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David Edward ("Dave") Glover


Ian Kelsey
Born: 22nd December 1972

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Official Dave Glover YTV fan card signed by Ian Kelsey

Appeared: 1993 or 1994 -26 December 1996
Eldest son of Ned and Jan.
Dave was Born: 31 May 1973
Married 28 Nov 1996: Kathy Tate
Died (in Home Farm nursery fire): 26 December 1996

Ian Kelsey was actually 27 when he joined Emmerdale in 1994, but he knocked a few years off his age because his character Dave Glover was supposed to be 21. Ian took great delight in confusing journalists by varying his age from 21 to 24 from week to week.


A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). This is one of those profiles - although the coloured boxes have been added.

Dave Glover and Kathy Tate were married at Hotten Register Office on the 28th of November 1996.

Written by Paul Berridge circa 2000-2001, so some information is out of date

Before taking the role of David Glover, Ian Kelsey had been in the films, Black Beauty and Wild Justice. In the two and a half years he was in Emmerdale he built up a legion of female fans, and stared in some dramatic storylines:-

Kim, unaware that Frank knew of her affair with Dave Glover, was caught out when Frank plotted an elaborate revenge. He gave Dave a cottage on the estate and used a private investigator friend, Pete McCarty, to plant microphones and cameras, connected to his computer monitor. Kim was shocked when Frank walked in on her and Dave in bed together but made it clear that she would not leave. Dave was left without a job and Frank unsuccessfully tried to persuade Kim to sign away her rights to his fortune.
In a counter-attack, Kim moved Dave into Home Farm, but he began to tire of the bickering between his lover and her husband. Then Frank presented the couple with video evidence of their affair. This was too much for Dave, who moved into Annie's cottage, and Kim followed shortly afterwards. By then, Dave's father, Ned, had disowned him, saying he was no son of his. Dave also found it difficult to mix socially with Kim and her friends, feeling that he was out of his depth.
Kim had told Frank that the baby she was carrying was not his, and Frank hired a top lawyer to start divorce proceedings. Then, in May, he played his trump card by offering Kim £1 million to leave Dave, move back into Home Farm, put his name on the babv's birth certificate and live with him for the first year of the baby's life. Keeping the real reason from Dave, Kim told him she was returning to Frank because he was really the father of her baby. When Kim moved back to Home Farm, Frank employed a full-time nurse to look after her. But, given an attic room with bars on the window, Kim began to feel like a prisoner, and decided to move into the nursery flat.
When ZoŽ found out about the £1 million deal, she lost her cool and told Kim what she thought of her, causing a violent argument in the middle of which her stepmother slapped her face. Kim reached the end of her tether on discovering that the nurse, Jean Bell, was to be dispensed with as soon as her baby was born and she would have to look after it herself.
Kim gave birth to a son, James Francis, on 24th September1996 after a Caesarean, but she was less concerned with the baby than with her beloved horse, Valentine, which had been taken ill. She left James in hospital to return home and check Valentine's condition - and was heartbroken on finding out that the horse had been put down.
Although Dave felt that he should be with Kim, still believing himself to be her baby's father, Frank would not let him near his wife and Dave returned to his ex-lover, Kathy Tate. When Kathy overheard Dave telling Kim to stay out of his life, Kathy proposed and the couple married secretly at Hotten Register Office on 28th November - but their time together was to be short.
Kim began to warm to baby James and was sure that she could still build a new life with Dave and the baby away from Emmerdale. In December, she made plans to leave and tried to persude Dave to go with her. Torn between Kim and Kathy, Dave eventually left his sister Linda's wedding reception to meet Kim at Home Farm, where her bags were packed ready to go.
Frank returned and had a confrontation outside with Kim and Dave. Suddenly, they spotted a fire in the nursery. Dave raced to the top of the house, pulled baby James from his cot and managed to pass him out. But Dave, cut off by the fire became trapped nd was englufed in flames as a curtain caught fire. He was rushed to hospital and on Boxing Day 1996 as his family kept a bedside vigil he died from severe burns and damage to his lungs.
Since leaving Emmerdale, Ian has starred in a tour of the stage musical Grease in the lead role of Danny. He has also played Carl Laing in the Anglia T.V. production, Touching Evil. He now stars as Patrick Spiller in Casualty


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