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Kirk Daggert


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Character: Kirk Daggert

Parents: Latisha, mother and Paul, father

Other Family: Danny, uncle and Cynthia, grandmother

Born/First Appearance: 9th July 2001

Played by: Alexander Fothergil


Kirk was born in dramatic circumstances, in Jason’s van on the side of the road. Latisha decided to move to Emmerdale after her boyfriend, Paul had hit her.

Latisha got herself in even more trouble, when in July 2002 she was caught stealing a present for Kirk's first birthday. Her mother kicked her out, and Latisha and Kirk moved in with the Dingle's. Cain was not happy with Kirk or Latisha living with him.

Lisa tried to get Cynthia and Latisha talking again, and so she planned a day out for the Dingle and Daggert families. Latisha went shopping with Danny and Cynthia, and while they were distracted slipped a pair of sunglasses into Kirk's pushchair. Then she left the pushchair with Cynthia, leaving Cynthia to take the blame.

In December 2002 Jason returned to the village and asked Latisha if she, Kirk and her family would move to Lisbon with him, where he was going to work as a DJ. After a lot of consideration, Latisha decided to leave with Jason. She brought Kirk with her and Cynthia also went. But Danny decided to stay with Ollie in Emmerdale.

About Alexander Fothergil: Emmerdale is Alexander’s first TV credit.

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