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Donna Windsor
25 February 1998 -

Currently Played by: Verity Rushworth
Sophie Jeffrey Played the original Donna from 10th August 1993 - Autumn 1997)

Donna is the daughter of Viv Hope and 2nd husband Vic Windsor

Born: 31st December 1985

Donna has one Half-sister Kelly Windsor,
One half-brother Scott Windsor
4 step-siblings include Dawn Woods

stepfather, Bob Hope

one niece, Jean Tate

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Sophie Jeffry Played the Original Donna Windsor (between 1993-1997) Click here to read about Sophie

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The original Winsor family from August 1993 - Kelly (played by Adele Silva), Viv (Deena Payne), Vic (Alun Lewis), Donna (as played by Sophie Jeffrey) and Scott (as played by Toby Cockerel)