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Nicola Blackstock

1st Appeared: 10 January 2001 -

Played by: Nicola Wheeler

Nicola as of 2004

Younger Daughter of Rodney from his 2nd marriage to Maureen

Engaged to Simon Meredith

half-sister of Bernice Thomas (nee Blackstock)

Nicola was delighted to discover on 21 September 2004 she had a half-brother Paul Lambert (who Nicola had previously believed to be no relation of hers although she thought he was a 1st cousin of her half-sister Bernice).

Revealed around the 12 August 2002 to be 24 years old. The Little Book of Emmerdale (2002) confirmed that she was born 1978

Nicola's parents

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Baby Gabby's Christening - from L to R Nicola, Ashley, Bernice, Gabby, Rodney and his 1st wife (and Bernice's mum) Diane

In October 2001 Nicola was due to marry chef Carlos Diaz.  Seen here getting ready with bestfriend Emily and sister Bernice and Mum Maureen in the background.

In 2001 Nicola had told Carlos Diaz she was pregnant so he would marry her. However what Nicola didn't know was that Carlos had had an affair with Nicola's married sister Bernice Thomas. There was to be no wedding when the truth came out about his affair with Bernice and that Nicola wasn't pregnant (which is the only reason why Carlos was going to marry Nicola).

From YTV EMMERDALE Thursday 4 October 2001 at 7.00pm on ITV Network Nicola (NICOLA WHEELER) - right finally learns the truth about Bernice (SAMANTHA GILES) and Carlos (GARY TURNER).