pollard warns a humiliated Vic about insulting Dee.

Steve takes control at Home Farm,

While Terry's absence leads to disaster at The Woolpack.

Pollard warns a humiliated Vic about insulting Dee.
Meanwhile Dee is having second thought and thinks she should go back home, however Eric is exciedly making wedding preparations and asked Kathy if she will be a witness.

Steve takes control at Home Farm and is busy straightening out their paper work. The finances are in a terrible state and he tells Chris he could recoup some of the losses, if they sold the Livery business for twice what Chris payed Kim. Chris is not happy and tells Steve that he has had his wife and now is going after him.

Kelly is busy working at the Tea Rooms to contribute to her and Tom's future.

Chris is threatening to evict the Cairns family because of their constant moaning their living conditions, so Chris enlists the help of the Dingles to do his dirty work.

Biff has got a taste for gambling after his night out with Steve - which doesn't please Linda.

Terry goes to visit Helen to tell her their new-found relationsip is a casual one. While Terry's absence leads to disaster at The Woolpack when Donna, Andy and Robert get hold of some alcahol. Donna collapses drunk and is taken away in an ambulence after Alan finds them.

Episode 2182

Original Airdate ITV
March 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 7 May 2002)

Turner is forced to take action over Terry's negligence:

Viv and Terry are fired from the Woolpack after what happened with Donna.

Viv wants to start again for the sake of the children:

Donna is discharged from hospital with a massive hangover.

Viv decides to move back home for the sake of family stability. However she makes it quite clear to Vic she doesn't want a fresh start, by sleeping on the sofa.

Other News:

The Dingles fail miserably as bailiffs when they realise they are the ones that have to throw the Cairns out. So they flee. An enraged Tony Cairns pays a visit to Chris Tate and ends up hitting him. It is left to Zoe, as usual, to calm the situation down.

Police have found out about the cuflink Andy found. Zoe denies to everyone that she bought it off Andy. But Eric Pollard confirms Andy's story to Jack and Sarah and explains how Andy had tried to sell it to him.

While the Dingle's Burger War takes an explosive new turn:

The day does not improve for the Dingles, as Chris Tate refuses to pay them for their bailiff services. They return home to a sign on their front door, saying "Bye Bye Munchbox." While they work out what this means, there is a loud explosion.

The End.

Episode 2183

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 27 March 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 8 May 2002)

Mandy is delighted by a new job opportunity .
After firing his staff, Alan was left working alone in the Woolpack. Mandy ceased on the opportunity to ask for a job. After consideration and a couple of disasters, Alan let her take over.

Jack threatens Zoe with the police.
Jack believes Andy's version of events regarding the cuflink and tells Zoe he is going to go the police.

While Viv forces Terry to make a decision.
Terry has been offered lodgings with Seth and Betty, but currently is still living at the Woolpack. Terry and Viv meet at the Wine Bar to discuss their future together. Terry is quiet all evening, and Viv confronts him on whether he is seeing someone else. He finally admits to her that he has been seeing Helen. Viv tells Terry he is "spineless" and storms out of the Whine Bar.

Kelly News:
Tom arrives back from Aberrisstwyth (where he had got a job), and informs Kelly that he has been dismissed. It would appear that somebody from Emmerdale had written to the Headmaster telling him about Tom and Kelly's relationship. Kelly is hysterical. They spend the night in a hotel.

Episode 2184

Original Airdate ITV
Monday 31 March 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 9 May 2002)

[Geri Cairns was born to Emma Cairns and Greg on the 31st March 1997].

The Dingle's kidnap a burger rival and they can't even do that properly as they invited their hostage to go and socially drink with then at the Woolpack.

Kim's funeral causes more heartache for Frank. Ashley Thomas presided. After the funeral, Frank was taken back into custody, while the police pounced on Zoe to question her about the cuflink Andy sold her.

Terry moved in with Seth and Betty and said his goodbyes to Alan. Alan asked Terry if his misadventures of late had been worthwhile? Terry's silence spoke volumes.

Tom is moping around, wondering who it is that reported him and cost him his job in Wales. Kelly tells him to grow up and get a job.

While Biff and Linda make a shocking discovery. Biff comes to collect Linda from work and they hear crying. The episode ends with them finding a baby on the doorstep of the vet's.

Episode 2185













































Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 1 April 1997

(Granada Plus Friday 10 May 2002

1 Hour Special.










































It's showtime time, as The Dingle's finally meet Mr. Big.
The immigration authorities catch up with Dee.
Chris doubts Zoe's love for her father,
While Frank is heartbroken at his family's betrayal.

Episode 2185

Original Airdate ITV Tuesday 1 April 1997
(Granada Plus - Friday 10 May 2002)

NOTE: This was a one hour special.

Upcoming in this episode:-
It's showtime time, as The Dingle's finally meet Mr. Big.
The immigration authorities catch up with Dee.
Chris doubts Zoe's love for her father,
While Frank is heartbroken at his family's betrayal.

I'd like to say a big thank you to "The Home Farm Stud" for writing up the following full summery and posting it to the official site's message boards and then allowing me to reprint it here (and ultimately put it on my upcoming Emmerdale site).

originally posted 10 May 2002 19:44 to http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/
Hi Lois, my sky digital arrived today so would you like me to do a few updates? In today's episode:

Dee was arrested by the immigration authorities who had come to the tearoom and caught her helping Kathy out during a busy period.

In their earshot Betty had accused Dee of trying to steal her job. Eric went to the police station to try and sort things out and showed them that they intended to get married. The detective told them that she could have her passport back as long as they got married and that she didn't do any more work. They celebrated in the wine bar where Terry and Paddy had been drinking.

Kathy had been really busy and so when Paddy left to go to the Woolpack, Terry offered to help her out and was later employed by Eric to act as manager so he could spend more time with Dee. Dee went to see Betty and accused her of going to immigration which Betty denied. She told her that whoever had gone to the authorities had nothing against her but made it clear to Dee that Eric has many enemies.

Linda continued to brood over the baby and suggested to Biff that if no one claims the baby that they should consider taking her. (Hello - she's not a lost wallet! ) She then told Biff that they should have lots of children before making an emotional plea on television for the mother of the baby to come forward.

Biff's mum turned up at Betty's thinking that the baby was Biff and Linda's and that they had dumped it because he knew it might have Huntingdon's Disease. Biff told her it wasn't them and was shocked that she had actually been telling the truth. Betty tried to convince him to go and take the test.

Zoe spent all night being questioned by the police about the cufflink and they tried to suggest that she was an accomplice in Kim's murder but let her go without charge. Chris was more worried that he'd be implicated and suggested to Zoe that she had tried to stitch Frank up so she could have complete control of Home Farm.

Frank was taken from prison to the quarry where he was informed of the new evidence. The woman detective told him that the new evidence had come courtesy of Zoe and when Zoe turned up at the quarry he was shocked to discover that she thought he may have had a hand in Kim's death afterall and said he never thought Kim would come between them but she had.

The Dingles continued to keep the rival burger van guy hostage only when Marlon turned up to a meeting with the rival vendors he too was kidnapped by them and was shocked to discover that Mr Big was his father. The Dingles and the rival vendors met up at a rendezvous and they discovered Uncle Albert was behind it. Zak was shocked and ended up getting punched by a beefy man called Shirley when he challenged Albert to a fight.

Episode 2186












































Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 2 April 1997

(Granada Plus Monday 13 May 2002










































The Dingle's gain a new house-guest!
Kim's will contains some surprises,
While Linda hears a tearful confession.

Thank's HFS. This is great.

Originally posted to www.emmerdale.co.uk
The Home Farm Stud
posted 13 May 2002 18:42
There was reference to April Foolís Day in Friday nightís episode so I think the original screendate for this episode was Wednesday 2nd April 1997. I think perhaps given that Geri Cairns was born on 31st March 1997, this was a five night special but Iím probably wrong on that.

[No you are not wrong. They did have a five week special for the week beginning Monday 31st March 1997. Channel 5 had launched on Sunday 30th, so it was ITV's answer to that or so I've read.]

Mondayís episodeÖ
Zak accused Marlon of betraying the family and of being a spy for Albert and was all but prepared to do damage to Marlonís manhood with a pair of bolt-cutters when Lisa came out of the house to stop him, much to Marlonís relief! Instead they tied him up as Marlon tried to tell them that Albert had no idea the Dingles were behind the Munchbox. Lisa and Mandy said he should be given the benefit of the doubt, begrudgingly Zak agreed but only for Lisa. He then told Marlon to tell Albert he wasnít welcome ever again. Later Marlon met Albert in the Woolpack and warned him that he would have do come up with a huge peace offering if Zak were to ever forgive him let alone let him stay at there. Albert then turned up at the Dingles with an old clapped-out bus with the intention of setting up a bus company. He said he would have to live on the premises though, an idea, to which Zak was thoroughly opposed until a family vote in the Woolpack decided different.

Tony gave Becky two tickets for a romantic break in Paris for their wedding anniversary after advice from Alan. Becky was unwilling to leave Emma because she had been unwell but after Linda offered Emma a bed at the Gloverís for the duration they departed, warning Will and Charlie to be on their best behaviour.

Eric asked Terry if he could cook but Terry made it clear he had only been employed as a barman so Eric had to take on the job himself, later almost burning down the tearooms with his home-made hotpot. Dee seemed upset that Eric should have to be working when he is the owner prompting Betty to tell her to make the most of her free time as once they are married she will simply be slave labour. Dee was forceful both to Betty and later to Kathy that she fully intended to work at her marriage. Kathy was still worried that Dee didnít really know what she was getting herself into.

Chris went to visit Frank in prison who was still shocked that ZoŽ thought he could have any involvement in Kimís death. Chris tried to defend her saying sheíd been under a lot of pressure and that they both believed in him, although it seemed he had a hidden agenda. He also said that they should stop fighting amongst themselves and pull together. Kimís solicitor arrived at Home Farm and revealed that she had left half her estate to James in a trust fund and the other half to ZoŽ, which included the livery business. Chris was furious, as there appeared to have been no deeds lodged with Kimís solicitor that indicated that she had ever sold it to him. He was forced to admit to a shocked ZoŽ that he had bought it from Kim. Chris was obviously extremely bitter and jealous of the fact that ZoŽ now had control of both halves of the Tate Empire while he had been ďleft out in the coldĒ.

