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Graham Clark

see IMDB entry for Kevin Pallister
who played Graham
Appeared 160 episodes
Autumn 1998-18th February 2000

Graham Clark circa 1998

Kevin Pallister (Graham Clark) won the award for "Best Bad Guy"

Based on She Wolf's Profile from www.emmerdale.tk

Arriving in the village in 1998 Graham was the perfect school teacher or so was thought. Rachel fell for him hook line and sinker. All went well at first until Graham moved in and started trying to control Rachel. Infact it was history repeating itself he had already murdered his first wife. He came to his demise when after kidnapping Kathy his car went over a cliff. Kathy escaped by the skin of her teeth, with the aid of Marlon and Pollard.

Died: 18th February 2000

Graham Clark photo card circa 1999/2000

30 Years of Emmerdale -- Lance Parkin (Hardcover - Granada Media - 7 October, 2002)
15.19 (18.99 elsewhere) from http://www.amazon.co.uk/

From the year 1999 page 109

Graham moved into Mill Cottage with Rachel and he seemed to be the ideal man as he redecorated, cooked and even alphabetised her CD collection for her. Rachel's friends, like Kathy, were a little worried as he was taking too much control over her life. Graham got Rachel to dress differently and dye her hair auburn - and Rachel was shocked to discover a photo of Graham's first wife, Rebecca, looking remarkably like the 'new' her.

On a walk on Burview Crag, Rachel realised the truth - Grham had an overwhelming need to control and change the women he went out with. It had been this that had driven Rebecca to suicide. Rachel tried to escape, but Graham caught her up and threw her off a cliff.

Pollard became suspicious of Graham, who claimed that Rachel had just accepted his proposal of marriage before she died. Pollard had talked to Rachel the day before, and knew she was thinking of ending the relationship. He tried to find incriminating evidence, but - for the moment at least none was forthcoming.

Rachel realises too late


Biff and Kathy became engaged, but Kathy was worried that he was on the rebound from Tara, and Biff was convinced that Kathy was interested in Graham. Kathy and Graham had become close friends after Rachel's death, and Graham actively encouraged Biff to think there was something going on between him and Kathy.

On the wedding day, Biff decided he couldn't go through with it, and instead rode off into the sunset on his motorbike.


From the year 2000 Page 112

Graham Clark and Kathy became lovers, and planned to marry. But Pollard discovered that he'd killed his wife, and persuaded Marlon of the fact. Graham plotted to leave Emmerdale with Kathy, taking her, on a weekend away and at the top of another cliff, that it was because of Pollard's suspicions. Kathy tried to get away, but they ended up trapped in their car over the edge of the cliff. Pollard and Marlon arrived in time to see Kathy clamber to safety. Graham died as the car plummeted to the base of the cliff.

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