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Emmerdale's Tina Dingle

Tina Dingle fan card signed by Jacqueline Pirie from around 1995

Played by Jacqueline Pirie (later Chadwick)

A thank you to Bill Sands for helping with this information.

The Original Dingles - Zak, Tina, Sam Butch & Nellie

TV Show: Emmerdale
Full Namer:

Tina Marie Dingle

First Appearance: 29 December 1994 - at a dance where she became friendly with a stranger, but then she found out it was Luke McCallister - the man her family held responsible for killing her brother Ben.
Last Appearance: 24 December 1996
Last Mentioned: 6 March 2002 - we got the impression that Zak hadn't heard (or very little) from her since her depature.
Played by: Jacqueline Pirie















Around 1978 - the programme stated that she was 18 years old in an episode in early 1996. However she had still been in school when the character came into the programme in the Auturmn of 1994.

Biff referred to her as being sixteen in May 1995. By the end of 1996 she was still referred to as a "teenager."

In January 1995, there was a reference that she had done well at her GCSE's. Therefore as we know that her brother Sam was born in 1977, she must have been born not long after in 1978 (or his twin).

23rd October 2002 Update on Tina's birthdate :-

Since writing the above, the plot thickens. Officially her birthdate has been now given as May 1977 but more likely it is to be May 1978 and this is why :-

There is a myth that Sam is Zak & Nellie's youngest child. Consistantly through 1995-1996 however, this is not the case.

Throughout Tina's stay in Emmerdale, she was the youngest. The boys drink alcahol, while Tina is frowned upon from doing so and is usually not allowed. Sam we known was definately to have been born in August 1977. Tina was said to be still 16 in May 1995 and we knew her to be still at school, Announced to be 18 in 1996 and still a teenager when she left the series at the end of 1996.

There is no possible way for Tina to have been born in May 1977 when Sam was definately born in August 1977 (Tina was either three months premature or Sam was six months premature. The first unlikely, the second not possible).

Parents: Zak and Nellie Dingle


















Tina was the only girl and youngest child of four children born from the marriage of Zak and Nellie Dingle.

Fracis Albert ("Butch"); (1972-2000)

Ben; (1974-1994),
Sam; (16 August 1977- )

There may have been another sibling, that no doubt the scriptwriters have long forgotten all about him and has never been seen in the programme.

Tina made a reference to a brother Nathan who lived in Londan and the family hadn't spoken to him in about six years in the 23rd May 1995 episode

They fell out at his wedding following a family row.

"She loves a wedding though, me Mam, there hasn't been one in our family since Nathan's about six years brother that lives in London. Sutck up git! We haven't spoken to him since [Nick] why not? [Tina] Summit and nothing really, it were 'er side's fault...our Butch had too much to drink and did his white-eared elephant trick, her mother fainted and her Dad...there was a bit of a brawl."

Half-Siblings: -

Belle Lisa Dingle; b. 25 December 1998 to Zak and his 2nd wife Lisa Clegg

Cain Dingle - turned out Zak had had an affair with his sister-in-law many years before and Dingle cousin Cain was actually a half-brother.

Affairs: Luke McAllister, Terry Woods and Steve Marchant
Jobs: House-keeper and later PA to Frank Tate.






The infamous Dingle family made their appearances in stages this year. Ben and Butch were the first to appear. Ben died after causing a fight with Luke McAllister at a rave party. Luke was charged with murder, but the case was dropped when it was discovered by a friend of Dr Bernard McAllister (Luke's father), that Ben died as a result of a heart defect, not a punch Luke had given him. The Dingles continued to blame the McAllisters though. Believing that their rich friends had bought Luke of a murder charge.

Tina is first seen in the show on the 29 December 1994 at a village dance.











































This was a dramatic year. Tina Dingle seemed to have set her sights on Luke McAllister. Tina's most famous storyline led to the death of Luke who she jilted at the altar on the 20th July 1995.

Click on this image to see a larger undestorted version.

After being expelled from one school for fighting with a teacher. Tina is transferred to the local Emmerdale Comprahensive in January 1995. Luke's mother Angharad is Deputy Head Mistress and both Luke and his sister Jessica also attend the same school. Tina wastes no time in settling into causing trouble at her new school. She made life difficult for Luke, Jessica and Angharad. After hassling the McAllisters and with the Headmaster always taking Tina's part, Angharad eventually resigned. Previously Kathy Tate had had a crush on Bernard, so that combined with Tina's behaviour drove Dr Bernard & Angharad to leave the village in February with daughter Jessica. Luke stayed on to finish his A-Levels at the family home, with the plan to go onto Edinburgh University to do a medical degree in the autumn.

However with the McAllisters gone, Tina soon began an affair with Luke in March 1995. He had been attracted to her since their first meeting on the 29th December 1994. However with both their family's against each other, it seemed an unlikely pairing. Tina seemed to warm to Luke's affections - but she still hid this from her own parents pretending she was spending a lot of time with best friend Dolores Sharpe. Tina was patient and gradually Luke learned to love and trust her and soon he was moving her into the cottage.

