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Carlos Diaz

Gary Turner

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Carlos May 2004

Appeared: 8/9 March 2000 - End of December 2001, 11th May 2004 - 17th May 2004

Carlos had an affair with Bernice Thomas. Was set to get married to Bernice's sister Nicola Blackstock. However there was no wedding when the truth came about his affair with Bernice and that Nicola wasn't pregnant (which is the only reason why Carlos was going to marry Nicola).

Nicola finds out the truth at her wedding about Bernice and Carlos - October 2001


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Played by Gary Turner
First appearance on 9 March 2000

Carlos arrives at the village to start work as a chef, and immediately sets pulses racing.  Diane and Viv are the first to notice, closely followed by Tricia and Bernice.  Marlon’s jealousy worsens when his new colleague’s culinary skills are praised.

The rivalry worsens when Carlos moves in was Marlon, but when the Emmerdale old-timer buys the restaurant, Carlos moves to the Woolpack. Bernice makes no secret of her feelings for him, and the pair come close to kissing until he makes his excuses and leaves.

Ashley asks Carlos if he will be his best man. Bernice looks worried. Carlos has a hand in the stag night where he ended up naked and tied to a lamp post. He looks sad as Bernice and Ashley finally tie the knot on Christmas Day.

In January, Carlos is introduced to Nicola Blackstock, Bernice’s half-sister.  A bond is soon established and he helps comfort her over her failed relationships.

When Bernice has a miscarriage she turns to Carlos for comfort and soon they start an affair. He falls in love, but her loyalty remains with Ashley. When Diane finds out she threatens to reveal all. They break up, but cannot bear to be apart. When she falls pregnant again, Bernice is unsure of the father’s identity and decides to end it with Carlos. He is devastated, but soon learns that Nicola is pregnant too. He quickly proposes and she accepts. But they never made it down the isle as the truth comes out about him and Bernice and the fact that Nicola lied about the pregnancy.

ITV.COM Ciao Carlos

Friday | 20.02.04

Emmerdale's dishy chef Carlos Diaz is returning to the village.

Producers have opted to bring sexy star Gary Turner back, much to the delight of smitten female fans all over the country.

Emmerdale viewers last saw Carlos in 2001 when he fled the village following his passionate affair with Woolpack landlady Bernice Blackstock.

When the fling was exposed, Carlos was heading down the aisle with his lover's unsuspecting sister Nicola - and Bernice was newly married to kindly vicar Ashley Thomas.

Although the pair left their respective partners to make their romance official, it was all over within weeks and both characters left in disgrace.

So now Nicola has found love with fishmonger Simon, will Carlos's return ruin yet another relationship?

Hunky Gary isn't telling but he is already very enthusiastic about the move.

He says, "I'm very excited about returning and catching up on what's been going on. It will be interesting to see what Carlos has been up to since he disappeared."

Emmerdale's chef ditches the charm
Emmerdale fans were over the moon about handsome chef Carlos Diaz returning to the show.
But now that Marlon has rediscovered his culinary skills, Carlos has gone back to Alicante.
However, that doesn't mean Gary Turner, who plays Diaz, the hunky cook, will be sitting at home twiddling his fingers.
The 35-year-old star has a lot going on in his life.
He is busy working with an acting improvisation group he set up, called The Spontaneity Shop.
He's also just finished filming on a new courtroom drama for Mersey TV.
But if you're expecting another charming character, you'll be sadly disappointed as Gary himself described his latest character, Brian Gwinnett, as "a very bad man".

Carlos Diaz fancard

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is one of those profiles - although the coloured boxes have been added.

Chef, Carlos Diaz arrived in Emmerdale and put a smile on the faces of the local female population.Carlos' parents were Spanish, although he was a born-and-brought-up Northern lad.

Gary Turner (Carlos) was born with a club foot and although he can run he prefers swimming. He goes about three time a week and swims about 60 lenghts per session.

Gary Turner, who plays Carlos has previously appeared on television in The Bill, Soldier Soldier and the Anglo-Aussie soap Families with the role of Daniel.

He also appeared in the feature film Carrington, which starred Jonathan Pryce.

When he's not acting the 31 year old likes to spend time on his other two passions, writing and music.

"I'm always doing something that's creative in some way." he says. "I play the guitar and write my own material, and I'm putting a band together at the moment."

One of Gary's ambitions is to be on Top Of The Pops.


