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Bill Whiteley

Character Born: 31 October 1918
Died: 30th July 1991

Teddy Turner

Teddy Turner appeared as Bill Whiteley for the last time in 1991, the actor himself died the following year.
Bill Whiteley... Teddy Turner
(circa 1989-1991)

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The Whiteleys

Character   Played By Apeared
Wife of Pete Fionnuala Ellwood (1989-1994)
Born: 6 July ?
16 August 1990
Jim Millea (circa 1989-1990)
Born: 31 October 1918
Died: 30th July 1991
Teddy Turner (circa 1989-1991)
Peter Whiteley Jr
b. 28 August 1990, son of Pete & Lynn Sam Walker (1990-1994)

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A new face in 1989 was that of Teddy Turner, who played Pete Whiteley's grumpy grandfather, Bill. He had previously played his namesake, Chalkie Whitely in Coronation Street and another character in Emmerdale called Tom Hawker.
Born in October 1918, just a fortnight before the end of the First World War, Bill Whiteley continued to live in his farmhouse after selling his land by auction in 1989. He had shaken hands on a deal with Alan Turner, but when Jackie Merrick got together a cooperative, backed by Emmerdale and Henry Wilks, to make a counter offer, Bill decided an auction was the fairest way of selling, and received 140,000.
Obsessed by death, Bill Whiteley's morbid and macabre sense of humour was a taste few were keen to acquire. His Christmas present to himself in 1989 was a coffin, because he felt he couldn't trust his family to spend money on a decent one after his demise. (He liked the idea so much he bought Archie Brooks one, too!)
He was friendly with Seth, but Amos and Wilks feared being left alone with him since his gloomy conversation could have them contemplating suicide after a few minutes - and Whiteley could, they suspected, suggest the best method. He only started drinking in the Woolpack in 1989 after Ernie Shuttleworth banned him from the Malt Shovel for his depressing effect on trade.

Ernie Shuttleworth

Bill was upset when his daughter-in-law and grandson left the shelter of his roof for Birmingham in 1989, and was understandably devastated the following summer when Pete was killed.
Heartbroken, he died in July 1991, leaving Lynn and her young son the sole occupants of Whiteley's Farm, save for the occasional lodger. The farmhouse was destroyed in the December 1993 air crash; Mark Hughes (who was returning a borrowed vacuum cleaner) was the sole fatality.
Teddy Turner himself died in 1992.

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