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Andrew Burt

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Appeared: 16 October 1972-January 1974, 1976
Eldest child of Jacob and Annie.

B. 1946 (according to the original script) or according to the official Finnish site, 28.11.47. (Although he celebrated his 50th birthday on the 27th Nov 1997, an episode didn't air on the 28th. However it still doesn't explain the fact when the series started he was said to be eighteen when he left home in 1964.)

m 1st. 5 Oct 1982 Pat Merrick
m 2nd. 19 May 1994 Sarah Connolly

Children: Jackie Merrick, Robert Sugden, Victoria Sugden & Andy Sugden (formally Hopwood)

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Andrew Burt made the decision to leave the pivotal role of writer Jack Sugden in 1974 so that he could return to work in the theatre, his first love. However, apart from his return to Emmerdale Farm briefly during 1976, he has since appeared in a great many television programmes. These indude Dixon of Dock Green, Crown Court, Blake's 7, The Voyage of Charles Darwin , Lilliput (in the lead role of Gulliver), Juliet Bravo, Doctor Who, The Gentle Touch, London's Burning , The Bill, Eastenders and Agatha Christie's Poirot. He has also provided voice-overs for numerous commercials.
Clive Hornby took over the role of Jack in 1980.

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward

Although totally forgotten by scriptwriters today, in 1974 Jack Sugden wrote a best selling novel called The Field of Tares.


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