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Frankie Smith

Madeleine Bowyer


IMDB entry for: Gina Aris (32 episodes 1999)

IMDB entry for:Madeleine Bowyer
(4 January 2000 - 2000)

Zoe Tate's lover

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). This is one of those profiles - although the coloured boxes have been added.


Congratulations to actress Madeleine Bowyer (Frankie) who has recently married her actor boyfriend James Gillick. They've just returned from a honeymoon in Malasyia. She said: "We had a wonderful time, the country was beautiful and returning home has been a bit of a shock to the system.
" They met while touring in My Fair Lady in which she played Eliza Doolittle and he was Henry Higgins.  
Madeleine joined Emmerdale last year, taking over the role of Frankie Smith from actress Gina Aris.
Gina Aris
She says 'There's a really fun atmosphere on the set, everybody works very hard, but it never gets too tense and breathy' - perhaps the breathy scenes are best left off-camera anyway"



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