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Peggy Skilbeck (nee Sugden)


Jo Kendall

Appeared: 16 October 1972- 16 July 1973

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(nee Sugden) daughter of Annie & Jacob.
B. 28 August 1948
married: Matt Skilbeck in 1968
Died: 16th July 1973
Mother of twins Sam & Sally Skilbeck

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The very first word's uttered in Emmerdale Farm were "Matt, who's that?" Spoken by Peggy Skilbeck to husband Matt Skilbeck. She was refering to Marion Wilks, who was in the distance on horseback.


Just three months after giving birth to twins, Peggy died of a brain hemorrhage. She was buried in the graveyard next to her father Jacob. Peggy was married to Matt Skilbeck who worked on the farm. They had recently moved into Hawthorn Cottage, the first time she and Matt had had a home of their own.

At just 3 years old Peggy and Malt's twins died in a car crash with their aunt whom they had been staying with since the death of their mother. The car was in collision of a train at a level crossing. On the twins death Peggy's share of the arm passed to Matt.

Peggy Sugden, daughter of Jacob and Annie Sugden, married Matt Skilbeck in 1968.
The first line spoken in Emmerdale Farm was by Jo Kendall, who, as Peggy Skilbeck, said to her husband, 'Matt, who's she?' Peggy was wondering who the mystery blonde was, riding a horse and watching the cortège on the way to Jacob Sugden's funeral. It was, in fact, Henry Wilks' daughter Marian.
In April 1973 Peggy gave birth to twins, Samual and Sally.
Peggy died on the 16th of July 1973 of a brain haemorrhage. The twins were killed in a car accident two and a half years later.

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