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Olivia ("Ollie") Reynolds
(17 June) 1999 - 1 October 2003)

Vicky Binns

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early Ollie Reynolds fan card circa 2000

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Character: Ollie Reynolds
Parents: Angie and Sean Reynolds
Sibling: Marc, older brother
Age: Born: 11 August 1985
First Appearance: 17th June 1999
Last Apperance: 1st October 2003

Played by: Vicky Binns

The Reynolds family in August 2001 celebrate Ollie's 16th birthday - from L to R; Marc, Sean, Len, Ollie and Angie


Ollie arrived in the village in summer 1999, and instantly came across as the tomboy of the Reynolds family. Ollie got herself into a lot of trouble in autumn 1999 including various scams with Zak Dingle and getting drunk, leading to Mandy Dingle getting sent to prison for three months.
Ollie was convinced her parents didn’t care about her because they were always working, and ran away from home in 2000. She was hiding out in the Sugdens barn. After returning home, Ollie was shocked to learn about her fathers affair with Lady Tara. She hated her parents even more, and continued to be led off the rails by Cain Dingle.

In 2001 she continued to fall for Cain, and they got closer. Ollie was very unaware that Cain was only after her to get at Angie. Ollie even slept with Cain, and when the truth came out about why Cain was chasing Ollie, she left home and moved in with the Daggerts. Ollie kept getting closer to Danny, and tried to repair her relationship with Angie. Eventually Ollie moved home. But in September 2001 seven teenagers, including her older brother Marc were involved in the hit and run of their head teacher. At first the gang tried to hide their involvement, but Ollie broke down and revealed all to Danny. Marc confessed and the others were all taken into custody. Marc was sent to prison for a year, and Ollie was devastated. Her friendship with Danny continued to grow, although Latisha speculated that Danny might be gay.

Eventually Ollie started dating Danny and the relationship got serious. As the months went on Danny and Ollie became more and more serious. Ollie was devastated when, while she was away at her father and Tara’s engagement party, her mother was killed in a car crash, caused by Ollie’s one time boyfriend Cain Dingle. The pain was made even more worse by the fact that Ollie had fought with her mother over Cain before Angie’s death. After his family left the village Danny moved in with Ollie and Len, into the Reynolds home.
But later Ollie moved out as Chris Tate tried to buy the house for a development he was planning.

About Vicky Binns:
Vicky, sometimes credited as Victoria, was born in 1981 in Lancashire. She got her first TV role in 1998, playing Tash in ITV children’s dram series, Children’s Ward. Just like Ollie, Tash was a tomboy who caused a lot of trouble. In June 1999 we saw Vicky playing Ollie for the first time. Her other credit is playing Anne-Marie in a small BBC mini-series called Nature Boy in 2000.

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Played by Vicky Binns
First Appearance on 17 June 1999

Zak Dingle impresses Ollie with stories of past glory, and he invites her to participate in various scams, knowing that her mother, Angie, is a policewoman. At the summer fair, Ollie gets drunk and passes out, leading to Mandy Dingles arrest, and subsequent jail term.
Convinced that her parents don’t care, Ollie disobeys them and also ignores Andy, a local boy who makes a clumsy attempt at seduction.

Sean and Angie agree to let Ollie socialise. She repays them by being caught shoplifting. Shortly after, her parents are asked to attend a meeting with her teacher, and are told their daughter is the ringleader of a vicious gang. Ollie is expelled.
Ollie runs away from home and sleeps in the Sugdens Barn. Cain excites Ollie by revealing he broke in and left her a bracelet. Angie is unnerved when Cain menaces her, revealing that he’s been in the house before.
Ollie is distraught when she finds out about her dad’s affair with Lady Tara. She hates her mum for throwing him out of the house and destroying the family.

After a string of unsuccessful dates, Ollie falls for the attentions of Cain Dingle, whose gallantry makes a refreshing change. But it hides a dark secret: Cain is using her to get back at Angie, his former lover. After her grandad catches them in bed together, Ollie is devastated and runs away.
She is taken in by Danny Daggert, and stays with his family. But the teenagers are involved in a terrible accident, killing their head teacher. They try to conceal their guilt, but eventually Ollie cracks under pressure and confesses everything to Danny.