Gary's Favourite Things


"I've got four guitars, but I've had this one since I was 12 years old. I've always made music, but I only went into the studio properly last year. I'll be releasing a single soon, but don't expect that whole soap-star-turned-pop-star thing. I love drama more so that's my priority."

Blade Runner, Director's Cut

"I think this is an absolutely brilliant film. I know I sound like an anorak because it's sci-fi, but I just love the look, the feel, and the ideas of this movie. When I watched this movie back in the eighties, it was hard to imagine any of the things in the film would come true, because it was set in 2019. But it's quite surprising how close they came with some things."


"I've kept a diary since the age of 13. When I was younger I loved comics and would write down all my sci-fi ideas. Nowadays I use then to keep track of the stuff that dances through my head. I'm always writing down ideas for stage and TV shows but I'm too busy in Emmerdale at the moment to follow any of then up."



"It's a Vauxhall Cavalier - not very rock and roll I know, but it's taken me a while to get round to taking my driving test. I passed it last September, because I needed to be able to drive to get around the countryside where the scenes for Emmerdale are shot."


I was born with a club foot. and although I can run, I prefer swimming. I go about three times a week, and swim about 60 lenghts each session. I've got this saying, "When the going gets tough the tough go swimming". It's a fantastic workout and it helps clear your mind too."

Yamaha music sequencer

This is basically a hand-held studio. It has 20 drum kits on it, and nearly 1000 sounds, ranging from piano to bass guitar. It's the equivalent of an artist's sketchpad, but in music, and it costs £350. so it's a lot more expensive!"

Interview with Gary Turner (aka Carlos) from The Look Magazine

Gary Turner reveals how he emerged from his past as an overweight and lonely boy to become Emmerdale's hot Latin lover.

Sitting in a cafe with Emmerdale's Gary Turner does wonders for a girl's ego. Women look daggers at me as they sashay past, flicking their hair provocatively while trying to catch the eye of the 6ft heartthrob who is fast becoming known as the Antonio Banderas of the Dales.

Even if they don't recognise Gary as the soap's sensitive Spanish chef Carlos Diaz, they'd be hard pressed not to notice him. He is by far the most handsome man in the building, with liquid brown eyes, skin the colour of caramel, and a mane of tousled dark hair. But far from playing on his good looks, Gary seems bewildered and a little embarrassed by the attention he attracts.

"When people tell me I'm a sex symbol, I kind of go, `Am I really?'" says the 29-year-old, shaking his head in disbelief. "It doesn't make any sense to me."

He's not joking. Gary spent the best part of his teenage years as a boy who had more hope of flying to the moon than of being fancied. Severely overweight as a youngster, he wasn't accepted by the other children at school and became withdrawn and lonely. It didn't help that he wore a calliper on his left leg after three operations to correct a club foot.

"When I was 11, I had a 36-inch waist and weighed nearly 11 stone - that's quite heavy," he says.

"Because of my foot, I didn't do the running around that I should have done as a kid. It's OK now - although I have two odd feet. My right foot is a size 10 and my left is an eight," he adds, waggling his feet as if to emphasise the point.

"As a result, I was a complete disaster with girls. I was in love with these twins at school - Renate and Victoria Clark - but they didn't even notice me.

"I didn't have my first proper girlfriend until I was about 17 and by then I'd lost the weight. That was thanks to my mum. One day I came home from school really upset and I told her I was being teased over my weight. She said, `Right, let's do something about this', and took me to the doctors. I went on a diet for about two years. It began just as I started secondary school and it was a nightmare. I was a fat, foreign-looking kid with an ugly calliper on his leg who was eating salad when everyone else was tucking into chips.

"The hardest thing was that I was desperate to be liked, but more often than not I was bullied. I coped by seeking refuge in a fantasy land, one that I created with stories and cartoons. In that world, I could do anything I wanted. I was on my own a lot and I'd spend hours drawing cartoons and writing tales, it was a real lifeline for me.

"Drama classes helped, too. I always felt like an outsider at school, a bit odd. Then I joined the drama club and realised it was full of people just like me. I became more self-confident as I didn't need the people at school so much. I could stand on my own two feet.

"They were difficult times, but they were also very creative and I don't regret them one little bit. Things are different now, but it still sticks. All that stuff from childhood never really goes away. People might tell me I'm this and that, but it's not what I feel I am. Still, that's healthy. It's good that I am secure in the knowledge that I'm not God's gift.

