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Gloria Catherine Weaver/Pollard
3 May 2000 - 3 August 2001,
March 2002 - December 2002
(although character didn't formally leave at this time),
26th September 2003 , 29th September 2003,
27th October 2003 - 11th November 2003,
3rd December 2003 - 10th December 2003, featured in episode Friday 6th February 2004 on a video tape played by Eric.

Janice McKenzie

IMDB entry: Janice McKenzie

Born: 1953
M 1st Malcolm Weaver
M 2nd 2 May 2002 as the 4th wife of Eric
(maiden name not known)

Gloria became the MP for Hotten in 2002 and was based at Westminster. Eric went to London to visit her sometimes. The character didn't officially leave the series although we didn't see her after December 2002 until she came back in September 2003. She has now returnted to London and eventually had to resign as MP and we believe the marriage is over. No more is known at this time.

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Profile from closed down Official Site :-

Actress: Janice McKenzie
1st Appeared 3 May 2000

In July shortly after moving in with Eric Gloria goes to the Charity party at Chez Marlon with him. After the party she questions why he didn’t correct a reporter who had referred to her as Mrs Pollard, Eric seems unaware he had done this.

Eric takes Gloria for a meal and says he has something he wants to ask her she starts to think that he is going to propose. When instead he asks her to open a bank account for him (with £30,000) she becomes angry. Gloria tells Ashley how foolish she felt when Eric asked her to open the account for him and she had thought he was going to propose. Later she is pleased when Eric gives her a necklace and agrees to open the account.

Gloria is pleased with the increasing speculation about how serious her relationship with Eric is. Thanks to Betty’s meddling people in the Woolpack get the wrong idea about Gloria and Eric and think they are planning to marry and Gloria allows them to believe this. However, when Viv asks Eric to name the date of the wedding he tells Gloria he has never been so embarrassed and becomes angry.

On 3rd of August Gloria leaves Emmerdale. She is devastated after Eric tells her that they had never discussed marriage and she should not make presumptions about their relationship. She decides the leave the village, before doing so she takes some money from the safe at the factory and it seen by Sam. When Eric goes to her house to apologise and declare his love he sees the necklace he bought her and follows her to the station but it is too late. She leaves on the train to Leeds from Hotten Station.


ITV.COM Ex, Lies and Videotape

Friday | 06.02.04

Emmerdale's Eric Pollard learns the meaning of "revenge is sweet".

The village businessman has been devastated ever since he dumped estranged wife Gloria for cheating on him and she went missing, presumed dead.

In the months since her departure, Pollard has been frantically worried about Gloria. He was heartbroken recently when the police recovered her shoes from a well-known suicide spot.

However, this week it emerges that Gloria's fate was nowhere near as gruesome as Eric had feared - in fact, she's living a life of luxury.

The duped factory boss is stunned when a VHS arrives through the post and discovers that Gloria faked her own death in a bid to put Eric off her scent and has exacted the worst kind of revenge on him.

It seems that instead of feeling guilty about having an affair with researcher Hillary and lying to her husband, Gloria has decided to pay him back for leaving her. And her methods of action are going to hit Eric where it hurts the most - his pocket.

Can Eric thwart her dastardly plot?

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A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is one of those profiles.

Janice joined Emmerdale in 2000 as widow Gloria Weaver.
She had previously appeared in Family Affairs as Helen Cooper and had a small role as Mrs Paton in Coronation Street.

She trained at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, The Royal Academy of Music and Drama and also went to Middlesex Polytechnic.
She lists her interests as singing and horseriding and claims to have some farming skills.

Janice has appeared in numerous stage plays, such as, Macbeth at The West Yorkshire Playhouse as Lady McDuff, Anthony and Cleopatra at The Birmingham Repertory as Octavia and Miss Julie at The Derby Playhouse as Christine.

In April 2001, after weeks of lying, the harsh reality of Gloria Weaver's life came crashing down around her.
Forced to pay Eric Pollard for an expensive necklace which was stolen by Cain Dingle while in her care - and too proud to borrow the cash from her boss, Paddy Kirk - Gloria stole a pair of candlesticks from the church to help raise the funds she so desperately needed.

But when Rev. Ashley Thomas discovered their disappearance, the pressure finally became too much for Gloria to bear."Gloria's husband, Malcolm, died and left her with a lot of debts that she didn't know about before his death," explains Janice McKenzie, who plays the gossiping vet's receptionist. "She's kept her troubles a secret, and the pressure mounted."
When Paddy - who had been wise to
Gloria's strange behaviour for a while - heard about the candlestick theft, he confronted his employee and demanded an explanation. Unable to continue her charade any longer, Gloria believed she had no way out

"It seemed that all her attempts to solve her predicament just added to it instead," reflects Janice. "Everything came to a head and she felt trapped in a corner.' In a heartbreaking attempt to end all her problems, Gloria swallowed a bottle of tablets. But by a stroke of luck, she was discovered by Eric Pollard when he arrived at her home to collect her for a lunch date, and found her unconscious.

"Taking an overdose was definitely a cry for help,' says Janice. "Gloria needs more than she dare let herself admit and, subconsciously, this was her asking those around to lend that support."

Gloria came round to find Ashley at her bedside, and, mistakenly, believed him to have been the one who saved her. When Ashley explained otherwise, Gloria was pleasantly surprised."She wouldn't have thought of Pollard as her knight in shining armour, but she saw a side of him that wasn't apparent before,'

Janice reflects. "It soon becomes clear that trying to kill herelf wasn't the answer and her friends rally round her. She then realises she should have turned to them in the first place and is very happy to have the chance to accept their offers of help. It felt good to have off-loaded the guilt she was harbouring."

Janice believes this dramatic twist of events was an important turning point for Gloria - although it will probably be a while yet before she is able to pick up all the pieces of her difficult life.

"After living with her dark secret for so long, it came as an enormous relief to be able to tell someone what she has done," confides Janice "However, she's a proud lady, and so is still ashamed and embarrassed by her actions. But now at least she's realised just how good her friends in Emmerdale are."

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