Ollie Reynolds Fan card circa 2001-2002

ITV.COM Ollie’s Revision Hell

Friday | 23.05.03


Emmerdale youngster Ollie Reynolds is getting no peace to study.

The troubled schoolgirl is desperate to do well in her exams but those around her are being insensitive to her work needs.

At first, when she was having to cope with her boyfriend Danny and granddad Len’s messiness, Ollie felt it was all getting a bit too much. But she soldiered on figuring things could only get better.

However, since the furore over Stephen Butler’s sexuality, Ollie has kindly offered furious Katie a place to stay to get space from homophobic boyfriend Andy.

But now things at the house are getting ridiculous. Having made up with Andy, Katie is now letting him share her room and there is no room for Ollie to revise.

Tonight Ollie thinks there is light at the end of the tunnel when the pair decide to move on. But there plan to find a room of their own serves to infuriate Andy’s adopted dad Jack Sugden – who makes it clear that they are no longer welcome at his farm.

Will Ollie be called upon to help out her friends once again?


The Sun's Guide To The Soaps 16th June 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Danny is horrified to discover Ollie is using drugs. When he asks her, Ollie denies it, but Danny finds a film case containing powder in her school bag - and his worst fears are confirmed.

“Ollie has been through a lot,” says Vicky Binns, who plays the troubled schoolgirl. “Her family broke up and her mother was killed - she hasn’t come to terms with it. Plus she’s been studying for her A-levels and going out with Danny.

“Ollie’s not the type to ask for help, so she turned to drugs to ease the pressure. She tries to concentrate on her exams, then she realises she’s missed a page of questions in one exam and is devastated.

“She goes to her mum’s grave and struggles to keep herself together. When Danny turns up, he asks her about drugs, but she can’t admit what she’s doing. This is a difficult time for Ollie. It’s no wonder Danny’s worried.”

ITV.COM Ollie's drug hell

Wednesday | 18.06.03

Danny tries to get to the bottom of Ollie's problems

Stressed out Ollie Reynolds is resorting to desperate measures tonight.
Unable to find enough time to tidy her home and study for her exams, Ollie has been using speed to help her cope.

And, inexplicably, her predicament had gone unnoticed by boyfriend Danny Daggart or grandfather Len. But Danny has been getting suspicious about his girlfriend's erratic behaviour in the last few days.

The kindly antiques worker decides the best way to tackle the situation is to confront his pretty lover with an accusation of drug taking – and her defensive manner suggests that Danny has hit the nail on the head.

But Vicky Binns – who plays the troubled youngster – believes that losing her mother has pushed Ollie into this dangerous situation.

She explains, "Ollie's not taking speed for the usual reasons that you associate drug-taking with. She's not depressed or doing it because she thinks it's cool

"She's just got so much to do, and needs something to help her through it all. Her mum always wanted her to do well at school, so she sees the exams as a way to make things up to Angie. She's doing it for her dead mother."

ITV.COM Danny's Dilemma

Thursday | 19.06.03

Danny finds Ollie at her mother's grave

Emmerdale's Danny Daggart is faced with a difficult decision tonight.
The loyal lad has been worried that his stressed out girlfriend Ollie Reynolds has turned to taking drugs to help her cope.

Having tried to confront the situation head on, Danny was left despairing by Ollie's ferocious response – and he is worried the problem may be getting serious.

His worst fears are confirmed when he goes through his loved one's belongings and discovers some speed. At the moment he uncovers the stash, Ollie's grandfather Len walks in.

And actress Vicky Binns – who plays the troubled teenager – is convinced Ollie will be distraught that her secret is out.

She says, "She's been really selfish about the whole thing and not really thinking about her family, but she definitely didn't want them to find out. I guess she's a little embarrassed about it.

“She thinks that once the exams are over she'll stop, and nobody need ever have known."


Teletext 22nd June 2003 Ollie and drugs From teletext

Susan's Soap Solution
by Teletext agony aunt Susan Quilliam
This week I'm looking at the problem of life stress causing drug use.

Like many teenagers Emmerdale's Ollie Reynolds has been under exam stress lately and that's on top of the recent trauma of her mother's unexpected death.

But Ollie thinks she's found a way to cope — she's started taking speed to keep her going through the exam period. Luckily boyfriend Danny discovers what she's doing.

Is there any hope for the unhappy teenager?

She is unusual. Many people take drugs for deep reasons. They are low in self-esteem or want to be part of the in-crowd.