Linda told Jan that her and Biff were considering starting a family. Jan was thrilled but her thoughts turned to the abandoned baby and she decided to organise a collection of clothes and toys to send to the hospital. Emma seemed curious about what would happen to the baby when she was helping Linda out at the vetís surgery. At her insistence, Linda told Emma the story of what had happened with Danny Weir and when Emma broke down in tears, Linda guessed that Emma was the mother of the abandoned baby. She denied it and tried to run away before collapsing in hysterics at the vetís surgery.

Episode 2187

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 3 April 1997

(Granada Plus Tuesday 14 May 2002

Viv discovers the truth about Terry and Helen Ackroyd.
The Cairns face up to some grim news,
While the Windsor's discover an upsetting letter from Kelly.

The Home Farm Stud
posted 14 May 2002 18:55 to http:/www.emmerdale.co.uk MESSAGE BOARDS.

Chris went to see Kimís solicitor and accused her of being corrupt because she could find no documents relating to the sale of the livery business amongst Kimís papers. This meant that as far as the law was concerned no such transaction ever took place, leaving Chris seething. She suggested he should sue his legal advisors but he was forced to admit he had only sought legal advice initially because Kim had wanted a quick sale. Later, at Home Farm, he got drunk and cursed Kim while ZoŽ appeared unsympathetic telling him it was about time he cleared up his own mess.

Tony and Becky arrived back from Paris only to be told by Jan and Ned that Emma had had a haemorrhage and collapsed and that the abandoned baby was hers. Will, Linda and Charlie had been at the hospital all night and when Emma requested to see Linda, Charlie went instead telling her she felt she had let her down because she hadnít felt she could tell her about the baby. Becky was very sympathetic and told Emma nothing she did would ever stop them loving her, Tony agreed but he demanded to know who the father was. Emma refused to tell him and became so upset the nurse suggested Tony leave. The nurse took Tony and Becky to her office and told them Emma was disturbed and anxious and that the police would wish to speak to her about why she had abandoned the baby. The Cairns went to see the baby but later in the chalet, Tony told Becky not to get too attached to her because she would have to be adopted. Becky disagreed that this would necessarily be for the best but Tony was adamant he wouldnít have his daughterís future jeopardised.

Earlier in the tearooms, Paddy had inadvertently let slip to Betty that the abandoned baby belonged to the Cairnsí girl. In the Woolpack that evening Betty was quick to spread the gossip and pass comment on the Cairnsí family although more specifically the parents. As she was leaving she bumped into Charlie talking to Biff and Linda, confused as to why she was out of hospital so early after having a baby, Charlie angrily told her that it was her sister who had given birth. Betty looked horrified.

Tom had no luck at the job centre again and when he and Kelly returned to the post office Vic made it clear to Viv that he was still very unhappy about their relationship. Later, as Vic and Viv shared a drink in the Woolpack, Viv admitted to Vic that her relationship with Terry was over but he told her he already knew because Kathy had told him which made Viv storm back home. When she arrived, she and Vic found a note from Kelly telling them that she and Tom had left and that they wouldnít be coming back. While they had been away she and Tom had been kissing on the sofa and discovered a mystery letter beneath the cushions. Viv realised that it must have been Vic who had written the poison pen letter to Tomís new school and angrily stormed out accusing Vic of being underhand.

Episode 2188















































Original Airdate ITV
Friday 4 April 1997

(Granada Plus Wednesday 15 May 2002











































The Dingle's venture into the transport business.

Frank confronts Chris over his betrayal,

While Tony attempts to take control of his family.

Episode 2188

Original Airdate ITV Friday 4 April 1997
(Granada Plus Wednesday 15 May 2002

The Home Farm Stud
to http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/ MESSAGE BOARDS.

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Wednesdayís episodeÖ
Viv was still very angry with Vic telling him that she would have copied Kellyís lead and left with Donna had they had anywhere else to go. Vic seemed to be reflecting on the enormity of what he had done and when he found a love letter from Tom to Kelly in her bedroom he thought perhaps he might be able to find them at Tomís address in Aberystwyth. Donna was very upset about Kellyís disappearance and accused Vic of doing it out of spite because Kelly was happy and he wasnít. Vic told her that he had only done it because he wanted Kelly to stay at home with them and forget about Tom. Vic was still determined to go looking for Kelly but Viv told him that she was sixteen and if she was determined to leave there was nothing they could do about it. Later Terry came to the post office and tried to apologise to Viv and offer his support but she told him to go away calling him a coward for lying about his ďother womanĒ when it had only been a one-night stand with Helen Ackroyd.

There was still a lot of tension at the chalet with Tony maintaining that the baby would be put up for adoption. Charlie said it was up to Emma and Becky agreed. Later when they went to see Emma in hospital they were accosted by a social worker whose involvement further angered Tony. He said his daughter was raped but the social worker maintained that Emma had consented to sex, meaning there was very little the police could do, especially as Emma was unwilling to reveal the fatherís identity. Tony blamed Becky for what had happened with Emma but apologised when she told him it was equally his fault for not being there for the children. Emma wanted to leave hospital but when the subject of the baby was approached she was adamant she didnít want to see it and wanted it to be given up for adoption because it was the reason why everybody hated her.

Paddy continued to try to flirt with Mandy. Dee decorated Ericís house with a few artefacts from the Philippines, much to Ericís horror. And the Dingleís bus service began with arguments over who would drive. It was decided by the toss of a coin that it would be Albert. However, Zak and Butch were suspicious of what Albert and Marlon were getting up to with the takings. When the time came to divide up the takings, an argument erupted but Lisa forced Zak and Albert to make up or else.

Chris was still seething about what happened with Kim and the livery deal and angrily berated ZoŽ for not honouring his agreement with Kim and handing over the deeds. He then tried to turn Sophie against ZoŽ but she saw through him straight away. When ZoŽ went to go see Frank in prison, she was worried that she couldnít cope with the business as well as her surgery and everything else. He then urged her to appoint Steve as acting manager of Tate Holdings, adding that he trusted him more than Chris forcing ZoŽ to tell him about the Chrisí deal with Kim. Frank was shocked and initially thought ZoŽ was lying but she insisted it was true but instead of being angry, he laughed it off adding that he wished he had been there to see Chrisí face. Later when Chris visited Frank he tried to imply that ZoŽ wasnít up to the job and to convince him to give him a loan for £750,000 to buy back the livery business that according to him, ZoŽ was trying to sell. Frank, however, saw straight through him and told him that he was a traitor and that heíd never get another penny out of him again.

Rachel and Steve shared a drink in the Woolpack and he implied to her that Chris was having financial difficulties but Rachel put it down to Chris merely trying to wriggle his way out of a divorce settlement. Later that evening in the winebar ZoŽ and Sophie were having a drink and ZoŽ invited Sophie and James to move in with her at the vets because she didnít want to leave her at Home Farm with Chris. ZoŽ also told Steve she needed to talk to him about Home Farm.

Episode 2189












































Original Airdate ITV
April 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 16 May 2002)





































Frank lays down the law.

Chris delivers Rachel a financial bombshell,

While Linda helps Emma make a vital decision.

A big Thank you to Home Farm Stud for these updates, (originally posted to the official Emmerdale message boards at: http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/ )

Episode 2189 Original Airdate ITV April 1997
(Granada Plus - Thursday 16 May 2002)

Steve bumped into Rachel whilst jogging and she cheerfully told him that she had the divorce papers and that she was going to give them to Chris. At Home Farm later, Chris asked Steve for a loan. Steve was curious as to why he didnít go to the bank but Chris told him that it was the bank he owed the money to adding that heíd be doing Rachel a favour if he were to lend him the money. Steve took great pleasure in agreeing to help him out but then telling him he would do this by not lending him the money, as he would only end up owing him twice what he owed the bank. Chris was dejected. Later, when Rachel brought the divorce documents to him, Chris gave her a letter giving her notice to move out of Mill Cottage. Rachel couldnít believe heíd throw his own son out onto the streets but Chris said Joseph could stay at Home Farm with him, as heíd get custody anyway. However, Rachel was outraged and vowed to fight him all the way.

ZoŽ went to go see Frank in prison and told him Steve wanted to downsize the business, an idea to which Frank was thoroughly opposed. He asked ZoŽ if she would sell him the stables as he couldnít bear the estate to be broken up but she told him she would only consider it if Frank were to reconsider his decision to let Sophie and James move in with her as he had previously stated they belonged at Home Farm.

Terry again tried to apologise to Viv, telling her that they would have to settle their differences if they were to live next door to one another. This prompted Viv to do some serious thinking and she told Terry in the Winebar later that she was planning to move back to London. When Vic found her packing he was horrified and begged her to stay as he thought they had been making a go of things. Viv was, however, determined to leave until Donna returned to see the taxi outside and pleaded with her mum to stay and for her and Vic to get back together. Viv agreed to stay and told Vic to retrieve the bags from the taxi.

Dee continued to learn about antiques and was able to identify a plate as being worth $1000 when Eric had only sold it for £10 with a box of junk. He told her she must be mistaken but she went along with it, even though she knew she was right. Realising Dee was right, Eric put the plate in a drawer after she had gone. The Dingleís bus service continued to run, this time taking pensioners to Hotten. Betty was one of the reluctant passengers, only boarding because Marlon told them the service bus had a puncture. However, on the way back Betty was delighted to have won the stand up bingo although she had only done so because Albert had manoeuvred the bus so Zak would fall over. Betty made sure Marlon paid out to all the passengers who had won the bingo game. Later in the winebar, where Marlon and Albert had gate crashed Zak and Lisaís evening, much to Zakís amusement, Albert was forced to admit they had only made £4 profit which prompted a rethink on strategy Ė they would begin to run a school bus service.

