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Nick Bates

Cy Chadwick

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Nick Bates early Emmerdale Farm days Nick Bates early 90s Nick Bates mid 1990s signed by Cy Chadwick

Appeared: 1985-1996
3 September 1969
Never Married
Brother of Kathy Bates/Merrick/Tate/Glover
Father of Alice Bates (whose mother was Elsa Feldmann)
Parents:Caroline Wood/Bates & Malcolm Bates divorced 1985

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). This is one of those profiles - although the coloured boxes have been added.

See also Alice Bates, as there is a lot about Nick in that profile.

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Archie, Alice & Nick 1992

Archie, Alice and Nick, pictured in 1992.

Paul Berridge: Written in 1999

When Cy Chadwick left Emmerdale three years ago after a decade in the rural soap, he had no idea what the future held.

But he needn't have worried. For he has never been busier - on the other side of the camera. He directed Channel 5's docusoap A&E about the casualty department of a Leeds hospital and produced and directed two documentary series for Yorkshire
'I've really worked my butt off,' laughs 30-year-oid Cy. 'I thought Emmerdale was hard work, but it's nothing compared to the other side of the camera.' He was written out of the soap when farm worker Nick Bates was jailed for life for the shooting of a poacher. But after a surprise call from Emmerdale bosses single dad Nick came back in September with a dramatic storyine involving his screen daughter Alice (Rachel Tolboys). 'It was so weird putting on Nick's clothes again,' he smiles. 'I'm glad they still fit! 'It was also strange fitting back into the role, but it's like riding a bike - you never forget how to do it. 'I missed my Emmerdale friends while I was away. But time went quick because I never stopped working.'
Cy joined Emmerdale as a lad of 15. It's to believe that was so many years ago,' he shrugs. But growing up in front of the camera took its toll. 'I missed a huge part of my adolescence,' he says. 'I never did a lot of the normal things that growing lads do because I was always aware of the responsibility of the job. I did rebel to some extent although I took my job very seriously.' Although Cy was said to earn 1,000 a week, he found it impossible to save. 'In my first few years in Emmerdale, I went through all the cash I earned,' he says. 'I bought stupid things for the sake of it. I couldn't see any responsibility at the end of the tunnel.' Heart-throb Cy hit the headlines with stories about blowing 100,000 on boozing and gambling.
But its very different now. He has a mortgage, a cat, grows tomatoes - and is laying down a champagne cellar. 'I love bubbly,' he admits. "I have amassed a good cellar with bottles I bring back from across the Channel. My aim buy a little cottage or farm in the Champagne area of France. 'But Cy has yet to find anyone with whom to share his dream home. 'People in this business have difficulty holding down a steady relationship,' he says. 'If you're luky enough to crack it, then you're in a minority.'
However, he loves children and would dearly like some of his own one day. 'My sister's got three and my brother has one, too,' he says. 'I just adore them. Cy's liking for children goes back to the days when Nick worked with little Alice - the sceen daughter he brought up sinle handed after winning cusody from her mum Elsa. She was always very bright,' he adds. 'Even at four-and-a-half, she used to know I was 'daddy Nick' but that was just T.V.
Ironically, it was through Emmerdale that he became a producer and director. 'Yorkshire TV sponsored me for two National Film School courses, which they obviously wouldn't have done if had not been in Emmerdale,' he says.
'I was always interested in working behind the camera. In fact, it often got me into trouble. I regularly got my hands slapped for spending so much time peeping behind the scenes. I was obsessed with wanting to see how it all worked. So I did something about it!'

Kathy went to visit Nick in prison in 1999 to sort out Alice's future - she ended up moving to Australia with her mother Elsa!

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