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Mark Hughes

Craig McKay

The following from She Wolf :- Please Also see She Wolf's profiles of people who have died in Emmerdale at http://www.emmerdale.tk Mark Hughes moved into Emmerdale with his mother and sister, in 1988. In 1989 he decided to run away to Germany to be with his father, but only got as far as Hull. Instead of going to university, in 1992 Mark took a job as a handyman in the holiday village. Mark died in the plane crash along with others in the village. He was identified by the 1930's watch that Annie had given him.

Died: 30th Dec 1993

Glenda MacKay's 's brother in real life, Craig McKay, played her screen brother, Mark Hughes. He was killed off in the plane crash in 1993.



The Huges - Rachel, Mark and mother Kate arrive in 1988

the following provided by Paul Berridge, is is based on a profile in the book "The Emmerdale Family Album" (by Michael Heatly and Published by Boxtree Paperback - 30 June, 1995 ):-

Craig McKay joined the cast of Emmerdale in 1988 with his sister Glenda who played Rachel Tate. Craig who was just 15 at the time had already appeared in the Yorkshire Television series The Book Tower and How We Used To Live.
Born in November 1973, Mark was once considered the model son, until his troublesome teenage years coincided with his mother's relationship with Joe Sugden. Although he opted to remain in Emmerdale under the nominal control of his stepfather after Kate left both the marriage and the village, he remained prone to immature actions.
He ran away in January 1989 after discovering that his mother wanted them to live with Joe. He got as far as Hull, en route to to his father in Germany. Then David Hughes alerted Kate and he was brought home, but this was only after the entire village had searched the fells for him. He tried to get his parents back together on several occasions, and reacted badly to being clipped round the ear by Joe during the 1989 harvest for messing about with a gun.
In January 1990, he and some friends tried trapping mink with illegal and dangerous snares, but only succeeded in trapping Lucy the puppy. Being allowed in the pub with Rachel and older friends, he was desperate to prove his manhood by drinking alcohol. Again, he got into trouble.
He was then discovered, first by Rachel and then by Sarah, to be shoplifting, taking things he didn't need. His eventual arrest and warning at the police station was followed by his mother collapsing and having a miscarriage.
Mark obtained eight GCSE passes and, after initially expressing a desire to join the army in his father's footsteps, stayed on at school to study for 'A' levels in Art, Technical Drawing and English. But he reverted to type by refusing to turn up for his last exams - much to the disgust of girlfriend Melanie Clifford, whom he lost along with a promised place at Glasgow University.
It was the latest in a long line of problems and troubles. These had included letting his friends run up debts on telephone chatlines, a misfortune which led to him working at the Woolpack and neglecting his studies. (Annie eventually paid the bill once the extent of his folly was revealed.) He couldn't seem to hold down a job for long, working at the Holiday Village - where his job brought the 'perk' of a holiday romance with an older woman, Lisa - and as assistant gamekeeper with Seth, until he got bored.
Despite his many shortcomings, Mark did have a sense of fun. It was this which led to him organizing events like the summer 1992 sheep race - run by lambs rejoicing in the names of Woolly jumper, Red Ram and Mutton jeff. He also arranged the following year's fell race, a challenge between the youth of the village (including Mark and new girlfriend Debbie Buttershaw) and sister Rachel's 'townie' friends from Leeds. Unfortunately, Lorraine Nelson was bribed to move the signs, and mountain rescue teams had to be called to search out the misdirected runners.
He got much closer to Joe over the years, and his stepfather was devastated when his insistence that the boy return a vacuum cleaner borrowed from Lynn Whiteley resulted in him being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a large section of the Eastern European airliner came down on Whiteley's farm. Mark was identified by the 1930s vintage watch his step-grandmother Annie had given him.

From Emmerdale Farm Days, Mark Hughes fan card.Mark Hughes with dog, fan card circa 1989-1991Mark Hughes circa 1992-1993

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