Emma was adamant to the social worker that she wanted the baby put up for adoption. Charlie was unsure that this was what Emma really wanted and that she was perhaps going along with it only for Tonyís sake who was still determined Emma would not be keeping the baby as she was only a child herself. Relationships continued to be strained over whether or not the baby should be adopted and Becky again retorted that it might not have happened if Tony had been around more often. When they arrived back home, Jan was at the chalet with some baby clothes that she had bought for James but had decided to give them to a good home. Much to Janís disgust, Tony told her that the baby wouldnít be coming home as she was being put up for adoption. Later, Jan told Biff and Linda of the Cairnsí decision prompting Linda to go to the hospital to convince Emma that she was doing the wrong thing. Biff tried to stop her accusing her of trying to keep the memory of her baby alive through Emmaís baby and trying to rectify her mistakes by convincing Emma to keep her baby. Linda was shocked that he could suggest anything of the sort and left for the hospital regardless where she took a reluctant Emma to the baby unit and made her hold the baby.

Episode 2190

Original Airdate ITV
April 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 17 May 2002)

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Seth waits to hear what Kim left him in her will.

The Dingle's school bus service hits disaster,

While Becky & Tony are divided over Emma's future.

Episode #2190

Original Airdate ITV April 1997
(Granada Plus - Friday 17 May 2002)

Seth waits to hear what Kim left him in her will.
The Dingle's school bus service hits disaster,
While Becky & Tony are divided over Emma's future.

Vic and Donna went to a lot of effort to make Viv breakfast. Later in the shop, Viv complained of having a bad back, which Vic put down to sleeping in Kellyís bed. He then offered her half of the double bed and seemed pleased when she agreed that that would be a good idea.

The Dingleís school bus company got off to a terrible start with the children unwilling to get on the bus, but when they eventually did they directed Butch in the wrong direction to the school causing them to get lost. When Marlon finally realised where they were, much to their dismay the bus had run out of diesel and so they were stranded in the middle of nowhere with the children. Realising that they wouldnít get the bus contract now, Butch suggested that he call Zak at the Woolpack and ask him to tow them to the school. While Zak gloated at Albertís misfortune Lisa went to rescue the bus.

Sarah came into the shop to ask Viv if she had any idea why the boys and Donna were so late for school prompting Viv to accuse Andy of leading Donna astray again adding that she was surprised Social Services hadnít removed him from their care after the quarry incident. When Lisa finally towed the bus back to the village, an outraged Vic demanded to know what the Dingleís were playing at making the children late for school. They offered him a pint to make up for it, which he angrily refused.

A man arrived to put a ďFor SaleĒ sign up outside Rachelís house prompting a furious Rachel to head off to Home Farm with Joseph to ask Chris what he thought he was doing throwing his own son out onto the streets. Chris told her again that Joseph could stay with him at Home Farm and left. Rachel told Steve what Chris had done suggesting that she and Joseph should move in with him. Steve said his place was too small for her and Joseph but that he would contact her solicitor and find her some alternative accommodation, which took Rachel by surprise.

Eric took Dee to an auction and returned to the tearooms disappointed that he had been in the toilet when a potentially profitable lot had come up but was pleasantly surprised when Dee revealed that she had bought it while heíd been away. Terry was in a reflective mood about his life with Zak whilst they shared a pint. Linda was keen to know if Emma had come to the right decision to keep the baby but Biff reminded her that it was none of their business. Linda retorted that it was their business because had it not been for her the baby would have died on the doorstep of the vets.

The nurse found Emma at the baby unit staring at her baby and told her not to torture herself over ďAprilĒ (as Emma is now calling the baby) after Emma reiterated that giving the baby away to a loving couple would be best all round. However, when Becky came to collect her from the hospital she told her mum that she had changed her mind. Becky was supportive and asked Emma if she was sure she was doing the right thing reminding her that it would be hard work and that the baby wasnít a doll but Emma was sure adding that she was old enough to know that giving away your baby was wrong. It wasnít quite as simple as just bringing her home though as the nurse told a determined Emma and Becky in her office. She said that now it was up to the Social Services as to whether they could take the baby home as she had been put up for adoption, although she didnít see any problems if she could arrange a meeting for them as soon as possible. Meanwhile Tony had been running and bumped into Ned and the two shared a cup of coffee, Tony telling Ned that adopting the baby was for the best. When Emma and Becky returned home Tony told Becky that they could put it all behind them. When she told him Emma had changed her mind, Tony was furious saying the baby would be adopted regardless as it was for the best, Becky said that wasnít so and they couldnít live their lives by the army rulebook. She couldnít make Emma give up the baby and if he didnít want to rest of Emmaís life to be scarred by the adoption being forced upon her he would go along with his daughterís wishes.
Episode 2191

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 15 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Monday 20 May 2002)

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Rachel is worried by Steve's obsession with Home Farm.

Marlon's driving terrifies Betty,

while Chris is humiliated in the Wine Bar.

Monday 20th Mayís episodeÖ
(Tuesday 15 April 1997)

Rachel is worried by Steve's obsession with Home Farm.
Marlon's driving terrifies Betty,
while Chris is humiliated in the Wine Bar.

Lisa was unhappy that Albert, Marlon and Butch were taking the bus out as she considered it un-roadworthy. A change in company policy for the Dingle bus company saw them again at loggerheads with Betty and the other pensioners. Albert announced they would no longer accept bus passes but they were forced to change their minds when Betty threatened to inform the regional transport executive of their activities. Butch decided it was his turn to drive and tried to grab the wheel from Marlon and as the vehicle continued to waver all over the road Butch and Marlon were horrified to see one of the wheels rolling in front of them. Marlon manoeuvred the bus and it crashed into a strategically placed array of boxes of vegetables. (Quite what they were doing by the side of a country lane, I donít know!) Betty demanded compensation and begrudgingly Albert paid up for taxis and for the pensionerís to have lunch on the condition that this matter would go no further and that Betty wouldnít tell Lisa. However, in the Woolpack later, Paddy put his foot in it and mentioned the crash to a disbelieving Lisa who was angry with Albert.

ZoŽ, Charlie and Sophie met up for a drink at the Woolpack to celebrate ZoŽ moving out of Home Farm and continued their drinking at the vetís cottage. Paddy rushed into the Post Office and bought a birthday card and addressed it to himself. Kelly rang the Post Office and told Viv she was okay but rang off before she could get a contact number for her. The call upset Viv and prompted her to question what sort of mother she was. Vic empathised because he hadnít exactly been a great gather and they began to talk about their future as a couple, believing if they got back together Kelly may find it easier to come home. Kathy introduced herself to Tony at the park, where Andy, Alice and Robert were playing on the swings. When Kathy offered Tony advice, he wasnít surprised that she should know all about his business and she conceded it was part of village life. Andy pushed Alice off the swing prompting Kathy to go and tell Jack and Sarah. Andy was made to apologise but when warned to stay away from Alice for a while, he started smiling. (Cogs in motion?!)

Steve was busy putting files into his car as Rachel watched outside his cottage as Chris drew up and told him that he should have asked permission to remove the files. Steve replied snidely that ZoŽ had given him permission. Rachel invited Chris to the Winebar with her that evening but when Steve asked what time, she made it clear that the invitation was only for Chris, who then smugly drove away. Later in the office, Chris was having a go at Steve when Roy came in to ask what he was meant to be doing. Chris was disgruntled that Roy should consider Steve to be his boss. Rachel met Chris at the winebar. Chris was delighted Rachel had invited him but Rachel made it clear it was not a social meeting and that he might not like what she had to say. Still amazed that he would sell Mill Cottage, Chris made clear his financial problems to Rachel but she seemed disinterested because whatever he always had Home Farm to fall back on. Chris retorted that she was happy enough to reap the benefits when she was married to him and insinuated that the only reason why she was bothered about this was because things were dodgy with Steve and she wanted to safeguard her interests. When the time came to pay the bill, Chrisí credit card was invalid and Terry and Eric took great pleasure in cutting it in half in front of Chris while and embarrassed Rachel looked on.

Biff told Linda again not to get involved with the Cairns as it was none of her business but she was determined not to see Emma make the same mistakes as she did. Alan was writing an advertisement for a bar manager and Mandy pointed out it should be manager or manageress but telling him not to bother changing it because she was the woman for the job. Alan was very uneasy and tried to think of excuses but Eric could see this and kept chipping in making Alan even more uncomfortable. Eric then invited Alan to his wedding but Alan replied that heíd have to check his diary. Mandy demanded an application form and when she ascertained that Biff wasnít interested she was convinced the job was hers because she could handle the Dingles.

Emma continued to bond with the baby when they went to the hospital and even Will took to her as Becky watched on. In the Woolpack, Becky admitted to Tony that she was concerned that Emma was bonding the baby. Later in the chalet, Tony said the last thing they needed was to start from scratch with another child as theyíd been there and done it, he was outraged that Becky could think letting Emma decide to keep her was for the best. He accused the baby of tearing the family apart, unaware that Emma was listening.

Episode 2192

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 16 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 21 May 2002)

A big Thank you to Home Farm Stud for these updates, (originally posted to the official Emmerdale message boards at: http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/ )

Episode #2192

Tuesday 21st Mayís episodeÖ
(Original Airdate ITV Wednesday 16 April 1997)

Paddy continues his quest for Mandy's heart.
Zoe learns just how brutal prison life is.
While the Cairns discover Emma has gone missing.

Sarah was still worried about Andy hitting Alice. She told Jack that she wished she understood him more but Jack reassured her that as long as they kept treating him like a member of the family he would settle down. Out of sight, Andy punched Robert for not sticking up for him over Alice. At teatime, Robert was the one who was upset when Jack and Sarah told Andy he could pick the wallpaper for their new room at the new farm.

