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Joseph ("Joe") Sugden

Frazer Hines
Born: 22nd September 1944

Before joining Emmerdale Farm, Frazer Hines was known to television audiences as Dr. Who's assistant Jamie McCrimmon alongside Patrick Troughton.

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Appeared: 16 October 1972-11 August 1994

Born: 31st May 1949 (according to his coffin, aged 46 years according to his gravestone)
Died: 6 June 1995 (off-screen in a car accident in Spain.)
M 1st 10 Sep 1974: Christine Sharp Divorced 1976.
M 2nd 12 Apr 1989:Kate Hughes separated 1991

Stepchildre: Rachel (with whom he was very close to) & Mark Hughes
Siblings: Jack (born 1946) & Peggy (born between 1947-1948)

The youngest of Annie and Jacob's children, Joe had run Emmerdale Farm along with his brother-in-law Matt Skilbeck before and after the death of his father. However when Jack moved back to Beckindale permanently in 1980, Joe decided to move on to join NY Estates - who then ran Home Farm (the former Miffield mansion). Joe then went to France for a couple of years before returning to Beckindale as NY's regional manager.

Joe eventually returned to work at Emmerdale Farm for a while alongside brother Jack, but when that didn't work out, he moved on too manage Frank Tate's Holiday Village - which had opened in 1992. When Kim and Frank's marriage broke up in 1993, Joe became very friendly and supportive towards Kim for a while. However they never had an affair.

After trying another stint at working at Emmerdale Farm, the plane crash struck in December 1993. Joe's stepson Mark died as a result. 1994 was a bad year for Joe, and after a feeble attempt at suicide, Joe moved permanently to Spain.

In May 1995 Jack and Sarah and their children, went to visit Annie and Joe in Spain. On the 6th June, Joe drove the family to the airport in order for them to return to England. On the way back from the airport and home to Annie, Joe was killed in a car crash. This all happened off-screen. Annie and Amos did briefly return to the series for Joe's funeral.

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Joe Sugden and Christine Sharp were married on the 10th September 1974. The marrage was only to last for five weeks.
In 1985, Joe Sugden began seeing Karen Moore. Karen had just been promoted to Hotten Market Auctioneer. A year earlier she had an affair with Joe's brother Jack. Having almost wrecked Jack's marriage to wife Pat, Karen would never have been accepted by Joe's family and the romance fizzled out.
Annie Hulley, who played Karen Moore was in Coronation Street recently playing Gwen Loveday, a worker in Mike Baldwin's factory.

Before Emmerdale upped it raunch rating. Frazer Hines (Joe Sugden) relied on a "lucky rug" for sexy scenes. "In those days you couldn't show characters in bed together, so Joe used to snog all his girlfriends on a rug in front of the fire," he explains. People used to ask me to sell them the rug because I got so many girls on to it!"

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With his screen mother Sheila Mercier, Frazer Hines was one of Emmerdale's two longest serving stars, appearing in the serial for 22 years, from its first episode, in 1972. As Joe Sugden, he married twice and had a string of romances, with farmer Jim Gimbel's daughter Kathy, vicar's daughter Barbara Peters, auctioneer Karen Moore, vet Ruth Pennington and Lynn Whiteley.
Frazer himself suffered a broken marriage to actress Gemma Craven during the eighties but is now married to former Olympic world champion water-skier Liz Hobbs and runs a stud farm as a business. He originally found success as a child actor, starring as jan in the television series The Silver Sword and appearing in films that included King in New York, starring Charlie Chaplin. Before joining Emmerdale, he was known to television audiences as the Timelord's assistant jamie in Doctor Who, alongside Patrick Troughton.
Horsforth-born Frazer landed the role of Joe Sugden after going to lunch with his ex-girlfriend, actress Liza Goddard, and her father David, who was Emmerdale's first producer. 'Liza and I had been going out together and had finished, but we were still good friends" he recalls. 'I was having Sunday lunch with Liza and her father, and he said he was working on a new serial about a farming family and had cast the mother and eldest son but couldn't find someone to play the younger son. Liza said, "You're looking at him!" and added, "If you don't give Frazer the part, Mummy and I are leaving home." 'A couple of days later, I had a phone call asking me to see David with Kevin Laffan, the writer.
Kevin asked me if I was a Yorkshireman, did I fish and had I milked a cow? I said yes to everything, although I hadn't really done any milking! I heard I'd got the role about a week later, which proves it isdt what you know but who you know!' Frazer still vividly remembers his first day's filming, shooting the funeral of joe's father, Jacob. 'We were high up in the hills in Arncliffe and the camera was down on the village green,' he recalls. 'It was filming a long shot of the hearse winding its way through the hills. I was in the back of one of the cars in the cortage with Sheila Mercier. We went to the top of a hill and pulled into a lay-by, waiting for the sun. I told a gag and we all laughed. A car came past and saw us laughing our heads off. Then, we decided that every time a car came by we would laugh and fall about!'
Filming in Arncliffe during those early years of Emmerdale is a fond memory for Frazer. 'One evening, after a few bottles of Beaujolais, we spotted a hill and decided to climb it,' he says. 'All of us had the hots for Gail Harrison, who played Marian Wilks. One by one, everyone dropped by the wayside, until just Gail and I reached the top of the hill and sat up there drinking. We started to wend our way back down and I had a strange feeling we were in an aircraft approaching a runway at night because there were all these lights on the ground. We got on our hands and knees, and discovered they were glow-worms!'
During his time in Emmerdale, Frazer saw many changes but believes the storylines becoming more steamy is more a reflection of the change in television generally. 'The programme has only moved with the times,' he says. 'In 1972, the only two people you could show in bed on television were Morecambe and Wise. So, when joe had a girlfriend you couldn't show them in bed - he was always on the rug on the floor of his little cottage!' Frazer says that, since leaving, he has missed going to work with friends in the cast and his riding scenes with Claire King.
'I was disappointed that all the horses were killed in the air disaster,' he says. 'We were both good riders and that was the nail in the coffin for me. But I left because I had just married and was getting up at 6.30 in the morning, and the hours working on the programme were getting longer. It would be dark when I got home and I just wanted to sit in the bath, where I would learn my script for the next day. Liz would come in and want to talk, but that was the last thing I wanted to do after talking all day to other actors. In the end, I realised the situation was ridiculous. If I had been single, I would never have left the show, but I was married.Since leaving, Frazer has worked almost exclusively in theatre, including a summer season in Bournemouth with Linda Lusardi in Not Now, Darling and a tour of Doctor in the House.
He also performs in pantomime every year and appeared on television as a murderer in Expert Witness. Frazer has moved his stud farm from outside Leeds to Newark, in Nottinghamshire. He has ridden professionally on most of the country's racecourses and won a few races as jockey, and has an ambition to train a top-class winner. 'I love leading the mare and foal out in the morning and putting all the foals together and seeing them act daft, pirouetting and dashing down to the end of the paddock,' he says.

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward

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