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Adam Forrester

Tim Vincent
Born: 4th November 1972

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Appeared: 2000-2000/2001
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A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). This is one of those profiles - although the coloured boxes have been added.


Tim Vincent, Who Played vet Adam Forrester was formerly a presenter on Blue Peter.
Tim Vincent worried about his lines, and thought that he might look like "a wooden chair" compared to the rest of the cast.


Although Tim is probably best known for presenting shows such as Blue Peter, The Clothes Show and Fully Booked, his part in Emmerdale is by no means his first foray into the acting world.
Tim started acting when he was 13 years old. Actor Ricky (My Arse) Tomlinson set up an acting school not far from where lived in north Wales. He ran acting classes in the evenings and Tim used to force his mother to drive him there three times a week. Ricky heard that Granada were auditioning for parts in the kids' show Children's Ward and he drove a minibus full of kids there because he thought it would be a good experience for them to audition for something. Tim tried out for a minor part, but they offered him one of the main characters. He was delighted.
Tim starred in Children's Ward for six years before landing a job on Blue Peter, the show that launched him as a presenter.
Tim in his Blue Peter days?
But while viewers may now think of Tim as a presenter, Emmerdale producer Kieran Roberts hadn't forgotten the star' roots. "Kieran was aware of the stuff I'd done on Children's Ward and later on Dangerfield," explains Tim. "He thought I'd be good for the role of Adam. We chatted about it and it looked really exciting so, here I am."
Tim admited to being a bag of nerves on his first day on set. "Walking out onto the set of Emmerdale. I was worried about my lines and I kept thinking I looked like a wooden chair compared to the rest of the cast. But everyone is so friendly here, you can't help but relax after a while."
At 29 years old, Tim is the same age as the show, and he admits to being a life-long fan.
He left the series in 2000.

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