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Emmerdale Farm/Emmerdale History


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Here's some KEY EVENTS in Emmerdale Farm/Emmerdale's past so select a year:-
1972 - Emmerdale Farm began with the funeral of Jacob Sugden, husband of Annie
1973 - The first Emmerdale wedding took place between Frank Blakey and Janie Harker
1974 - Joe Sugden married Christine Sharp this year
1975 - Annie had a busy year learning to drive and becoming a churchwarden
1976 - The Skilbeck twins were killed and Matt had now lost all his immediate family
1977 - The whole village took part in the Silver Jubilee celebrations, culminating in a large party
1978 - Teenagers Steve Hawker and Pip Coulter robbed the Woolpack, locking Amos and Henry in the cellar.
1979 - Amos and Mr Wilks become good friends.
1980 - Jack Sudgen returned from Rome with a new face.
1981 - The Sugdens had a difficult year.
1982 - Jackie Merrick found out that Jack Sugden was actually his father.
1983 - Joe decided to leave for France this year after a love affair with Barbara Peters went sour. Leaving Alan in charge.
1984 - The residents put on a performance of the Pirates of Penzance.
1985 - Beckindale is rocked by a crimewave. Seth runs amok at the village fete.
1986 - Eric Pollard began as manager of Hotten market.
1987 - The village supported the campaign against the proposed nuclear waste dumping.
1988 - There was tragedy for Dolly this year. Her dream home, Crossgill was burnt down.
1989 - Seth gets up to no good in one of his scams.
1990 - Life at Emmerdale was anything but quiet this year. Frank became a hero when he evacuated the Woolpack after a chemical tanker crashed in the village.
1991 - Chris and Kathy married in November after a stormy courtship.
1992 - Kim and Frank's marriage deteriorated and she began an affair with Neil Kincaid.

1993 Onwards see Episode Guide Page

By the end of 1993 however, the whole show was changed forever
with the infamous plane
crash that bought devastation to Beckindale.

The Cast Celebrate 21 Years of Emmerdale.

The Cast Celebrate 21 Years of Emmerdale.


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