Updated: 20th September 2003

Rodney with the two Mrs. Blackstocks - Maureen and Diane

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Character: Maureen Blackstock

Married: Rodney Blackstock (Now divorced)

Appeared: 2nd – 10th October 2001

Played by: Joanna Monro


Maureen turned up in the village for the marriage of her daughter Nicola to Carlos. One person Maureen didn’t get on with was Rodney’s other ex-wife Diane. They clashed, especially over Maureen’s choice of entertainment for Nicola’s hen night – a magician. But Diane wound Maureen up on the hen night, when the stripper the lads were expecting turned up asking for directions. She sent the magician to the stag party and let the stripper join in on the hen night. At the wedding Maureen was Nicola’s shoulder to cry on after the truth came out about Bernice’s affair with Carlos, just before the wedding. Maureen left the village to return to Miami later that week.

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