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Nicola Blackstock

Nicola Wheeler

Younger Daughter of Rodney and his 2nd wife Maureen
half-sister of Bernice Thomas

Nicola's parents

Revealed around the 12 August 2002 to be 24 years old.
The Little Book of Emmerdale (2002) confirmed that she was born 1978

Played by Nicola Wheeler (the link will take you her IMDB entry)

1st Appeared: 10 January 2001 -

[Profile for Nicola Blackstock from former Official Site (removed in 2002)

Played by Nicola Wheeler
First Appearance on 10th January 2001 
Family; Father is Rodney Blackstock and Bernice is her half sister


Nicola and Bernice meet for the first time, they make firm friends. Nicola is besotted with Darren, her ski instructor boyfriend, but he prefers to play the field, and Bernice intercepts a postcard that indicates he has been unfaithful. Bernice eventually tells her.
She soon starts a fling with Andrew Fraser. She declares undying love to him but he betrays her and she calls her dad.

Rodney arrives and is gunning for Andrew; he seeks him out at home farm and punches him in the face. Nicola helps Carlos out in the kitchen and he makes her laugh. Romance soon blossoms. But Carlos only has eyes for Bernice. Soon after Bernice arranges for Nicola to move into the pub. Carlos and Bernice start an affair.

He becomes increasingly distracted with Bernice and Nicola wonders what she has done. She asks her dad to rent a cottage in the village and surprises Carlos by telling him they are moving in together.

He is horrified and ends the relationship. Nicola is devastated and goes away for a while. Emily lets slip that Nicola might be pregnant. Carlos canít believe it. Meanwhile Bernice has fallen pregnant again and chooses Ashley over Carlos. In response, he proposes to a shocked Nicola. She accepts and begins planning the wedding. But they didnt quite make it down the isle as Bernice told Carlos she wasnt pregnant and he revealled to all he had been having an affair with her half sister Bernice.


Nasty Nicola

Tuesday | 27.05.03

Nicola gets into a fight with Syd

Emmerdale's Nicola Blackstock is turning into an evil soap baddy.

The scheming receptionist is furious that her cleaning business partner Laurel Potts has found a new job behind the Woolpack's busy bar.

So Nicola decides to sabotage Laurel's job to get her back on the cleaning rounds.

Actress Charlotte Bellamy - who plays loopy Laurel - explains, "Nicola is like the school bully - one of those girls who sees a friend getting on well and does their best to muck it up for them.

"She can see how Laurel is blossoming behind the bar and is jealous because she's not a part of it. So she starts scuppering her at every turn. She pretends she's been shortchanged, pours tequila in someone's pint, and generally makes Laurel look foolish."

"By the end of the day she feels awful - it's a mixture of disbelief that all these things could have happened, and acceptance that this is what her life is like, because she's used to things going wrong."

Will Nicola succeed in destroying Laurel's confidence forever?

Pure Soap 1st July 2003

I m a bitch and I like it!

Nicola Wheeler who plays Nicola Blackstock

Nicola Blackstock has turned into a prize bitch in Emmerdale and Nicola Wheeler, the actress who plays her, couldn't be happier!
The vet's receptionist - who just happens to hate animals - has cut a swathe through the Dales village, lying, cheating and scheming and proving to be a thoroughly nasty piece of work.
And Nicola just wouldn't have it any other way.
" My first months in the soap, I was actually getting pretty bored with her," she told Inside Soap magazine.
" When she first arrived she was more of a victim and the one who was treated badly by other people. She was just too naive for my liking . If she had stayed like that I'd probably have left."
" I must admit, if I was out for an evening with the writers, after a few drinks I would say to them, 'Please just turn her nasty!'"
The writers responded in spades and Nicola turned spectacularly bad first with a spiteful relationship with her dad's love interest Louise Appleton.
Since then she has driven Maggie Calder out of town, bedded young Robert Sugden, kept Syd Woolfe in his sick bed for her own lusty ends and made poor Laurel Potts's life a misery.
It is a story actors tell time and again - there's far more to get your teeth into with a nasty part than a nice, bland one.


Back In Blackstock

Wednesday | 02.07.03

Emmerdale’s Nicola Blackstock makes an indiscreet admission about father Rodney.

The troublesome secretary turns to her wealthy father yet again tonight in an effort to save her ailing cleaning business from collapse.

