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Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999

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Plus TV are currently on 1999 with their Emmerdale broadcasts. As they progress throughout the year, we will be bringing you their schedule and this year will be updated with individual episode summeries.

Individual Episode Summeries from 5th January 1999

Detailed Reviews for January - December 1999

Links To Reviews of certain Episodes on the Emmerdale Newsgroup

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various photographs and imformation availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site. Also to She Wolf & Bill Sands for Providing information and being of great support.

Individual Episode Reviews

#2467-2478 --- 5 January - 28 January 1999
Finished with Plus! Schedule

#2479-2490 --- 2 February - 25 February 1999
Finished with Plus! Schedule


#2491-2504 --- 2 March - 31 March 1999
Finished with Plus! Schedule

9th March. It's the day of Belle Lisa Dingle's christening.

Sean Reynolds joined this month.

On the 23rd Emmerdale's 2500th episode aired. Angie Reynolds joined the cast and Paddy finally proposed to Mandy.


#2505-2517 --- 1 April - 30 April 1999
Finished with Plus! Schedule

Graham Clark invites Rachel to come to the drugs talk at school on April 23rd. Then while she is upstairs he plants the canibis he found the previous day in her handbag.


#2518-2529 --- 4 May - 28 May 1999
Finished with Plus! Schedule

Roy Glover and Kelly Windsor are married.

Lelly and Roy on their wedding day

Glenda Mckay joined Emmerdale in 1988. She left in May 1999, when her character Rachel Tate was pushed off a cliff top by Graham (The Stare) Clark on the 11th.

Rachel falls to her death

#2530-2543 --- 1st June - 30th June 1999 finished with Plus! Schedule
#2544-2556 --- 1st July - 29th July 1999 finished with Plus! Schedule

#2557-2369 --- 3 August - 31 August 1999 finished with Plus! Schedule

On August 5th Biff and Kathy get through their first set of
vows, but then Graham Clark shows. Biff notices how often Kathy is looking for him during the service, and decides he can't marry her as he needs total commitment. He also decides to leave the village.

Gavin Spent the afternoon with Stella upstairs in the Woolpack on what was to be Biff and Kathy's wedding day. She sneaked out without Bernice seeing her.

Meanwhile, Biff was getting ready to leave the village. His best friend Marlon wondered if he would ever see him again.

#2570-2584 --- 1st September- 30th September 1999 finished with Plus! Schedule

Nick Bates briefly appears when Kathy goes to visit him in prison to discuss Alice's future.
The Grand Opening of the Woolpack with Bernice in charge took place on September 17th


#2585-2599 --- 1st October - 28h October 1999
NEWLY Uploaded
with Plus! Schedule

Mandy and Paddy get married with Lisa, Belle, Marlon, Zak, Butch and Emily looking on

Paddy Kirk and Mandy Dingle are married on 13th October


#2600-2614 --- 2nd November- 30th November 1999
NEWLY Uploaded
with Plus! Schedule b

ZoŽ Tate shot dead Liam Hammond on November 11th as the Chris Tate kidnap story came to a dramatic end.
We first met Liam Hammond on the 31st August 1999 when he went for a job interview at the Haulage Yard Zoe shoots Liam

On the 23rd Diane Blackstock's 1st episode.

#2615-2631 --- 1st December - 30th December 1999
NEWLY Uploaded with Plus! Schedule

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