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Emma Nightingale

Emma Nightingale fan card

Zoe Tate's Partner.
Rachel Ambler (19 January 1995 - early June 1996), 30th May 2004, 1st June 2004
Rachel Ambler, played Zoë Tate's lover Emma Nightingale. She had earlier been in Coronation Street playing Terry Duckworth's girlfriend, Gill Collins.

1996 - Zoe and Emma's Blessing ended in disaster thanks to Emma's ex Susie Wilde

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From the year 1995

"WOOLPACK - Turner asked Emma Nightingale to revamp the Woollpack. This would become a costly process, so Turner asked the Ephraim Munk brewery to help cover the costs. A little wary of Turner; given his record, they requested that Turner employed a bar manager to cope with the day-to-day running of the pub. Turner agreed, hiring Terry and Britt Woods, a married couple who'd run a bar in Benidorm.

lan Botham reopened the pub in February. Nellie Dingle von a competition for a 'free meal for all the familv'- and the next night brought twelve Dingles to claim her prize. Turner reluctantly fed them - and the Dingles have been customers in the Woolpack ever since."

"TATES ...Zoe began exploring her new sexuality quicly falling for interior designer Emma Nightingale. The two moved into Smithy Cottage together."

From the year 1996

"...Zoe and Emma decided to make their relationship more formal. This plan for a 'gay wedding' raised the hackles of a number of villagers, including Turner. But the plan came off the rails when Emma's ex-lover Susie turned up. At first Zoe was jealous - then she fell for Susie, and left Emma on the day of the ceremony. Emma left the village - and Susie followed soon afterwards, after cheating on Zoe ."

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The Sun 22nd May 2004

Emma surprises Zoe with a visit on the 30th May 2004

Hello, petal ... Emma surprises
ex-lover Zoe with bouquet

GAY vet Zoe Tate is to be thrown into a bizarre love triangle when her first lesbian lover returns — just as she is falling for hunky Scott Windsor.

Zoe (Leah Bracknell) is stunned when Emma Nightingale (Rachel Ambler) returns after eight years away.

The pair became famous for sharing Emmerdale’s first lesbian kiss in 1995.

An show insider said: “Emma sends Zoe a letter. It’s a blast from the past, but it’s even more of a shock when she turns up at her home with a big bunch of flowers.”

Scott (Ben Freeman) is living in a flat at Home Farm, near Zoe and their baby daughter Jean.

But the source said: “Zoe is starting to get closer to Scott. They have kissed and they’re becoming more like a little family — but Emma could ruin all of this.”

Emma returns on May 30. An ITV1 show spokeswoman said: “You will have to wait and see who Zoe goes for.”

Emmerdale's first gay kiss - between Zoe and Emma

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