Chris was still worrying about his financial difficulties. Steve overheard his heated discussion with someone at the bank on the phone prompting the two to have another go at each other. Steve told him that he had respect for Frank but that Chris was no businessman because if he had he would have seen Kimís swindle coming and he wouldnít be in this mess. Later in the Woolpack, Steve told Rachel there was a lot of potential at Home Farm for him and gloated to a disapproving Rachel that he could make a killing.

ZoŽ received a phone call from the prison informing her that Frank had been in admitted to the prison hospital after being attacked but when she went to visit him she was not prepared for how badly hurt he had been. ZoŽ urged Frank to tell the guards who had done it but he said he if did that next time they would kill him. He conceded that he would have to live by the ďlaws of the jungleĒ but admitted to ZoŽ that he couldnít take much more. When ZoŽ returned to Home Farm she told Chris what had happened but when Steve asked if there was anything he could do, she snapped at him telling him he could find the person who really killed Kim. Later, ZoŽ was confiding in Sophie that she thought Frank had given up. Sophie asked her to Paddyís birthday do in the Woolpack to keep her mind off things. Chris seemed more worried about his own problems and after complaining that Steve was showing him no respect, asked ZoŽ to lend him enough money to keep the bank off his back. She refused and chastised him for being selfish telling him that he should go and visit Frank because he needed their support more than ever. When Chris did so, he asked Frank to lend him money but Frank said no. He told Chris there was no way he would lend him a penny after he tried to shaft him over the livery deal and that he should not come back and visit.

Paddy told ZoŽ and Linda that it was his birthday but that he didnít want a fuss bus Betty got to hear about it and a party was promptly organised in the Woolpack. Alan made peace with Terry explaining why he had acted in the way he had over Viv. Viv and Vic decided to go to the party together. Mandy was having trouble filling out the application for the bar managerís job and asked Paddy for help. He gave her an envelope and she said she would read it later.

At the party, Paddy told everyone he was delighted he had been made so welcome in Emmerdale. Butch was gazing after Sophie again and asked if he could buy her a drink. Initially she declined but eventually accepted. Indeed, she got so drunk she decided she was unable to go back to ZoŽís cottage and her request for her to stay the night at his house was met with a wide smile from Butch. Charlie was flirting with Steve while Rachel looked on. However, she left angrily insulting Charlie as she went. Charlie told Steve that Rachel was a frump and Steve replied she never used to be like that, while playing with Charlieís hair. Linda told Biff she wanted another baby after Biff again told her she was getting too involved with the Cairns. When ZoŽ asked Paddy how old he was he admitted that it wasnít really his birthday and heíd just said it to cheer everybody up. Just as Paddy was going to ask Mandy out on a date, she stormed up to him angry about what he had written for her application. He said it was just a joke and he had a real one for her but she was unwilling to listen as she poured a pint over his cake, an action Alan was extremely angry about.

Tony continued to try and persuade Emma to reconsider her decision telling her she was throwing her life away but Emma was adamant that she would be keeping Geri. (Charlie had picked a new name because she considered April a naff name). Becky told Tony to stop bullying Emma, insisting that he had better get used to the idea or move out. Tony retorted that this wasnít a bad idea. Linda took Emma to the hospital and told her that no matter how hard things got to just remember Geri was worth all of it. She told Emma she wished sheíd made the right decision. Emma confided to Becky that she was worried that Tony wouldnít come round and begged her mum not to let anyone take Geri away from her. Later when Charlie, Emma and Will were with Geri, Emma said she hated her father calling him selfish but Will said that Emma was being the selfish one and her decision was ripping the family apart. Later in the chalet, Will said he wished the baby was dead. When Tony and Becky went to pick up Emma he said he was sorry and admitted he had to accept that this was the way it had to be, only for them then to be informed by the nurse that Emma and the baby had disappeared.
Episode 2193

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 17 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 22 May 2002)

Andy resorts to violence.

Rachel faces determined and unwelcome visitors.

While Biff continues to hide his terrible secret.

A big Thank you to Home Farm Stud for these updates, (originally posted to the official Emmerdale message boards at: http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/ )

Episode #2193

Wednesday 22nd Mayís episodeÖ
(Original Airdate ITV Thursday 17 April 1997)

At Annieís Cottage, Andy punched Donna causing her lip to split after she told him the only reason he was living at the Sugdens was because they got paid to keep him. She ran off telling Andy she would get her mum but before Viv arrived, Andy dragged Robert out of the house. Viv had a go at Sarah telling her that Andy was out of control and if anything like this happened again she would get in touch with Social Services personally. Later, Jack was appalled to overhear Andy tell Robert that if he grassed him up to Jack and Sarah over Donna he would tell them he did it. However, when challenged, he lied saying that heíd been talking about the pane of a greenhouse heíd accidentally broken with a football. Jack sent him to his room until he was prepared to tell the truth. Sarah confided in Rachel at Mill Cottage that she wasnít sure they could cope with Andy or that he would ever settle down.

Tony was furious with the nurse that his daughter had just been allowed to walk off with her baby whilst a distressed Emma turned up at the Gloverís house. When Jan ascertained Tony and Becky didnít know her whereabouts, she told Emma she would have to call them but Emma was adamant she didnít want them to know but agreed eventually. Jan called Tony and Becky whoíd arrived back at the chalet to find an unsympathetic Charlie a bit worse for wear after her night drinking. They went to the Glovers and reassured Emma that she could keep the baby but it wasnít just up to them. She would have to be assessed to see if she was fit enough to look after Geri but whatever, they had to return her to the hospital for now. Emma reluctantly agreed that this would be for the best.

Sophie was trying to leave the Dingleís house quietly after, presumably a night with Butch, but bumped into Mandy on her way out causing the whole house to wake and assemble on the stairs. She tried to maintain that she had slept on the sofa but they did not believe her. Exasperated and upset, she left but the teasing of Butch, by the Dingles, continued. In the morning, ZoŽ was still angry with Sophie for leaving her in the lurch with James. Sophie was embarrassed and angry when later, as she was having dinner with ZoŽ, Butch turned up to invite her for a drink and wouldnít accept she had to work. She told him she wanted to keep her job and added that she wouldnít be available in the evening for another six months before shoving him out of the door.

Linda continued to stress that she wanted a baby but a subdued Biff later admitted to Betty that he hadnít told her about the fact that he may have Huntingdonís Disease because he didnít know how to. Indeed, later when he tried to, Linda was so busy talking about having a baby that he couldnít get a word in edgeways. Mandy had her interview with Alan for the bar managerís job and maintained that she was perfect for the job because she knew the customers. Alan, however, said this wasnít necessarily a good thing and that she would have to know how to stock-take, balance the books and VAT but she proved she was more than capable in the first areas as she knew exactly what was in her fridge down to the last sausage and she checks her purse in the evening and in the morning. Although she had to tell him she didnít have a clue about VAT but he admitted he didnít either. She was convinced she had the job but Alan said he would let her know with the other candidates. Dee was concerned that she had overlooked an English custom that said that guests donít reply to the wedding invitations. Eric reassured her that this was sometimes the case but he was uneasy about the subject. The Dingles decided to expand their bus company into pensionerís day trips with Albert suggesting a trip to Amsterdam. Paddy asked Mandy out on a date and after a little persuasion she agreed.

Chris and Steve continued their feud. Roy complained to Steve and Chris that he couldnít do all the work at the holiday village on his own. But when Chris told him to go away, Steve told him not to worry and that he was addressing the problem, later offering Biff his old job back. When Rachel asked Steve to sign some papers, Chris informed her that she should tidy Mill Cottage as prospective buyers would be coming round this afternoon but Rachel told him they wouldnít set foot over the threshold. When the prospective buyers did come, they turned out to be bailiffs and removed everything but a few bits of furniture as Rachel angrily phoned Chris to get him to come round immediately. She was mortified when he told her he had debts of £350,000 but was more angry, when Steve arrived later, to find out he already knew about it. She also called him up on his behaviour with Charlie the previous evening. When Chris returned with an offer of furniture Rachel told him she would not accept any Home Farm cast-offs and had a go at Steve and Chris telling them that she needed a stiff drink and if they wanted to help they could look after Joseph before storming out.
Episode 2194

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 22 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 23 May 2002)

Linda is obsessed with babygros.

Rachel lashes out at the Tates.

While Mandy finds true love.

Episode 2195

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 23 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 24 May 2002)

The Windsor's are desperate to find Kelly.

Tony loses his temper with the social workers.

While Paddy gets some distressing news.

    NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis, however I or Home Farm Stud or anyone else who wishes to offer their services, will be adding to them in due course.
Episode 2196

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 24 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Monday 27 May 2002)

Betty and Kathy worry about Biff's health.

Chris finds a dramatic solution to his money problems.

While romance is in the air for the Windsor's.

Episode 2197

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 29 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 28 May 2002)

A mistake by Rachel could cost thousands.

Chris lashes out at Zoe.

While Betty gives Biff a terrifying ultimatum.

Episode 2198

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 30 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 29 May 2002)

Chris turns to Zoe for help.

Andy's violent temper gets him in more trouble.

While Dee learns some uncomfortable facts about Pollard.

Episode 2199

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 1 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 30 May 2002)

[Eric Pollard marries Dee De La Cruz.]

Biff confronts his mother.

The Dingle's prepare for a surprise visit.

While Pollard enjoys the happiest day of his life.

Episode 2200

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 6 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 31 May 2002)

Turner is discovered after a night of agony.

Jack takes the biggest chance of his life.

While Steve turns his attentions to Zoe.

Episode 2201

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 7 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Monday 1 June 2002)

Sarah Sugden is still wrestling with the behavioural problems of their troublesome foster son Andy.

Following last night's misunderstanding Steve tries to smooth things over with Zoe.

Biff finally gives in to pressure from Kathy and goes to the hospice to meet Ron, his father, for the first time and asks some questions, but it's on who poses the important question by asking the odds of having Huntingdon's disease.

Episode 2202

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 8 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 4 June 2002)

[Ron Hudson was Biff Fowlers biological father, he died of Huntington's disease which is hereditary.]

