Michael Feldmann

Matthew Vaughan

Matthew Vaughan (Michael Feldmann) and Glenda McKay (Rachel Hughes) from the 1993 Emmerdale Calendar - when the show as trying to spice up for a younger audience.


Matthew Vaughan was born in Mexborough, South Yorkshire. He had previously appeared on T.V. in Missing Persons and the Channel Four film The Final Frame.
Matthew first appeared as Micheal Feldmann in early 1990 when the Feldmann family - Elizabeth and her two children Michael and Elsa - were about to be evicted from their farm by landlord Frank Tate. When Elizabeth told frank about their dire financial position, he said that the only solution was to sell up. And Michael found new employment at Emmerdale Farm.
Michael found himself suspected of arson when a barn conversion at Home Farm was burned down. Frank belived he was trying to gain revenge for the closure of the Feldmann's farm. But the culprit turned out to be a labourer from NY Estates called Jock McDonald.

Jock McDonald

In 1991 Michael found love with Rachel Hughes but their relationship was threatened by a one night stand he had with ZoŽ Tate. Rachel finally dumped michael in 1992.
Michael, was firmly against his mother's relationship with Eric Pollard and even knocked him down in The Woolpack. Still reeling from being dumped by fiance Rachel, Michael set his heart on becoming tenant at Winslow's Farm when George Winslow died. However Frank Tate did not consider him to be experienced enough and decided to turn it into a model farm for the residents of the Holiday Village.
The Rt Hon. Neil Kincaid's stable hand, Steve Marshal, persuaded Michael to join his gang in a robbery at Home Farm, taking all the valuables they could lay their hands on and clubbing Joe Sugden unconscious when he disturbed them.
Eric Pollard showed a rare sign of being community-minded by posing as a dodgy dealer to meet the gang as they tried to offload the goods and tipping off the police, who arrested them. Although Michael, who dissociated himself from the robbery, was not with the others, the long arm of the law still found him. His mother married Pollard on 6 October 1992, not knowing that her groom already had a wife. As the couple left church, the police arrived to arrest Michael. He was later jailed for four months.
Elizabeth was about to tell the police of Eric's cheque fraud scam on the day of the plane crash. He would have gone to jail if found guilty. She was killed in the crash but Michael accused Pollard of murdering her.
Michael's allegations were never substantiated but during a row he thumped Pollard, who fell to the floor unconscious. Not knowing whether his stepfather was dead or alive, Michael fled in Pollards car, which was later found at the airport. Pollard who survived the assault, was relieved that Michael might now be out of the country.
Michael hasn't been seen or heard of since...........but will Eric's worst nightmare return to haunt him one day?

Matthew joins Crossroads

Crossroads' Sarah-Jane is about to get a nasty shock, when Jill's illegitimate son ("Matthew Mortimer") from way back, is about to sweep into the hotel and challenge her to the rights to Jill's Crossroads share.

Played by former Emmerdale star Matthew Vaughan he makes his debut in August.

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