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Archibald ("Archie") Brooks

Appeared: August 1983-30 December 1993

Tony Pitts


Appeared: August 1983 -30 December 1993

Emmerdale Farm fan card of Archie from the 1980sEmmerdale fan card circa 1989-1991Archie fan card circa 1992-1993

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Former tearaway Archie went in 1991 on an animal rights march with Zoe Tate. In 1992 Archie moved in with Nick Bates and Alice to become a full time child minder. Nick and Zoe were his best friends. Zoe slept with Archie in 1993 before telling him she was gay.

June 1993

ZoŽ tells Archie that she thinks she might be gay.

Whatever ever happened to Archie Brooks is a mystery, did he die?

Nick was the last person to see Archie alive, his shadow showing up against a fireball however his body was never found following the air crash over Beckindale on 30th December 1993.

Tony Pitts, who played Archie Brooks, recently played a drug addict in an episode of "The Bill".


Young actor Tony Pitts joined Emmerdale Farm on an occasional basis in 1983 as anarchist punk tearaway Archie Brooks after making an impression in Ken Loach's 1981 film Looks and Smiles. He was spotted by the acclaimed director while he was working as a mechanic in his native Sheffield but acting in his spare time. Tony took the lead role of Alan Wright in the film, a story of unemployment that won an award at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival.
Tony had actually trained as a ballet dancer and boxer, even becoming schoolboy light middleweight champion. But he moved into acting at the age of 18. His Emmerdale role initially had him typecast as an uncouth youth and during a break from the programme, he played a psychopathic killer with a shaved head in a television play called Welcome to The Times.
Mark Hughes, Elizabeth Pollard and Leonard Kempinski were Killed in the plane crash in December 1993, Archie was also killed...................Or was he? No trace of his body was ever found.
A resident of Hotten, where his mother still lives, Archie Brooks first gravitated towards the village as a friend of Jackie Merrick's through a band called the Giro-technics, but became more friendly with Nick Bates as Jackie and Kathy Bates got closer. Archie and Nick set off for France in 1989, but got no further than Leicester Forest services on the M1- an episode that typified Archie's frequent inability to turn dreams into reality.
A capable mechanic, trained during a brief and unhappy period in the army as a teenager, Archie set himself up as village handyman in 1988 on a government enterprise scheme. Most of his work, however, turned out to be cleaning windows and the attraction soon palled.
He lived for a considerable time in a caravan, purchased by the villagers as a place to watch the nuclear dumpers on Pencross Fell. This was destroyed in 1988 by Nick in an accident with a tractor, and Archie consequently saw it as his right to move into the Bates' cottage. He also lodged for a while in the Woolpack before moving out to a barn on Kathy and Jackie's tenanted land. He shared this for a while, reluctantly, with the two goats from Emmerdale before disappearing in late 1989, heading for hibernation with his mother in Hotten.
Archie returned a teetotaller in the summer of 1990. He had high hopes of becoming a farrier, but could not overcome his fear of animals. He persuaded Nick to occupy Demdyke when Frank Tate bought it and he moved in with his old friend. Joe offered them £500 each to move out, and Archie needed little persuasion to take the bribe. He ended up lodging at Whiteley's farm.
Archie has espoused extreme left-wing views on occasions, but his talk of anarchy and revolution was rarely matched by actions. The youngsters regarded Archie as an amusing big brother but didn't take him too seriously. Most of the adults, particularly Amos and his successor, Alan Turner, actually liked him, even if they rarely showed it.
After trying an assortment of jobs, including gravedigging and truffle-hunting (both with Seth), he found his mission in life quite unexpectedly. Yet by taking on responsibility for the day-to-day care of Nick's little daughter, Alice, he put himself in the firing line with Lynn Whiteley who, as his then landlady, had first call on his services. When she suggested a £20 per week rent payment, he moved in with Nick and Alice.

Archie, Alice and Nick, pictured in 1992.
Archie's success with girls was patchy at best; prospects of romance hotted up in late 1992 when he double-dated Lindsay Carmichael, another childminder, with Nick and short-lived girlfriend Julie, but it came to little. The one great love of his life was ZoŽ Tate, for whom he'd always carried a torch and in early 1993 they finally slept together. But although she insisted she loved him, ZoŽ told Archie that she had used him to test her feelings and knew now she could not a have sexual relationship with any man.
ZoŽ's discovery of her lesbianism in 1993 was a hard blow for Archie to absorb. Inevitably, he had felt rejected, hence his pub-crawl with ZoŽ's father which led to him driving when incapable, because Frank was even less capable. (Having foresworn strong drink in 1990, Archie had little tolerance for alcohol.)
Born on 30 November 1963, Archie Brooks had just turned 30 when he disappeared on the moors above Emmerdale. At the time of his disappearance he'd been organizing fund-raising activities for Seth's much delayed prostate operation, an activity that confirmed his spectacular rehabilitation from shiftless layabout to a pillar of the community. As such he is sadly missed.

From The Emmerdale Family Album by Michael Heatly


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