Liam James Hammond

Played by Mark Powley

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Liam James Hammond
Illigitimate son of Frank
Born: 9 Aug 1961
Died ('lawfully killed' by Zoe Tate): 11 November 1999
See IMDB entry for Mark Powley (33 episodes 1999 - ending 11 November 1999)  

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A strange story this, Liam long lost half brother to Zoe and Chris Tate. Liam arrived at Tate Haulage and applied for and got a job. He then kidnapped Chris keeping him prisoner in a cellar until Zoe shot him, she was taken prisoner after a failed ransom drop.

Died: 11th November 1999

The Bill star Mark Powley, who played Kidnapper Liam Hammond, recently played a conman in an episode of Heartbeat.

In the autumn of 2001 he played Betting Shop Manager Rob Lucus in Coronation Street.


Thirty-six- year-old Mark Powley is married to ex-dancer Janis. His daughters are Bel, seven, Honor, five. He lives in west London. He played the part of Chris and ZoŽ Tate's half brother in 1999.
What time do you get up?
The kids wake us up at 8am and they watch TV on our bed. We finally get up about 9.30am.
What's the first thing you do?
Make some lovely percolated coffee.
Ideal weekend companions?
My wife Janis - we've been married 10 years - and our daughters Bel and Honor.
We usually go to a posh burger bar called Tootsies in Chiswick, or we go swimming with the girls as the eldest is quite a good swimmer now.
Luckily even though Emmerdale is filmed in Yorkshire I don't work many weekends.
Ideal way to spend Saturday night?
I used to be in The Bill and my wife Janis and I go out with Andy Paul - who plays PC Quinnan - and his wife Laura.
We often go to the Thatched Cottage in Shepherd's Bush where we have a few drinks and a meal. They serve an eclectic mix of European and Thai food.
What would ruin your weekend?
I suppose if I had to work, as I film Emmerdale in Yorkshire and my family is in London. Luckily it's rare but I did do a lot of weekends when I was in The Bill and Next of Kin.
Favourite weekend TV programmes?
Badger, as I know Rebecca Lacey, and Match of the Day and A Touch of Frost.
Best long weekend you've ever had?
Not that long ago my mum looked after our daughters and my wife Janis and I stayed at a 15th-century inn called The Plough at Clanfield in Oxfordshire.
It was great as we just lazed around, went for romantic country walks, ate and drank a lot and had breakfast in bed.

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