Ollie is starting to use drugs in response to a particular situation. To get her through a stressful time when she desperately wants to succeed. In fact, drugs won't help. Speed increases energy short term but can be dangerous.

It can cause exhaustion, depression, panic and even mental illness in the longer term.

Danny is shocked when he discovers Ollie's habit but his experience of living in a druggy area means he is not freaked out by it.

He knows he needs to listen to her, understand why she's using speed and support her to get things sorted. This is more helpful than grandad Len's threats.

The main thing she needs in order to stop taking drugs is for the exam pressure to drop and her self-belief to rise.

Luckily for her, both these things start to happen.

Her exams finish, the tension lifts and she gets a job with Paddy Kirk, which makes her feel good about herself.

With Danny's support, she may well get through her tricky patch.

If life is too much for you, drugs are not the answer. Get support from people around you to cope better, or to give yourself a break.

If you know someone who's taking drugs, or you are yourself, then you need to help to find out what's happening and get the situation sorted.

Call the National Drugs helpline on 0800 77 66 00for practical advice and emotional support.


"... Troubled teenager Ollie Reynolds, played by 20-year-old Vicky Binns, will leave the show later this year, bosses add. She has decided to move on after four years in the soap.

Emmerdale, Monday 11th August 2003 at 7pm on ITV1 Network Pictured: Danny (CLEVELAND CAMPBELL) organises a secret party to celebrate Ollie's (VICKY BINNS) 18th birthday.
 Thursday 25 September 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Ollie is offered a place at university but struggles to tell her boyfriend Danny. Pictured: Ollie Reynolds (VICKI BINNS).


Auf Wiedersehen Ollie

Tuesday | 30.09.03

Ollie and Danny say goodbye

Emmerdale's favourite teenager Ollie Reynolds leaves the Dales this week.

Actress Vicky Binns has decided to leave the soap after a very successful four years to seek her fortune in pastures new.

Poor Ollie has had a very rough ride during her brief residence in Emmerdale. She has had to watch her beloved parents split up after dad Sean had a passionate affair with toff Lady Tara. Then she and her brother Marc were in a horrific car crash with other pals and Mark went to prison after it was revealed he was driving the vehicle.

Ollie fell for the charms of bad boy Cain Dingle who slept with her as a way to get back at love interest Angie - Ollie's own mother! The romance proved deadly when policewoman Angie got involved with Cain again and ended up dying in a horror smash while racing to catch the criminal Dingle.

Fortunately, Ollie eventually found love and stability with long-term boyfriend Danny Daggert and set up home with him and granddad Len.

And Vicky is delighted that her final storyline in the show is a positive one. Ollie will leave for Manchester University on Wednesday.

Vicky laughs, "She deserves to leave on a high. I think she'd crumble if anything else bad happened to her."

EMMERDALE Wednesday 1 October 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Danny (CLEVELAND CAMPBELL) says goodbye to an emotional Ollie (VICKY BINNS) as she leaves the village for a new life at university.

About Vicky Binns

Latest Ollie Reynolds fan card circa 2003 signed by Vicky Binns

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is one of those profiles.© 2001

Actress Vicky Binns, who plays Ollie Reynolds, says her character is, in part, modelled on childhood memories.Vicky and her best friend were key figures at the local youth club near Lancashire, where they grew up."I suppose I've modelled Ollie on that a bit," she says. "Sometimes I read the scripts and think 'I remember when my best friend did that' and it just triggers a memory in the back of my mindVicky has taken part in pantomime at The Met Arts Centre in Bury for the last five years.

Ollie's history
1999 Unlike her upright citizen of a brother, Marc, Ollie was a real wild child. After her family moved next door to the dodgy Dingles, she struck up a friendship with petty thief and poacher Zak. Her police sergeant mum, Angie, was furious, but she had to thank Zak when Ollie was nearly electrocuted. Zak saved her from the resulting fire.
2000 Ollie was expelled from school after heading a gang of petty thieves and she ran away from home. She ended up taking refuge in the Sugden's barn, plotting to head for London. Andy Hopwood helped her hide, but she eventually returned home.
2001 Just as she was starting to settle down her life was rocked by her parent's break-up. Her dad Sean had been having an affair with Lady Tara and a distraught Ollie phoned her granddad Len to come an help out.

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