Frank Tate is out and he's not going to waste any time settling a few scores with those that tried to hurt him while he was down.

When Biff gives Betty the news about Frank, she's aghast.

In the village, a confused Sophie reveals her situation to an astonished Charlie.

At Home Farm, Steve Marchant finds himself first on Frank's hit-list

and Linda Fowler finds out about Biff's visit to his father.

Episode 2203

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 13 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 5 June 2002)

As the Winsor's sham of a marriage continues to collapse Vic places the blame on Viv.

Zoe Tate is dismayed at her recently released father's business obsession telling him that he has learned nothing.

As Zoe sets off on another overseas errand for her father she leaves new friend Sophie with some serious thinking to do.

Biff explains his illness to new wife Linda telling her it's a hereditary disease.

Almost bankrupt, Chris Tate is surprised at the strength of Rachel's determination

and Linda is stunned when she realises the direction Biff's plans lie.

Episode 2204

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 14 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 6 June 2002)

Finally back at the help again, Frank Tate announces his new plans to his motley workforce.

It's a testing time for the Fowler's as Biff takes the first step to finding out if he has Huntingdon's Disease.

Frank Tate has spotted Sophie's interest in Zoe and wastes not time in warning her off.

Linda Fowler has also taken a test - a pregnancy test.

Episode 2205

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 15 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 7 June 2002)

It's the funeral of Biff's dad and Linda finds herself facing his mum.

Frank invites a crowded Woolpack to celebrate his freedom at a party at Home Farm - but very few people show up and even Kathy shocks Frank with her opinion on Kim's death.

One guest who Frank hadn't expected is his angry daughter-in-law Rachel.

Episode 2206

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 20 May 1997

(Granada Plus -
Monday 10 June 2002)

Home Farm's most recent addition, Rachel, gets short shrift from her charmless husband Chris.

Frank's release has set Kathy thinking about her brother Nick.

Viv gets her hopes up when Terry calls round at the Post Office but he's not staying because of her.

Petulant Chris complains at his father's intervention in his divorce with Rachel, though Frank has some strong words for his scheming son.

Now he's found out how much work will be needed on their new home, Tony Cairns goes storming round to have it out with Jack Sugden.

Linda Glover is finding it very tough to come to terms with her husband's medical condition as she tries to explain this to Biff.

Episode 2207

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 21 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 11 June 2002)

The pressure is really getting to Biff as he reveals to Kathy his unhappiness with all of the attitudes surrounding him.

With Rachel for support, Frank pays a visit to Kim's grave.

Now he's a partner in The Woolpack, Terry wants to re-form 'The Woolpackers'.

Later on Kathy finds herself being confided in by the other half of the Fowler's as Linda pours her troubles out.

Episode 2208

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 22 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 12 June 2002)

1 Hour Special.

[Kim Tate returns and stands by and watches husband Frank have a fatal heart atatck without doing anything to help.]

At Home Farm, Frank's Company Secretary has some good news and some bad news.

The normally saintly Kathy is at the end of her tether at the possibility of losing Alice and can do without Linda's comments.

Linda of course is unaware of her husband's true state of mind as Biff begins to climb along the edge of the viaduct.

At the end of a particularly bad day, Frank Tate tries to settle down for the evening until a face from the past appears.

Episode 2209

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 27 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 13 June 2002)

[Frank Tate dies.]

After last night's performance by the re-formed 'Woolpackers' Betty is less than impressed with the state of the pub.

Biff Fowler tells Linda how worried he is about his upcoming tests.

Kathy has got herself all worked up at the thought of losing Alice to Nick's new fiancce but Eric is sceptical.

After having to watch newcomer Charlie getting to grips with strapping Steve last night, jealous Rachel has some strong words for her.

At Home Farm, Zoe has returned to make the heart-breaking discovery that her father has collapsed.

Episode 2210

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 28 May 1997

Granada Plus - Friday 14 June 2002)

The news of Frank Tate's death is the talk of the village as poor Zoe find's herself confiding in Betty.

Zak Dingle admits he's sorry things didn't work out between Tina and Frank.

Spiteful Viv Windsor is angry to hear that wayward Andy is allowed back to school today.

It's also Emma's first day back at school after giving birth and she's not looking forward to it.

Kathy reveals to Rachel her fears for Alice

and Mandy and new friend Charlie have a day out shopping but it's posh Charlie who ends up causing serious trouble for Mandy.

At Hotten Comprehensive, Emma finds herself the butt of cruel taunts but big brother Will leaps to her defence leaving school bully Lynne in no doubt about his intentions.

Episode 2211

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 29 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 17 Jun 2002)

It's the day of Frank Tate's funeral - a time for Jack Sugden to celebrate.

Chris Tate does not intend attending his father's funeral and sit with a bunch of people who are glad that he's dead.

Betty is not impressed with the turn-out considering David Glover's send off.

Meanwhile at Home Farm, a deeply depressed Chris Tate contemplates a row of pills, his hated stepmother Kim walks in and tells Chris that he was always second best when Frank was around.

Episode 2212

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 3 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 18 Jun 2002)

Frank's mourners cluster around the outside of a locked Home Farm wondering what's up.

Inside, Zoe is stunned to find Kim alive. Zoe also has to contend with her brother's planned suicide and pleads with him not to do it. Chris tells her that he plans on sticking around for a while to make sure Kim doesn't get a single penny.

Episode 2213

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 4 June 1997

(Granada Plus - 19 Jun 2002)

Kim Tate is well and truly back and Sophie is hurt that Zoe excluded her.

In the Stables, Biff comes face to face with the recently deceased Mrs Tate and warns her to watch herself.

At the Tea Rooms, Betty is still offended at the fiasco after Frank's funeral telling Kathy about the farm being locked.

Biff tells Linda he's made his mind up about his medical condition.

Up at Home Farm, Zoe has called the police about Kim's return and DI Cooke has some news.

Episode 2214

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 5 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 20 June 2002)

Becky Cairns has some bad news for Sarah Sugden. Sarah is fuming and heads off for a confrontation with Viv.

At Home Farm, DI Cooke points out the current police position to the Tates.

Sophie is unhappy at Zoe's recent behaviour.

Kathy gently tries to explain to little Alice what could happen at Nick's trial.

Teen-mum Emma finds herself in a frightening situation with new friend Dean.

Episode 2215

Original Airdate ITV
Tiesday 10 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 21 June 2002)

Biff is gloomy about Nick's trial prospects but for once Jan Glover is optimistic.

Spiteful Viv Windsor, ups the stakes in her vendetta against Andy by going to see the Head.

It's the day of the reading of Frank's will and Chris is feeling confident. However, Kim as always is full of surprises as she reveals to Zoe, but Zoe is more interested in her new friend Sophie.

Episode 2216

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 11 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 24th June 2002)

The row between the Sugden's and the Windsor's escalates as Jack has to escort Andy and Robert past a school picket line.

After the surprises in Frank's will, Christopher is outraged because Kim thinks she has all the control.

There's trouble brewing for the Cairns after Tony has a visit from Dean's father.

Jan glover is surprised to be welcomed at Home Farm by Kim Tate and Absolutely delighted at her assurance. Later at Home Farm,

Chris is still ranting at Kim letting her know that he is not going to sit back and watch her take everything away from him.

Episode 2217

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 12 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

With Kim now in charge of Home Farm, Chris is determined to have his revenge by informing the police. Kim however, makes threats of her own stopping Chris in his tracks.

It looks as if Tony Cairns' encounter with Dean could have serious repercussions.

Chris Tate hopes to get new shareholder Steve Marchant on his side, but Steve is scathing about Chris's judgement.

Zoe is angry at Chris' suggestions about Kim and demands an explanation.

Kathy and Biff are drawn closer together as she sadly confides that she would be secretly pleased to see her brother go to prison so she can keep Alice.

Episode 2218

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 17 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 26th June 2002)

Biff is shocked when brother-in-law Roy rounds on him saying he saw him all over Kathy.

Tony Cairns is determined he will not give into blackmail and explains to Becky why he won't tell everything to the police. Unfortunately Becky pays a secret visit to farmer Adlington to try and settle the matter.

Viv Windsor continues her crusade against Andy as she confronts Sarah again.

All is not happy between Sophie and Zoe as Sophie points out.

Panicked to find that Roy saw him kiss Kathy, Biff tries to apologise but he's surprised at Kathy's response.

Episode 2219

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 18 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 27th h June 2002)

Sophie is alarmed when a lovelorn Butch tries to talk to her.

Becky is worried when Adlington demands more money.

The trials of bringing up a foster child are putting a strain on the Sugden's marriage as Jack clashes angrily with Sarah.

Kim has some controversial ambitions for Tate Holdings and for once Zoe is in agreement with her brother. It seems you can combine business and pleasure as Kim turns on the charm for new board member Steve Marchant.

Episode 2220

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 19 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 28th June 2002)

After their first night of passion, Steve is surprised when Kim tells him to say nothing.

Chris is determined to find out what plans Kim has for Home Farm but Steve isn't saying.

Kathy is angry to find Eric Pollard trying to pull a fast one on her.

Jan Glover is apprehensive when Kim Tate asks her to call at Home Farm but Kim has a proposition for her.

Jan's not the only Glover to receive an offer from Kim as Roy tells his sister

and Sophie decides to be absolutely blunt with Butch.

Episode 2221

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 24 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 2nd July 2002)

The Windsor's are pleased that Kelly has come home but shocked when she explains what happened.

There's an extra bed needed at the Woolpack as Mandy arrives with news that all the men have the mumps and she is moving in.

Kim takes new lover Steve for a riding lesson and explains her situation.

Becky Cairns confides to Jan her worries about Tony's assault charge

and while Biff is away getting his test results, Roy breaks some news to Linda about Biff and Kathy.

Episode 2222

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 25 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2223

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 26 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 3rd July 2002)

Ned glover is furious that wife Jan kept so much secret from him.

