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Edward ("Ned") Glover

Played by Johnny Leeze

Born: 4 September 1947

Married Jan 10 October 1971

Father of Dave, Linda and Roy.

See also IMDB entry for Johnny Leeze (Appeared: 1994-1999, 27 July 2000, 1-2 August 2000)

Ned Glover fan card circa 1997-1998

Johnny Leeze, who plays Ned Glover also acted in Coronation Street playing Milkman Harry Clayton.

The following is taken from 25 Yeas of Emmerdale (1997) repubublsihed as "The Emmerdale Companion" (1998) by Anthony Hayward


One of a growing band of stand-up comedians who have found success as an actor, Johnny Leeze was cast in Emmerdale as Ned Glover. He arrived with his wife and three children, living in a caravan after losing their leasehold farm, and was immediately involved in the action when challenged to a bare-knuckle fight with Zak Dingle, which Ned won. The storyline reminded Johnny of his youth in a South Yorkshire village. 'I could relate to that,' he says. 'I got into numerous fights as a teenager. It was like the Wild West! If you had a fight with someone one week, their cousin would come for one the next week.'

Although born in York, Johnny - born John Glen - moved to a village near Rotherham when he was 13 and, two years later, began his working life as a gas fitter and plumber. He stuck with that trade until he was 34 but took to the stage as an entertainer in his early twenties, following success in a local talent contest. 'I went to the toilet and someone put my name up,' he recalls. 'I won my heat and came second in the finals. I loved it. I got a real buzz from it. The guy who won it, Johnny Dixon, got me on a roadshow at £5 a night for a year. There was a band, and I went on as the comedian. I was doing the day job at the same time.

'Then I met Geoff Lee, a vocalist going nowhere fast, and I was a comedian going nowhere fast, so we formed a duo, Geoff and Johnny Lee. After about a year, Geoff decided to jack it in and become a publican. I continued to fulfil our bookings by myself, also doing the singing, and turned professional in 1972. I struggled like hell for the first year. Then I worked in the north-east and Scotland - the really hard clubs.

'The most embarrassing moment was when I was complring at Bunny's Place, in Cleethorpes, where I now live. They had all the big acts and a 16-piece orchestra. On that first night, Bruce Forsyth was appearing there. In the afternoon, they had a band-call and I sang to them while walking up and down a catwalk. At 9.00 pm, the band struck up and I was really nervous. When I stepped out on to the stage, singing "What Kind of Fool Am I?", I was blinded by arc lamps. I went for the catwalk, but they hadn't used it and I fell off the stage. All the audience thought it was part of the act!'

But Johnny's career as a comedian went from strength to strength and in 1976, while appearing at Starbeck Social Club, near Harrogate, he was spotted by a leading northern agent. He was signed up and a couple of days later found himself with an acting job - as an extra in Emmerdale Farm, as it then was. Johnny continued working as a comedian in clubs and an extra on television, where he soon rose to take speaking parts.

He appeared in series such as Open All Hours, Last of the Summer Wine and Juliet Bravo before landing the role of milkman Harry Clayton in Coronation Street. 'Afterwards, television went quiet for about three years and I concentrated on the clubs.' He later returned to television, taking various parts in All Creatures Great and Small, followed by a string of roles in episodes of Last of the Summer Wine, Stay Luck) Chimera, Resnick, Heartbeat, Harry, Cracker, Seaforth and Common As Muck. Then, in 1994, he was lucky enough to land the part of Ned Glover in Emmerdale.

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