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Alice Rose Bates

Alice Bates official fan card

Played by:-
Kimberley Hewitt
Rachel Tolboys

IMDB Entry for: Kimberley Hewitt Appeared as Alice from (1991-1993)

IMDB Entry for: Rachel Tolboys Appeared as Alice from (1994-1999), 28 Nov-12 Dec 2001)

Born: 14 February 1991 -
Daughter of Nick Bates & Elsa Feldmann
Granddaughter of Caroline Bates & Elizabeth Feldmann/Pollard
Aunt & foster mother: Kathy Bates/Merrick/Tate/Glover

People seem to always leave Alice, starting with her mother Elsa who walked out on her, Archie Brooks died as did her grandmother Elizabeth Feldmann. Then her father Nick Bates went to jail for acidently shooting a poacher and finally when she found stability with "Aunty Kathy", Elsa decided to come back for her in 1999.

All her life Alice has been passed about or been at the centre of one custody battle after another.

Alice's Biography

1991 - Elsa Feldmann and her boyfriend, Nick Bates, planned a Valentine's day wedding, before the scheduled birth of their child, but Elsa went into labour prematurely on the way to the register office and gave birth to a baby daughter, Alice Rose. In the absence of a midwife, vet ZoŽ Tate delivered the baby at the Mill. The wedding was posponed.

Elsa failed to adapt to life as a mother and resented the demands it made on her. The couple grew further apart and, on Christmas Eve 1991, Elsa walked out on Nick taking Alice with her.

1992 - Having found that caring for Alice prevented her from having a social life, Elsa returned weeks later and handed her daughter over to Nick.

Elsa and Nick were never married and went their seperate ways!

After Elsa left her and until his death, her Dad's best friend, Archie Brooks, used to help Nick out with looking after Alice.

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Archie, Alice & Nick 1992
Archie, Alice and Nick, pictured in 1992.
30 December 1993: The famous Beckindale Plane Crash. There were some lucky survivors though, when toddler Alice was pulled out of the rubble of what had been her home.

1994: Nick had a near on nervous breakdown following the plane crash and Archie's death.

Following the destruction of his home, Nick and Alice went to live in the old nursery at Home Farm that had once been occupied by Dolly Skilbeck and her son, Sam.

Meanwhile Elsa Feldmann re-appeared and was determined to win custody of her daughter, from Nick and seized on the false rumour that he and his live-in childminder, Archie Brooks, were gay.

She tried to prove that Nick was not fit to look after Alice citing an incident when the baby had pulled the ironing board over and hurt her head. A court batte ended in Nick's favour and Elsa was sent packing.

1996: - Thursday 11th April Jed Connell's died in this episode. He was the poacher that Nick Bates shot and landed up in prison for his murder.

This threw Alice's life into turmoil again. She had lost the one person who meant most to her. Nick was later sentenced to ten years for manslaughter. He asked Kathy to raise Alice. Kathy was initially reluctant to take on the full responsibilities of a child. However when she tried to track down Elsa, she discovered that Alice's mother had moved to Australia without telling anyone. Realising that she was all Alice now had and how un-caring Elsa really was, Kathy became determined to look after Alice herself.

When friends and family of Conell's began threatening Kathy and Alice (including trying to burn down Kathy's Tea Rooms), Caroline Bates wanted to take her granddaughter to live in Scarborough with her. Kathy however, was determined to abide by Nick's wishes and this involved keeping Alice with her.

Kathy became very attached to Alice and loved her as if she was her own daughter.

The end of 1996 was a very unsettling time for Alice as Dave Glover came back into Kathy's life. Alice wasn't too happy when Kathy and Dave got married, fearful that Dave was going to leave them again. He did of course leave them again in the most tragic way, when he died on the 26th December 1996 as a result of the burns he received in the Home Farm fire on Christmas Eve 1996 while saving Kim & Frank Tate's baby.

Alice not only had to deal with her own amd Kathy's grief, she also had to witness Kathy's anger as Kathy realised that Dave was still in love with Kim Tate at the time of his death and he was going to run away with her.

Caroline came back once again to try and claim her granddaughter, but Kathy remained firm and she and Alice built a stable life for themselves in Emmerdale.

Elsa returned in 1998 and 1999 to try and take Alice back to start a new life with her in Australia. The second time she was successful.

Alice says goodbye to Kathy as she goes off with Elsa to start a new life in Australia

In November 2001 Kathy went out to Australia to see Alice, when she got there, she didn't like what she found and kidnapped her and brought her back to England. Elsa soon followed. After much haggling, they realised that Alice's best interests were their main concern and Alice went back with her mother. But Kathy followed on and has started a new life over in Australia living near to her precious niece.

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