Butch's obsession for Sophie has angered the normally even-tempered Zoe.

A face from the past turns up to cast a shadow over the Cairns family, Tony demands an explanation. However, his mysterious visitor has an ominous warning which has Becky worried.

Zoe explains to Sophie some of the difficulties they face, but they are both in for a devastating shock when they return to Zoe's after an evening out.

Episode 2224

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday1 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 4th July 2002)

Butch's latest act is too much for Zoe who wastes no time in calling the police.

Zak is disappointed when he realises what Butch has been up to.

Jan Glover has begun her new job as house-keeper at Home Farm and Kim wastes no time letting her know who's boss.

At the Sugden's, Andy receives a visit from his Social Worker, Carmel, who has some news about his dad.

Zoe decides to tackle Zak about Butch and his behaviour.

At Home Farm, flirtatious Kelly uses all her charms on odious Chris Tate.

Episode 2225

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 2 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 5th July 2002)

Creepy Chris has found out about Kim's affair with Steve Marchant and can't resist having a go at his wicked Step-Mum.

Butch's latest exploits are well out of line and Zak tries to get through to his son.

Kelly begins her first day as a chalet maid at the Holiday Village to find she's going to have to work with a familiar face Lynn, who's not at all happy to see Kelly.

The Sugden's have taken Andy to meet his real father who desperately wants to be friends.

It looks like all Zak's words have been to no avail as Sophie discovers Zoe's car has been broken into.

Episode 2226

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 3 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2227

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 8 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2228

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 9 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2229

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 10 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2230

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 15 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2231

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 16 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2232

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 17 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2233

Original Airdate ITV
22 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2234

Original Airdate ITV
23 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2235

Original Airdate ITV
24 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2236

Original Airdate ITV
29 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2237

Original Airdate ITV
30 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2238

Original Airdate ITV
31 July 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2239

Original Airdate ITV
5 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2240

Original Airdate ITV
6 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2241

Original Airdate ITV
7 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2242

Original Airdate ITV
12 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2243

Original Airdate ITV
13 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2244

Original Airdate ITV
14 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2245

Original Airdate ITV
19 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2246

Original Airdate ITV
20 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2247

Original Airdate ITV
21 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2248

Original Airdate ITV
26 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2249

Original Airdate ITV
27 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2250

Original Airdate ITV
28 August 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

Episode 2251 Original Airdate ITV
2 September 1997
Episode 2252 Original Airdate ITV
3 September 1997
Episode 2253 Original Airdate ITV
4 September 1997
Episode 2254 Original Airdate ITV
9 September 1997
Episode 2255 Original Airdate ITV
10 September 1997
Episode 2256 Original Airdate ITV
11 September 1997
Episode 2257 Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 16 September 1997 at 7pm
17 September 1997

No Episode - due to football.
Episode 2258 Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 18 September 1997 at 7pm
Episode 2259

Original Airdate ITV
Friday 19 September 1997 at 7pm

Extra Episode to make up for Wednesday's missing one.

Episode #2260 Original Airdate ITV
23 September 1997
Episode #2261 Original Airdate ITV
24 September 1997
Episode #2262 Original Airdate ITV
25 September 1997
Episode #2263 Original Airdate ITV
30 September 1997
Episode #2264 Original Airdate ITV
1 October 1997
Episode #2265 Original Airdate ITV
2 October 1997
Episode #2266

Original Airdate ITV
Friday 3 October 1997

Extra Episode.

Episode #2267 Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 7 October 1997
Episode #2268 Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 8 October 1997
Episode #2269 Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 9 October 1997
Episode #2270 Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 14 October 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 15 October 1997

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 16 October 1997

Emmerdale is 25 years old.

[Linda Fowler (nee Glover) dies]
  Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 21 October 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 22 October 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 23 October 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 28 October 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 29 October 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 30 October 1997
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Tuesday 4 November 1997
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Wednesday 5 November 1997
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Thursday 6 November 1997
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Tuesday 11 November 1997
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Wednesday 12 November 1997
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Thursday 13 November 1997
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Tuesday 18 November 1997
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Wednesday 19 November 1997
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Thursday 20 November 1997
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Tuesday 25 November 1997
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Wednesday 26 November 1997
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Thursday 27 November 1997
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Tuesday 2 December 1997
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Wednesday 3 December 1997
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Thursday 4 December 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 9 December 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 10 December 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 11 December 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 16 December 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 17 December 1997
  Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 18 December 1997

Original Airdate ITV Monday 22 December 1997

1 hour Extra Episode.


Original Airdate ITV Tuesday 23 December 1997 at 7pm

One Hour Special?

A shock for Kathy.



Original Airdate ITV Wednesday 24 December 1997 at 7:30pm


















































Who's phoning kim?

James has been kidnapped from Home Farm. The Police have begun a search for him. Many in the village also help including Seth and Ned - and later the Dingles..

The Police are questioning Kim and she accuses the nanny (Alison) of being involved. Later Kim tells the Police that the kidnapper may have been either Ned or Sophie.

Meanwhile another plot involving Kim is under way. But are they connected?

Steve tells Kim that she isn't helping the Police by not telling them about the nuisance calls. Kim reveals to Steve that she is being blackmailed. The blackmailer is the man who she used to hire a look alike of herself when she went missing in February 1997. The plan had been for the woman to drive around in Kim's car so that Frank would think she was still in the country, but Kim had of course gone abroad. The "look-alike" woman later turned up in the quarry lake and Frank had been charged with the murder of Kim (see early 1997).

According to Kim, the blackmailer hasn't told her what he wants. Steve tells Kim that she must tell the Police.

The Police find out about the mysterious calls and that they have been made to Home Farm from a call box at Hotten cross roads. Kim denies knowing who the calls have been from.


Jan is acting mysteriously and is seen packing a thermos flask into a bag.

Zak and Butch turn up to help Jan with the mini car which has a puncture. Jan calls Zak, Jed which is the name of Zak's father. Zak tells Jan that they have a Jack but not a Sarah, joke is missed on Jan. Jan tells them she has to get to St Mary's, Zak makes a remark about her going to church.


Eric meets Zak and Butch in the Woolpack and tells them he wants to hire them as muscle.

Eric tells Zak and Butch that Billy knows who hit Sam during the hijacking and he wants them to sort Billy out.

Eric and the Dingles turn up at Billy's caravan but they think no one is in. Butch forces the door open and finds the puppy inside. Zak thinks that Billy and Andy have abandoned the dog to starve, he tells Eric that it's no longer business, it's personal.

Zak takes the puppy to Sarah so that the Sugdens can look after it. Zak tries to get a reward but gets nothing. He accuses Billy as being the kidnapper of James. Andy wakes up, he was in the caravan all of the time, and finds the puppy missing, he breaks down in tears.

Zak collars Eric in the Woolpack and demands payment for helping him. Eric won't pay as Billy wasn't at the caravan. Eric tells Zak that Dee is waiting for him.

Zak tells Sam to explain to Dee that Eric will be along in bits, Sam say's "you mean in a bit", no say's Zak along "in bits".

Eric explains Marlon's involvement in the hijacking. Jack is at the farm and is talking to Sarah about Billy and Andy's apparent disappearance. He agrees to check the caravan out on his way home.


Rachel has a surprise visitor, it's the headmaster from the school she tried to get a job at. He tells her that he has an early Christmas present for her, its the offer of the school secretary's job.

Turner gets Betty to help him prepare sandwiches for the folk searching for James.

Turner is talking to Terry and Vic in the Woolpack. He wants to call off the Christmas lunch.

Marika comes in and Turner asks Terry to find out how long she is staying for, he comments that she seems to be making herself at home. Terry ends up making a date with Marika for Boxing Day with whispered instructions as to what he should wear.

Sarah invites Jack for Christmas day.


Kim explains to Steve that she is too frightened to tell the Police about the blackmailer as she thinks he is capable of doing anything.

Jack goes to the caravan and finds Andy unconscious.

Jan's odd behaviour is explained. She has James at the abandoned St Mary's General Hospital. Jan tells James that his father will be along in a moment. THE END!


Original Airdate ITV Thursday 25 December 1997 at 6pm

One Hour Special

Will kim find James?