But unwitting Nicola, delighted that once again her doting dad is willing to bail her out, has no idea of the consequences of her boasting.

Nicola is used to being the only woman in her father’s life. He has spoilt her rotten and still treats her like a princess, despite the fact she is a grown woman.

But when local schemer Steph Stokes overhears how Rodney is bankrolling Nicola, she hits upon a new idea of how to improve her life.

The brunette bombshell decides that all her financial problems would be solved if only she could make Rodney fall in love with her.

And if she is successful, the union is bound to horrify Nicola, who counts Steph among her least favourite people in the village.

ITV.COM Lip Service

Monday | 26.01.04

Emmerdale's Nicola Blackstock hates the attention lavished on sister Bernice.

The blonde local has an awkward relationship with her older sibling thanks to cheating Bernice's affair with her one-time fiance Carlos Diaz.

Although the dust has settled on the devastating incident, Nicola is unwilling to forgive and forget what Bernice did to her. And her feelings of jealousy are sparked once again this week, when latest love interest compliments flame-haired Bernice.

Simon the fishmonger is an unlikely suitor for picky Nicola, but she has grown very fond of him. After a cosy evening with pals Emily and Paddy, the pair make their way to Mill Cottage - where Simon meets Bernice for the first time.

Reminded of her previous boyfriend's penchant for the former Woolpack landlady, Nicola confesses her feelings of insecurity to lovable Simon - who warmly assures her she has nothing to worry about.

And when Nicola rewards his kindness with a passionate kiss, it seems that the odd twosome may well have a future together.


ITV.COM Love In A Cod Climate

Tuesday | 27.01.04

Emmerdale's Nicola Blackstock has fallen for her latest love interest.

The blonde vetinary receptionist has had her fair share of embarrassing romantic disasters but fishmonger Simon could be the man for her.

Despite her first impressions, Nicola has found that Simon is a really positive influence on her life. Having already got her out of many scrapes and generally putting up with her surly behaviour, the kindly local's passion for Nicola remains undimmed.

But Nicola has been holding back her own feelings for him. Although they shared a romantic kiss last week, Nicola is unwilling to give out her affections too easily. She was badly hurt when fiancé Carlos Diaz left her for sister Bernice and she has yet to recover her self-confidence.

However, Simon has captured her emotions and she is unable to get him out of her head. So she seeks the advice of close pal Emily Kirk. Emily wants to see her flighty friend happy and is certain that lovable Simon is just the man to match her.

Will Nicola be willing to put her fears aside and give their burgeoning romance a go?


2nd February 2004
Simon and Nicola

ITV.COM A Chance To Shine
Thursday | 20.05.04

Emmerdale's Nicola Blackstock gets invited to a high school reunion.

The blonde local is delighted with the plan as she hopes to prove what a success she is to her former schoolmates.

Nicola has always strived to be the best at whatever she does. Although working in the vets and running her cleaning business is a modest achievement, Nicola has a lot to be proud of.

But the school reunion also offers Nicola the chance to prove herself a winner in love - except doting boyfriend Simon Meredith doesn't fit the bill. When they first met it took fussy Nicola weeks to admit her attraction to the happy-go-lucky fish monger.

So the prospect of taking her real life lover to face the old acquaintances who bullied her at school doesn't appeal to snobbish Nicola. Instead she decides to conceal the event from him and find herself a drop dead gorgeous man to hang on her arm.

Will Nicola be able to carry off the deception?

ITV.COM Birds Of A Feather

Tuesday | 25.05.04

Emmerdale's Sadie King and Nicola Blackstock strike up a friendship.

The two blondes both want something from the other one - Nicola wants a business contract and Sadie wants gossip on nemesis Charity.

Ever since Sadie arrived in the village she has been desperate to find out everything she can about scheming Charity. Following her interesting chat with Charity's dimwitted cousin Sam Dingle, Sadie has already got a very good idea of the sort of person Charity is, but her thirst for information has yet to be quenched.

Luckily for Sadie, there is no shortage of gossips in Emmerdale - and Nicola has a particular enthusiasm for telling tales. So when Sadie and her enjoy a celebratory glass of wine at Holdgate Farm - where Nicola has just been given a lucrative cleaning contract - the ditzy local is glad to get it all off her chest.

Armed with yet more scandal on Charity, Sadie decides to up her quest to split up the burgeoning romance between the pair.

Has Charity finally met her match?


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