In April Jessica returned for a holiday to Emmerdale and was horrified to discover that Tina was pretty much living at the family home with her brother Luke. So Jessica secretly phoned the Dingles to let them know. Zak came to the village and caught his daughter red-handed with Luke. A fight followed and only ended when Tina shrieked that she was pregnant with Luke's baby.

Tina went against her family to move in with Luke full-time and the Dingles disowned her. On the 18th May Luke asked Tina to marry him and they became engaged.

The Dingles had been so depressed over the falling out with Tina, that when they heard she was getting married, decided it was time to accept the situation and plan the wedding. Tina soon started making wedding plans, plans that involved spending money Luke did not have. Tina then sold the family grandfather clock to raise money behind his back. She once phoned the school where Luke was due to sit an important A level causing him to rush home and miss it complaining of stomach pains which turned out to be indigestion. This cost Luke his place in medical school that Autumn where he hoped to follow his father. The school reluctantly arranged for him to resit the exams later in the year, but it still meant that his University place would deferred for twelve months - and even then they might not accept him.

Tina caused Luke to fall out with his best pal Biff Fowler when she accused him of making a pass at her. Sister Jessica left the village for good on the 1st June under a cloud. Luke's parents refused to come to the wedding. Yet none of this made Luke see what he was getting into. All he cared about was Tina and the baby. He even started slave labour for some builders in Kathy Tate's Tea Rooms, spending much of the day up to his neck in mud and water dingging a hole for the builders to fix a leak in Kathy's kitchen.

Tina tells Luke that she never loved him.

No one, not even her own family knew what was coming next. Tina dropped her biggest bombshell on their wedding day (20 July 1995) when, in front of the congregation, she told him that there wasn't a baby, she never loved him and it was all a ruse to get revenge for Ben's death. Luke was devastated and could not accept the truth. Luke was wrecked, to the point that when Tina insulted him once too often (1st August 1995) he snapped, threw her into a car and drove off. He lost control on a bend (some say deliberately) and crashed. Tina survived and Luke died. However Tina escaped physical injury but her mental cruelty had been brought home to her. A year later she was seen putting flowers on the spot where Luke was killed and did her best to hide her tears from her boss Frank Tate. But she clearly was sorry for her contribution towards his death. The family feud over!


In February 1995 Terry Woods arrived in the village with his wife Britt to run The Woolpack. From the beginning it was obvious there was an attraction between Tina and Terry. Both flirting with one another regardless of their partners. Terry would also give Tina alcahol when she was under-age.

When Terry and Britt's marriage broke down (nothing to do with Tina) and Britt left the village and with Luke dead, both Tina and Terry embarked on an affair. It didn't last long however as Terry dumped Tina for reporter Helen Ackroyd.

Tina and Terry continued a friendship of some sorts until she left the village in December 1996.

















While Tina Dingle was seen in most episodes during her two years in Emmerdale, she only really had two major storylines. Tina's second big storyline was that she surprised everyone by getting the house-keepers job at Home Farm in the spring of 1996.

She got it by way of being rude to Kim in fromt of Frank (after she had gone to Home Farm to pay the Dingle's monthly rent). Frank soon got to like her blunt, no nonsense, ways especially as he was estranged from his wife Kim at the time. He lavished gifts upon Tina and even took her on a carribean holiday.

In the weeks leading up to her departure, Tina had been having an affair with Tate rival Steve Marchant. She double-crossed him to Frank when she saw how under-handed he was in business. Frank then promptly betrayed her to Steve and began to lay on the preasure about loving her. Frank then went too far and proposed. Tina was sick of being caught in the middle all the time and was frightened of ending up like Kim. She was also sick of her family life in Emmerdale going nowhere.. Frank's proposal was the final straw for Tina in her dis-satisfaction with life (that had been growing for some months) so she made her toughest decision.

On the 24 December 1996 Tina left a broken-hearted Frank and the village never to be seen again. However not without one last parting shot to Frank..."Before you start looking for a new wife, start sorting out your old one. Dave Glover is on his way to Home Farm." This would bring about the last confrontation between Frank and Dave, only stopped by a fire breaking out in baby James' nursery. Dave rushed in to save James and would die from his inuries.

Tina told Mandy of her plans, she had got a job with an associate of Frank's in London. She was seen leaving the Dingles' cottage in the car Frank had bought her to the song playing on the radio "Moving on up, moving on out, moving on up, nothing can stop me."

It was announced in July 1996 that Jacqueline Pirie would be leaving Emmerdale at the end of her contract. She made this decision after discovering she was pregnant with her first child (Check News Archive). After Tina Dingle's last appearance in Emmerdale on 24 December 1996, Jacqueline was not seen on television again until September 1998 - see Filmography.

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