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Katherine ("Katie") Sugden
Nee Addyman

18 July 2001 - 3 June 2004, 19th July 2004 -

Played by: Sammy Winward

Katie publicity shot autumn 2003

Father: Brian Addyman

Mother: Caroline Kershaw

Half-Brother or Stepbrother? (older) Sam

Katie's parents are divorced and she has been brought up by her father Brian Addyman.

Since she arrived in the series, it was implied always that she was born in 1986. Later this was backed up as she was still fifteen in June 2002, however she took her GCSE's in 2003. so was due to be sixteen in 2002.

Her sixteenth birthday was later celebrated in an episode aired on 2nd September 2002. However Katie celebrated her 18th Birthday on the 9th September 2004.

(Official books say she was born September 1987.)

On her wedding day to Andy, Katie is torn between her love for both Sugden brothers.  All 3 are pictured.

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Katie Addyman original  fan card circa 2001-2003 -recently replaced

The Katie Addyman fan card released in early 2004

Katie publicity shot autumn 2003

Married Andy Sugden Tuesday 17th February 2004 (click on the date to see wedding pictures) however she was having an affair with Andy's brother Robert.

In April 2004 some of the Sugdens found out about Robert and Katie. Andy eventually found out too so in May 2004 Andy and Kate separated and the marriage was over after 3 short months!

For a few weeks Katie lived with Robert in a caravan but due to village and Sugden family hostility, Kate fled the village leaving 'Dear John' letters for both Andy and Robert.

In July she returned to sort out a financial settlement with Andy intending to leave all their lives and the village forever. However once back, Katie and Robert decided to give their relationship another go. However they chose not to live with each other.

As of September 2004, Katie is still currently dating Robert Sugden but they do not live together.