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Character: Maggie Calder

Love Life: She came to Emmerdale with her new partner Phil, having recently split from her husband.
When she left Emmerdale, she had split up with Phil

Children: Lucy, daughter and Craig, son

Appeared: November 7th 2001 - 8th August 2002

Played by: Dee Whitehead

Age: early to mid forties


Maggie arrived in the village as one of Rodney’s old friends. She moved to Emmerdale to run the holiday village with Phil, her children and Jess. She had recently been having an affair with Phil. Her marriage had broken up also.

Jess and Maggie did not get on, and immediately after their arrival started fighting. There was a minor car accident, in which Phil’s car crashed into Maggie’s.

As time progressed Jess became friends with Nicola, who didn’t get on with Maggie either. Nicola didn’t like Maggie as she got passed over for promotion. Nicola made out that she and Phil were having an affair.

In the end Maggie got very annoyed with Nicola, who was trying to show Rodney that she couldn’t run the holiday village. Maggie found out that Nicola had changed bookings around, so that some guests arrived earlier than expected. This was the last straw for Maggie, who pushed Nicola into the swimming pool.

In early April Jess left the village with her mother Anne-Marie. Maggie and Phil’s relationship was eased slightly without Jess.

But soon Nicola’s games started again.

About Dee Whitehead: Dee was one of the Soapstars winners who impressed the judges with her acting skills. She had no other acting credits before joining Emmerdale, but worked as a hairdresser.


The latest spoilers suggest that Phil and Maggie will split up around the 19th July 2002 following her fling with Rodney Blackstock.

Updated 6th September 2002: Maggie learned that the new owners of the holiday village wanted to interview her for the job, rather than give it to her right away. She also learned that Nicola had asked Rodney for a reference, as she was also in the running for the job. Maggie slept with Rodney, after getting drunk, but was unaware that Nicola was under the bed.

Nicola ran to Phil as soon as she could, and the following day there was a punch up in the Woolpack.

It starts off with Phil hitting Rodney. Nicola then says "Get off him, he has a heart condition" Maggie slaps Nicola, who slaps Maggie back. Then Nicola grabs a cake and (as if it wasn't bad enough) shoves the cake in Maggie's face. You are left deeply upset for Peg, whose leaving party was ruined by the fight. (We had to endure Peg for another three episodes!)

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The Winners of ITV's "Soapstars"

Meet The Soapstars of which Phil Weston was the head of the family

Phil Weston
Has just left his alcoholic wife to come and join Maggie in Emmerdale. The move has been very sudden and he finds himself dealing with a new and unexpected environment. He is awkward with Craig and Lucy, still trying to find his feet in the new family set-up.

Jess Weston
Phil’s daughter has been his support for some time as he struggled to deal with her mother. Jess feels guilty about having abandoned her and resents Maggie for finally breaking apart her home. Having acted as a carer for her mother, Jess is mature beyond her years and her relationship with Phil is as an equal. Because of this, she further resents Maggie’s treating her as a child. She thinks Lucy is spoiled and is impatient with Craig’s laziness.

Maggie Calder
Broke up with her husband some months ago. Her new job in the holiday village is her first since the break-up, and the first assertion of her new independence. Her guilt about the break-up of the marriage has fuelled her over-protectiveness of Lucy. Her relationship with the more mature Craig is less fraught.

Lucy Calder
Is a little spoiled, having been the object of her parents warring affections. She knows how to manipulate Maggie’s feelings of guilt, which infuriates her brother Craig. She is wary of Jess and distrustful of Phil.

Craig Calder
Has provided support to his mother during her break-up. He has a good relationship with her and wants her new life to work out. He has good will towards Phil and is trying to build a relationship with him. He is an appeaser and will do anything for a quiet life. He is Impressed by Jess’s maturity.

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