Caroline Bates nee Wood

Diana Davis


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Appeared: February 1984-December 1996/Janury 1997, 1999
Mother of Kathy & Nick
Grandmother of Alice Bates
M. Malcolm Bates divorced 1985

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Diana Davies was corner-shop assistant Norma Ford in Coronation Street, she later played battered housewife Letty Brewer in four 1974 episodes of Emmerdale Farm, ten years before returning to the show as Caroline Bates, mother of Kathy and Nick.
Diana Davies followed her previous, brief appearance as battered housewife Letty Brewer by returning ten years later in the long running role of Caroline Bates, known simply as Mrs Bates for many years.
She was previously best known on television as corner shop assistant Norma Ford in Coronation Street, a role she landed after playing Freda Ashton's friend Doris in the popular series A Family at War.
The daughter of a big-band musician, Diana took a modelling course before beginning her acting career as an extra. She appeared in non-speaking roles for Granada Television for 11 years, before appearing in A Family at War.
She has also appeared on television in The Liver Birds, Send in the Girls, Juliet Bravo, Enemy at the Door, Shoestring, All Creatures Great and Small and Medics, and was the Mum in the Lyon's cakes commercials in the seventies. A highlight of Diana's stage career was appearing alongside the actress Clenda Jackson in the West End stage hit Rose. She was also in a national tour of Gaslight.
Divorced from husband Peter, Diana has a grown up son Called Stephen and lives in Manchester with her sister, illustrator Jill Barton.
The mother of Nick and Kathy, Caroline was first seen in the village in 1984. Soon afterwards she was appointed secretary to the the Home Farm supremo, Alan Turner, by his esteanged wife Jill, who considered her far more suitable than the bimbo types Turner tended to favour! With two children to support, Caroline wasn't about to be driven out of a job she desperately needed by Turners ever changing moods.
The two became partners in the fish and game farm, which she pushed him into setting up. Their relationship slid, almost despite itself, into romance, although in reality it was more of a firm friendship.
Caroline had split from her husband Malcolmn due to his eye for younger women: indeed he married his second wife Sonia when she was in her early twenties - they have a son, William. Malcolm is now a lecturer at Hotten College of Technology.
As a mother, Caroline Bates was a much-needed steadying influence when Kathy first lost her baby and then its father, husband Jackie, in quick succession. Malcolm, by contrast, had always disliked Jackie, and Kathy rejected his clumsy offers of help.
Nick's unplanned parenthood with Elsa Feldmann also provided a challenge to Caroline, not least to her set ideas as to how children should be raised. However, she got behind her son and provided him with the support he needed to bring up Alice in her mother's absence.
In May 1989 her friendship with Alan Turner matured into a night of passion, and subsequently a planned wedding, with Henry Wilks nominated as best man. Sadly, these would remain just plans, as the bride-to-be left for Scarborough in October to live with her ageing, infirm mother, Alice Wood.
She and Turner remained good friends, however, and there were even hints of a rekindled romance when he proposed marriage in spring 1993 before he settled down with second wife Shirley. Caroline would return from time to time to keep an eagle eye on the progress of her granddaughter, Alice - even though it took her time to get used to the idea of a male childminder, Archie Brooks, looking after her! In the custody battle that began in early 1994 between Nick and Elsa, Caroline played a major role in both her son and Grandaughter.
Caroline was last seen in Emmerdale at the non-wedding of Kathy and Biff.


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