From: stevee@globalnet.co.uk (stevee@globalnet.co.uk) Subject: Update - Wednesday 24 December 1997 (One Hour Special) Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale View: Complete Thread (3 articles) | Original Format Date: 1998/01/02 It's Christmas day in Emmerdale. The Dingle family join in the hunt for James. Kim is annoyed at the press attention the disappearance of James is creating and is also frustrated at not being able to join in the hunt. The Police want her to stay at Home Farm incase the kidnapper make's contact. Roy and Ned are worried about Jan's apparent disappearance, she has been missing all day and its now Christmas morning. Ned thinks that Jan may be responsible for James's disappearance. Andy is unconscious in hospital, Jack, Sarah, Robert, Victoria and Andy's social worker are around his bed. The social worker confirms she knew nothing about Billy leaving Andy on his own. Andy wakes up, bright as a button, you wouldn't have thought there had been anything wrong with him. Sarah tells Andy that Jack saved his life. Andy tells then that he doesn't know where his dad has gone. At the abandoned hospital, Jan tells James that his daddy is late and is probably down at the Woolpack, she calls James, David. The Police want Kim to make an appeal for information at a press conference. Kim refuses to do it. Zak tries to get Sam to remember what happened during the hijacking. Sam cannot remember much but knows that Marlon was trying to get him out of the van to take a leak. Marlon is cooking the Christmas lunch at the Wine Bar, Eric isn't best pleased as six guests have cancelled their bookings due to the search for James. Marlon suggests that they give the lunch free to the searchers. Back at the hospital, no not the abandoned one, the social worker tells Jack and sarah that she will report Billy to the Police for breaking his probation conditions and abandoning Andy. She confirms that Billy won't be getting Andy back. She asks if the Sugden's will have him back as he needs a loving and steady family. Turner turns up at the hospital dressed as Santa Claus and gives presents to Andy, Robert and Victoria. (This was the scene when Jack (Clive Hornby) was caught for This Is Your Life). The kids think its great as santa calls them by name. Doug sends a horse and carriage for Cathy and Rachel. Kims had enough and goes out to look for James. Cathy doesn't want to go out in the carriage considering a child is missing. However, both she and Rachel end up going, for Alice's sake. Mandy meets up with Paddy and lets him know that the Christmas lunch at the Woolpack has been cancelled. Mandy tells Paddy that he cannot come to the Dingles family meal as there is family business to discuss. Butch and Sam surprise Kelly and Will who are snogging in a barn. The horse and carriage takes Cathy, Rachel etc to a Christmas grotto in the woods. The driver explains the gifts are from Doug. Kim turns up on her horse and gives both Cathy and Rachel the evil eye. Cathy tells her that it was Doug's idea for the grotto and not hers. Jan is still missing and Roy wants to tell the Police. Ned tells him no. Turner passes Kelly and Will on his motorcycle, still dressed as Santa Claus. Steve tries to get Kim to take part in the press conference. Kim tells him that she is frightened in case it forces the blackmailer to harm James. Jack, Sarah and the kids come across Turner who has run out of petrol on his motorcycle. Ned goes to the Dingles to see if they have seen anything of Jan. Zak mentions the puncture that he fixed for her yesterday and tells Ned that Jan said she was going to St Mary's. Kelly and Will end up in the caravan. Billy turns up and threatens them both. Kelly tells Billy that Andy has been rushed to hospital. The Dingles are all dressed up for the meal that Marlon has been making. Zak tells Marlon that they have some questions to ask him about the hijacking. Zak explains that the charges against Marlon are so great that a Special Dingle Court is to convened, the first since Uncle Zebadiah set up home with a Swaledale sheep. Butch is to act as prosecutor and Sam as defence. Marlon is charged with setting up a member of the Dingle family for a severe pasting. Marlon admits his deal with Billy over the hijacking but explains that Sam getting hurt was a mistake. Marlon is pronounced guilty. Cathy and Rachel are back home and feel guilty about Kim catching them enjoying themselves. Roy and Ned turn up at St Mary's church. Ned realises that Jan will be at St Mary's Maternity Hospital. Billy is looking for Andy at the hospital. He learns that Andy has gone to the Sugden's. Back at the Special Dingle Court, Zak pronounces the sentence that Marlon is no longer a Dingle and must not communicate with any member of the dingle family. Zak tells Marlon that he has 10 seconds to get out of the house. Marlon makes his escape. Roy goes to see Kim and tells her that she must promise not to tell the Police what he is going to tell her. He tells her that Ned thinks Jan has kidnapped James. They both rush off to find Jan, Kim telling Roy to go ahead whilst she gets her bag. Ned arrives at the Maternity Hospital and see's a light on in an upstairs window. Eric finds Marlon in the Wine Bar. Marlon tells Eric that he has been thrown out and needs somewhere to chill out. Eric gets Marlon to cook him and Dee a meal, the reward being a blanket and the chance to sleep on the kitchen floor. Terry and Vic continue to vie for Marika's attention, she in turn is playing one against the other. Dee gives Marlon a key to the flat and tells him he can sleep on the sofa when she and Eric have gone to bed. Ned finds Jan and James. Jan tells him that she is glad he is home before David goes to bed. It is clear that Jan is living in the past and thinks James is actually her son David. Billy goes to the Sugdens looking for Andy. The family, including Andy are sitting round the fire enjoying themselves. Billy is in tears and leaves a card for Andy outside the door. Having finished their Christmas lunch, Zak tells Butch that as it's Christmas he can wash up. Jack and sarah are having a cosy chat. Jack wants to apologise and explain his relationship with Rachel. Sarah tells him that she doesn't want to get back together yet. Kim and Roy come into the hospital and fins Jan, Ned and James (David). Jan doesn't recognise Roy so Roy passes himself off as a nurse. He tells Jan that he needs to take James (David) for some tests, Jan hands the baby over. Roy passes the baby over to Kim who in turn shouts to the Police that they can come in and arrest Jan. Roy shouts at Kim that they had agreed the Police wouldn't be involved. The scene/episode ends with Kim craddling James and Jan being arrested. Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk From Whitley Bay North East England ( Christmas has been and gone, same with New Years Eve, back to normal I suppose) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Original Airdate ITV Friday 26 December 1997 at 5:50pm

Extra Episode

Jan to stand trial?

