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in an episode of Emmerdale from early March 2002 I just heard Craig Calder say "I was 21 last November", meaning that he was born November 1980. - Kaarina

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Character: Craig Calder

Parents: Maggie, mother

Appeared: November 7th 2001 - 8th August 2002

Played by: Jason Hain

Sibling: Lucy, younger sister

Age: early twenties in 2002


Craig is the oldest of Maggie’s children. He supported his parents during the break up of their marriage. Craig is lazy, but still considers others. He loves Maggie and Lucy, and tries to get on with Phil.

Craig appeared with the rest of his family in November 2001. He wasn’t happy with the living arrangements, but that was soon made up for when he took a look around the village and was impressed by Chloe.

After Chloe started working at the holiday village he flirted with her, making Scott a little jealous. But Chloe gave him the brush off.

In 2002, when Jess left he was a little upset. Craig had wanted the new family to work out – but it hadn’t.

After Maggie had a fling with Rodney, and Phil left, Lucy and Craig left for Scotland with their mother.

About Jason Hain: Jason was one of the Soapstars winners who impressed the judges with his amateur acting skills. He had no other acting credits before joining Emmerdale.

The Winners of ITV's "Soapstars"

Meet The Soapstars of which Phil Weston was the head of the family

Phil Weston
Has just left his alcoholic wife to come and join Maggie in Emmerdale. The move has been very sudden and he finds himself dealing with a new and unexpected environment. He is awkward with Craig and Lucy, still trying to find his feet in the new family set-up.

Jess Weston
Phil’s daughter has been his support for some time as he struggled to deal with her mother. Jess feels guilty about having abandoned her and resents Maggie for finally breaking apart her home. Having acted as a carer for her mother, Jess is mature beyond her years and her relationship with Phil is as an equal. Because of this, she further resents Maggie’s treating her as a child. She thinks Lucy is spoiled and is impatient with Craig’s laziness.

Maggie Calder
Broke up with her husband some months ago. Her new job in the holiday village is her first since the break-up, and the first assertion of her new independence. Her guilt about the break-up of the marriage has fuelled her over-protectiveness of Lucy. Her relationship with the more mature Craig is less fraught.

Lucy Calder
Is a little spoiled, having been the object of her parents warring affections. She knows how to manipulate Maggie’s feelings of guilt, which infuriates her brother Craig. She is wary of Jess and distrustful of Phil.

Craig Calder
Has provided support to his mother during her break-up. He has a good relationship with her and wants her new life to work out. He has good will towards Phil and is trying to build a relationship with him. He is an appeaser and will do anything for a quiet life. He is Impressed by Jess’s maturity.

Craig Calder

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