"Weight will always be a consideration for me. And because I'm playing Carlos, who all women are supposed to fancy, I have to stay in shape. Carlos the slob just wouldn't work as a character, would he? I don't diet, but I exercise a lot. I swim three times a week and go to the gym as well. I did go through a phase where I lost a load of weight and everyone said I was too thin, but I think I've struck a balance now."

There are certainly no complaints from Emmerdale's female fans, who have been wowed by Carlos's steamy affair with vicar's wife Bernice. For a year, the pair tip-toed around each other, trying to deny their feelings, but now there's no holding them back.

"When I first joined Emmerdale, my storylines weren't that major, so I wasn't really `known'," says Gary. "Since the affair with Bernice that's changing. I am getting more letters from women and my daily life has changed. Going to Tesco's is not what it used to be. People stop and stare and want to talk to me. Some can be a bit rude and shout, `Leave Bernice alone' or `Toss us a burger'. But most people are polite and I find it a huge compliment that they appreciate what I am doing.

"I have had a few letters propositioning me, too. Women often tell me, `You can cook my tea any day'. One wrote to say that she had an L-reg Nissan Micra and could see both of us together on the back seat. There have been a few scary ones as well, but I'm not going to mention those in case the person involved reads this."

Despite being a babe-magnet, Gary remains a shy and private person who hates being out and about at showbiz events.

"I'm not the sort of person who goes clubbing or hangs around in bars," he says. "At parties sometimes, when women make a beeline for me, I quickly and politely excuse myself. I haven't been compromised yet."

One reason for that is that Gary is dating actress Shobna Gulati - Coronation Street's Sunita Parekh and Anita in Dinnerladies. But he's reluctant to reveal too much about their romance. "I don't mind what people know about me, but it's not fair to talk about the people I'm close to," he says. "Yes, I am seeing Shobna. We've been together for some time and we plan to be together for the foreseeable future."

What about kids? Marriage? He simply smiles enigmatically and says, "Wait and see..."

Gary claims to be as sensitive and caring as his screen character, but has he ever hurt women?

"Not intentionally," he says. "If I have done anything that could be considered dodgy, it's been done out of ignorance and naivety as opposed to malice. I always fear I'm the one who's going to get hurt, or at least I used to. When I was younger, as soon as a relationship started I'd think, `Does she love me?' I used to get off on this idea of being terribly in love and very melancholic about it.

"I'm definitely a romantic. I was 17 when I first started writing poems about a certain woman. It felt scary at the time because I'd show them to her and feel like I was revealing my soul, then I'd feel insecure because she'd know how I felt."

Just as his love life has improved over the years, so has Chester-born Gary's finances. A few years before landing the part of Carlos in February 2000, he was on the breadline and in danger of being evicted from his North London council flat.

"I had no money whatsoever," he says. "Sometimes I was so broke I couldn't afford to put money in the electricity meter. I'd have to empty the fridge and boil pans of water on the stove. I was working in restaurants and doing all sorts of stuff to make ends meet. At one stage I thought about giving up on acting and taking a sales job. I couldn't bring myself to do it, though, and decided that I would do everything and anything. So I took fringe jobs, set up my own theatre company, joined an improvisation group and then the work started coming in."

In 1996 he was called to audition for a part in Coronation Street, but he didn't get it. Two unsuccessful auditions at Emmerdale followed, then he struck lucky and clinched the role of Carlos.

"It changed my life," he says, simply. "Thanks to Emmerdale, I was able to buy my council flat and make friends with the taxman for the first time in years. After drama school, I'd got a part in the ITV series Families. I earned loads of money but spent it all in a short space of time without putting any by for tax. But I learned my lesson and now I am very careful with money."

Fans of Carlos will be pleased to hear that Gary is thoroughly enjoying his time in Emmerdale and plans to stay in the soap for a good while yet.

"I still have a great appetite for Emmerdale, but I'd also like to release some music. I recorded a demo last year, which I haven't shown anybody yet. Maybe I don't think it's quite good enough. I don't know..."

As his sentence trails off, he gazes down at his feet which are pointed inwards. For a fleeting moment, you get a glimpse of the shy, young boy he once used to be - the one who was never quite sure of himself.

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‘Do we all need a little badness in our souls to keep us balanced and … whole?’

Combining fairytale and folklore and a wicked modern attitude, inspired by a female look at ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’the award winning Women & Theatre’s new production The Bad One is coming to the Y this Thursday at 7.45pm.

Thursday 19th February 2004, 7.45pm

Tickets £8.00/ £6.00 (conc)

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Do not miss this chilling gothic fable with a dash of contemporary humour!



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