Search Result 67 From: stevee@globalnet.co.uk (stevee@globalnet.co.uk) Subject: Update - Friday 26 December 1997 Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale View: (This is the only article in this thread) | Original Format Date: 1998/01/03 Roy and Ned are at the Police station. The Police won't allow Ned to speak to Jan until she has been questioned. Ned blames roy for telling Kim about Jan and James being at the Maternity Hospital and involving the Police. Jack goes to the farm and tells Sarah about Jan being James's kidnapper. Jack and Sarah discuss the situation regarding Andy and agree to say nothing to the social worker about being separated. Eric is up early making a cup of tea for Dee. This wakes up marlon who is still asleep on the sofa. Marlon tries to sneak out but is caught by Eric. Jan is being interviewed by the Police, she tells them the babies name is David not James. Kim tells Steve that she will not be hiring another nanny and that she herself will look after James. Kim is playing with James. Chris comes in and says "poor little soul, from the clutches of loopy granny Glover back into the arms of a woman 10 times madder". The Police arrive at Home Farm and let Kim know that Jan is going before the Magistrates that day. Kim tells them that Jan must get kept in custody because if she see's her she will kill her. Back at the Police Station, Jan tells the detective's she must go as David will need feeding. Marika has prepared Terry's breakfast. Terry tells her that he usually has a fry up. Marika explains that such a meal is no good for Terry's bad heart and weight condition. Vic has been telling lies again. Sarah show Jack the card that Billy left outside the house. Jack tells Sarah not to show it to Andy. Ned and Roy are waiting at the Magistrates Court when they are joined by Cathy. Ned is worried about the length of sentence that Jan may get. Ned asks Cathy not to tell Betty what has been going on as it will be all around the village. Cathy explains that it is too late for that, the news has spread. Steve complains to Kim about her not telling them about the blackmailer. Steve wants to help Kim. Kim tells him that she doesn't want the Police involved. Back at the Court, Jan's solicitor meets up with Ned, Roy and Cathy. He mentions Jan's name as Janice, Ned tells him that she hasn't used her full name since her mother died. The solicitor tells them that Jan is in a confused state. The social worker calls at the Sugdens. The fact that Jack and Sarah have split up is kept out of the conversation. Jan appears in Court. Her solicitor explains about the recent deaths of Dave and Linda. The Magistrate announces a hospital order under section 35 of the mental health act. Ned interrupts and shouts that Jan should be allowed home with him. After the Court case, Jan's solicitor explains that she is better off in hospital where she will receive treatment. Ned tells him that folk don't come out of those places. The solicitor confirms that Jan will be kept in hospital for 4 weeks and then will appear in Court again. Marlon tries to sneak back to his flat at the Dingles. He finds Butch, armed with an axe, guarding the stairs. Butch won't speak to marlon who asks for his gear. Butch throws Marlon's stuff to him in black plastic bags. Eric is in the post office and complains about the business he has lost due to James's disappearance. Viv tells Eric that she always thought Jan looked mad. Marlon goes to speak to Mandy but she won't have anything to do with him. Steve wants to know what Kim intends to do about the blackmailer. He suggests that he has friends who can help. Kim refuses Steve's help and explains that she will pay the blackmailer off. Vic turns up at a strange pub, i.e. one not in Emmerdale. He has his hair tied back in a pony tail. He buys a drink and sits down. Marika is having a chat with Viv in the Woolpack. She tells Viv about the lies that both Terry and Vic had told her whilst they were in Amsterdam. Terry turns up at the same pub that Vic has gone to. He asks the bar man what kind of a pub it is, its full of men only. Marika is on her way to Scotland but makes a phone call to the pub that Terry and Vic are in. At this stage neither Terry nor Vic know each other are there. The bar man answers the call and asks if anyone is waiting for a call from a lady, both Vic and Terry go to the bar. Both are dressed in silk shirts and flowery waistcoats. The barman takes a photograph of their surprised looks. (it is clear that Marika had set them up in this gay bar, both expecting to be having a night of passion with her). Ned and Roy are back home. Roy wants to go down to the Woolpack, Ned won't go as he thinks everyone will think that they are mad. Roy asks Ned if he wants a cup of tea, Ned tells Roy that he will make it. Ned then asks Roy where his mother keeps the tea bags. Ned breaks down in tears and tells Roy he won't be able to cope without Jan. And that's how it ended. Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk From Whitley Bay North East England ( Christmas has been and gone, same with New Years Eve, back to normal I suppose) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Original Airdate ITV Tuesday 30 December 1997 at 7pm From: stevee@globalnet.co.uk (stevee@globalnet.co.uk) Subject: Update - Tuesday 30 December 1997 Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale View: (This is the only article in this thread) | Original Format Date: 1998/01/04 Mandy is moving into the upstairs flat, recently vacated by Marlon. Butch and Sam are helping her move her stuff. Sam asks Mandy "why can't you keep your clothes in old vegetable crates like we do", Lisa comments "so that's what the smell is". Lisa is sorry that no one is speaking to Marlon. Zak tells her "Marlon is a closed chapter in the book that is Dingle-ism, he is rented asunder and no one is to speak to him". Kelly is taking the mickey out of her dad, "no more bad taste parties then " she asks as she see's him chucking out his gear from the night before. Vic explains that he was at a darts match, Kelly responds by asking "since when were you and Terry Woods a team". Viv comes in and warns Kelly to stay away from Roy as he's bound to be as mad as his mother. Cathy and Betty are having a heart to heart in the Tea Rooms. Betty is caught in a moral dilemma, she feels sorry for Jan and blames Kim Tate for the kidnap of James. She then changes her mind and blames Jan, feeling sorry for Kim Tate. They then hear a sound from behind the closed bar, it's Marlon. Betty has a brush in her hands and tells Marlon she will stick it up his jacksee. Kelly goes to see Roy, Roy breaks down in tears and in Kelly's arms. The social worker turns up unexpected at the Sugden's farm. She starts to ask about Jack's whereabouts and low and behold he comes into the house. The social worker wants to talk to the Sugden's about fostering Andy. Kelly tells Roy that she feels blame for Jan breaking down. She means the incident when Jan found her and Biff together. Kelly asks Roy if Biff should be told about Jan. Roy storms off. Ned goes to see Jan at the mental hospital, she is still living in nether nether land. Jan tells Ned that ther's nowt wrong with her, she's packed her bags and wants to go home. Back at the Tea Rooms, Cathy tells Marlon that he cannot sleep behind the bar again. Marlon says "it's OK, so long as you wedge your head between the slop buckets", Betty comments "I bet that's what you say to all of the girls". Jan tells Ned that she must go home as baby David will be needing feeding. (Bonkers, sheer Bonkers) Jack is worried in case the social worker finds out about him and Sarah being separated. He tells Sarah that he wants to move back in and asks what will happen if the social worker finds out their "secret". Jack uses Andy as leverage in his emotional blackmailing of Sarah. Eric buys the Dingles a round of drinks in the Woolpack as thanks for doing the dirty on Marlon. Mandy quizzes Terry and Vic about their night out and finds that they both went to the same pub. She tells them she didn't think they were that way inclined but make a lovely couple. Turner then produces a card that has come in the post, its the photograph that the barman took of Terry and Vic in the gay bar. Much merriment amongst the customers at the Woolpack. At the Sugden's, Sarah agrees that Jack can come back so that they will be seen to living as a family again. Things are going to be very different Sarah tells Jack, he will have to do his own washing, cooking and cleaning. Additionally, they will not share the same bed, he can sleep in the spare bedroom. Sarah tells Jack that things won't be back to normal for a very long time. Jack thinks this is punishment. Kim tells Steve that she cannot face bumping into Roy. Steve lets her know that he has sent Roy home as he was in a state. Kim admits she is has been at the centre of every tragedy that has come to the Glover's. Ned see's the psychiatric nurse and finds out the Jan is suffering from psychotic depression and cannot face what has happened to her children, thus she has regressed to the birth of Dave. The nurse confirms that Jan can recover with treatment. Jack tells the kids that he is moving back into the house. Viv has been off and had enlargements taken of Vic and Terry's photograph. She shows them to Vic and threatens to have them put up all over Emmerdale. Betty takes a casserole for Ned and Roy. She asks about Jan and Ned tells her it could have happened to anyone, she will, however recover. When Betty goes, Roy tells his dad that Betty would have been burnt as a witch in olden times, Ned replies that so would Roy's mother. Butch and Sam are playing pool with satsumas as balls. Marlon comes into the house. Ned and Roy go to the Woolpack for a drink. As soon as they walk in the place goes silent. Mandy breaks the silence by offering to buy them both a drink. Steve overhears Kim arranging a meeting with the blackmailer Back at the Dingles, Lisa wants the family to speak to Marlon. Zak tells her that no one is to speak to Marlon. Marlon asks if he is allowed an appeal. He tells them that he is sorry that Sam got hurt and that it was a mistake. Marlon begs to be allowed home. Zak tells him that he is just like Albert, a low down slime ball. Butch chucks Marlon out. Steve tells Kim that there is no way that she is going to meet the blackmailer alone and he wants to go with her. Kim tells Steve that he must stay with James and that she has to deal with this matter in her own way. And that's how it ended. Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk From Whitley Bay North East England ( Christmas has been and gone, same with New Years Eve, back to normal I suppose) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Google Home - Advertise with Us - Search Solutions - News and Resources - Language Tools - Jobs, Press, Cool Stuff...
  Original Airdate ITV Wednesday 31 December 1997 From: stevee@globalnet.co.uk (stevee@globalnet.co.uk) Subject: Update - Tuesday 31 December 1997 Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale View: (This is the only article in this thread) | Original Format Date: 1998/01/08 Betty see's Jack moving his stuff out of the cottage and assumes he is moving on. She makes the comment that some folk think it should be Rachel that is moving away from the village. Jack lets Betty know that he is moving back to the farm. Betty asks "She's never having you back is she?". As a parting shot Betty mutters "Nowt like having your cake and eating it". Steve is still going on at Kim for him to help her with the blackmailer. He want's to go and see the blackmailers instead of Kim. Kim won't let him and explains that by dealing with the blackmailer herself it will show that she isn't frightened and thus will be in control. She tells Steve that if he interferes the engagement is off. Lisa and Mandy are hanging the washing out. Evidently the men folk in the Dingle household have agreed to have their smalls washed as a new years resolution. Lisa reminds Mandy, Butch and sam that it's Zak's birthday that next week. Butch and Sam tell Lisa that they have already got their dad a surprise present. Just then Zak comes out and everyone goes quite. He then gives a subtle hint about his forthcoming birthday. Jack moves his stuff back into the farm and passes the comment to Sarah that its just like coming back after a holiday. Sarah tells him that it hasn't been like a holiday for her. Ned comes in and Sarah tells him that she and Jack are giving it another go. When asked how Jan is getting on, Ned explains that it's simply bad nerves. Rachel bumps into Robert at the Post Office. She asks how he is and Robert lets her know that Jack has moved back in. Marlon, still homeless, is in the Tea Room having his breakfast. Butch and Sam turn up. Butch say, "Oh look, its Marilyn". Butch ends up emptying a salt cellar over Marlon's meal. Mandy invites Paddy to her flat for the afternoon as all of the family will be out. Chris bumps into Steve and tells him that it looks like the gloss didn't take long to wear off (referring to Steve's relationship with Kim). Tony Cairns wanders in and asks Steve if he can talk to him about the outward bound idea. Steve tells him he isn't interested as the idea doesn't appeal to him now. When Steve has gone, Chris tells Tony that he may be interested in the idea. Roy tells his dad that he doesn't fancy the idea of visiting his mother in hospital. Mandy and Paddy arrive at the Dingles. They are disappointed to find Butch and sam there, both acting suspiciously. Butch tells Sam "She's brought vetinary back to give him a good seeing to", Mandy and Paddy run up the steps to her flat. Zak and Lisa are in the Woolpack talking to Terry. Terry asks why Zak has got a long face and asks what is up. Zak admits that he has no value and folk think he hasn't got any feelings. He asks Lisa what is happening next Tuesday (that's his birthday), Lisa (kidding him along) thinks about it, then tells him its market day. Turner asks Terry where the hammer is. Terry wants to know why Turner wants a hammer. Turner shows Terry, Zak and Lisa a framed photograph of Terry and Vic which he wants to hang up behind the bar. (this is the photograph from the gay bar) Paddy and Mandy are in the flat. Paddy is lying on the bed. Mandy appears in some exotic night wear and flings herself on top of Paddy. Whilst they are snogging they hear a the sound of a pig, Mandy asks Paddy if that was him, Paddy tells her he thought it was her. A pig then appears from under the bed. Butch and Sam are in the house, Butch asks Sam if he has hidden the present in a good place. Mandy and Paddy burst in, it appears the pig is Zaks present and Sam hid it in her flat. Mandy complains because it has eaten a pair of her knickers. Jan is shown in the hospital looking at an old photograph of a baby. Ned and Roy arrive to visit her. Kim goes off to see the blackmailer. She tries to sneak out but is caught by Steve. Kim tells him that she alone is going to see the blackmailer. Cathy and Eric complain to Marlon about him sitting in the Tea Rooms all day. Marlon is there because he has no where else to go. Eric tells him he is putting off the customers due to his smell. Eric suggests Betty takes him in a s a lodger. Betty refuses. Betty then suggests that Cathy has a spare room. Cathy isn't sure. She then tells Marlon he can stay for a couple of days providing he has a bath. Marlon tells Cathy she can scrub his back, icy stare back from Cathy. Kim arrives at a phone box out in the wilds. After a while the blackmailer arrives, gets into her car and tells her to drive. At the hospital, Jan seems to recognise only Ned and ignores Roy. Zak tells his family that he is sick of the whispering that is going on behind his back. He wants to know what's going on. Kelly bumps into Roy. Roy asks her if everyone is talking about his mother, especially Viv. Kelly tells Roy that she thinks Jan is 10 times better than her mother. Roy tells her that she wouldn't be saying that if she knew that Jan thought she was a right little trollop. Roy explains about Jan not recognising him. Paddy is having a drink with Zoe in the Woolpack and tells her that he hasn't stopped all afternoon (reference to his antics with Mandy) and asks if there is a limit to what a body can take because he has been to the edge. Kim and the blackmailer arrive at the quarry where the lady in the lake was found. The blackmailer tells Kim to get out. He tells her to open her coat so he can check for a bug. The blackmailer tells Kim that it was she who arranged for the murder. Ned comes into the Woolpack and orders a drink. Zoe comes over and asks Ned what type of flowers would be Ok to send to Jan. Ned tells her that sending flowers would only lessen her guilt and not to bother. He then walks out of the pub without his drink. Terry passes the comment that Jan may not have gone that way if Zoe hadn't sacked her. In the Woolpack Jack bumps into Rachel. She complains to Jack about having to hear from Robert that he had moved back home. She tells him that he didn't have the guts to tell her himself. back at the quarry the blackmailer tells Kim he wants £50,000.00 she offers £5000.00 for his cheek. The blackmailer explains that he needs the money to get out of the country. It turns out that the blackmailer was the one who killed the lady in the lake. Kim tells him that she didn't tell him to kill her. The blackmailer tells her that he has a video tape of him and Kim discussing the original deal and threatens to see it to the tabloid press if she doesn't pay up. Unbeknown to Kim and the blackmailer Steve is standing above them watching what has been going on. And that's how it ended. Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk From Whitley Bay North East England ( Ah, well, back to work tomorrow) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------