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Lynn Whiteley
Appeared ?? ?? ?? 1989- 4 August 1994

Fionnuala Ellwood

The Whiteleys

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Wife of Pete IMDB entry for Fionnuala Ellwood who played Lynn (1989-1994)
Born: 6 July ?
16 August 1990
Jim Millea (circa 1989-1990)
Born: 31 October 1918
Died: 30th July 1991
Teddy Turner (circa 1989-1991)
Peter Whiteley Jr
b. 28 August 1990, son of Pete & Lynn Sam Walker (1990-1994)

Emmerdale fan card circa 1992-1993 - Lynn and son Peter

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is one of those profiles - although the coloured boxes have been added.

Fionnuala Ellwood joined the cast as Lynn Whiteley, wife of adulterous Pete in 1989. Before becoming a regular in Emmerdale, she also appeared on television as a forensic scientist in the original Prime suspect mini series and as horse riding, moody Amanda Thompson in the pilot of families.
Many came out of the air crash disaster of December 1993 with their reputations enhanced; acts of heroism and selflessness were widespread, and the village managed to hold together where other, less closely-knit communities might have fallen apart. Yet Lynn Whiteley, not for the first time, was the exception to the rule. Despite suffering the shocks of losing her husband in a road accident in 1990 and having her home destroyed in the air crash, she seemed unerringly able to rub people up the wrong way.
In the latter case, she bedded the fast-talking tabloid reporter Gavin Watson, one of the least likeable of the newspapermen who flocked to the village in search of an 'angle'. After this she was regarded by the village folk -not for the first time- as a viper in their midst
Lynn had been a milk recorder when she married agricultural sales rep Pete Whiteley. News of his philandering with Rachel Hughes was not well received. Lynn, never the most trusting of wives (and with good reason), had harboured her suspicions, but only found out for sure about Pete's philandering at Dolly's New Year's party. A showdown with her rival was as inevitable as night follows day.

Pete Whiteley

Once the feathers had flown, the Whiteleys had full and frank discussions about their future, which seemed, in Lynn's eyes, to lie as far away from the village as possible. When Lynn announced she was pregnant the Whiteleys packed their bags and departed for Birmingham in order to start afresh but Pete's inability to stay away from Rachel proved his undoing. His death was particularly ill-timed, Lynn giving birth to a son, Peter, on 28 August 1990, the day of Pete's funeral.
Lynn's subsequent return to the village, initially staying with father-in-law Bill Whiteley, was not universally popular; her man-hungry behaviour drew understandably disapproving responses from the village womenfolk. Lynn's advances to Michael Feldmann were successful, to Jack Sugden emphatically not. (When jack's wife Sarah upbraided Lynn in the Woolpack, more than one woman present had cause to applaud.)
Business-wise, Lynn was a force to be reckoned with - not least because Pete's insurance policies and Bill's bequests (which included the cottage) had left her a wealthy widow indeed. She was not one to let sentiment stand in her way: a joint venture with Alan Turner (the Woolpack wine bar) was succeeded by an alliance with Frank Tate, the Holiday Village sports and social complex, which directly opposed her previous operation - much to Turner's discomfiture. In the wake of the air crash she staged a fund-raising night and, by engaging a troupe of male striptease artistes, the Nobbies, all but emptied the Woolpack.
Yet Lynn remained a sadly unfulfilled lady in terms of her personal life: in late 1993, she'd cast around for a prospective father to provide a sibling for only child Peter. She'd had a recent relationship with Joe Sugden, enjoying the revenge aspect of bedding the stepfather of her late husband's lover (until Rachel Hughes, the girl in question, emptied a gin and tonic over her in the Woolpack!) But even Jack wouldn't sign up as a potential sire.
No amount of commercial success could fill this void. Despite signing up to buy Mill Cottage fron Chris and Kathy Tate as a replacement home, the summer of 1994 saw Lynn leave for a new home in Ausralia with sheep-shearer Sven Olsen.
Fionnuala later appeared in Brookside as, Melanie Taylor and later still in Coronation Street as a nurse to Jack Duckworth.

Lynn whiteley fan card circa 1991

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