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John Jacob ("JACK") SUGDEN
19 February 1980 -
Character originally played by Andrew Burt (1972-1976)

Played by: Clive Hornby

Eldest child of Jacob and Annie.

According to the original script, Born 1946 - he left home at eighteen in 1964.)

Jack's birthdate has now been changed to the 28th Novembe 1947. (Although he celebrated his 50th birthday on the 27th Nov 1997, an episode didn't air on the 28th.)

m 1st. 5 Oct 1982 Pat Merrick

m 2nd. 19 May 1994 Sarah Connolly

m.3rd. 21 September 2004 Diane Blackstock

Children: Jackie Merrick, Robert Sugden, Victoria Sugden & Andy Sugden (formally Hopwood)

stepdaughter: Bernice Blackstock

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