Pete Whiteley

Pete Whiteley

Pete Whiteley

Born: 6 July ?
16 August 1990
Jim Millea
Appeared circa 1989-1990
Lynn Whiteley
Wife of Pete IMDB entry for Fionnuala Ellwood who played Lynn (1989-1994)
Bill Whiteley

Father of Pete

Born: 31 October 1918
Died: 30th July 1991

Teddy Turner who played Bill (circa 1989-1991)
Peter Whiteley Jr
b. 28 August 1990, son of Pete & Lynn Sam Walker played Peter Jnr (1990-1994)

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Lynn and son Peter eary 90s

the following (in this white box) is a profile in the book "The Emmerdale Family Album" (by Michael Heatly and Published by Boxtree Paperback - 30 June, 1995 ):-


The village has seen its share of bad boys over the years. Yet few have upset the apple-cart quite as dramatically as Pete Whitclcy, the man whose amorous, adulterous designs on teenager Rachel Hughes ended abruptly when her mother Kate accidentally ran him down.

Pete Whiteley made his first appearance as a friend of Jackie Merrick. A salesman by profession, he had appropriately been blessed with the gift of the gab one he was apt to use on pretty girls as well as prospective customers of the agricultural supplies firm he worked for. Lynn, whom he married, was one of the former. They made their home at Whiteley's Farm, owned by his father Bill - a morbid character so obsessed by death that his conversation rendered people near-suicide.

The affair between Pete and schoolgirl Rachel began in August 1989. Initially, he was happy to enjoy Rachel's favours; it was a much-needed boost to the ego, and it did him good to feel the dominant partner in a relationship, given Lynn's ability to get her own way. But Rachcl's physical commitment made their aflair, in her eyes anyvay, a whole lot more serious. Pete panicked, feeling things were getting out of hand, and ended the relationship at the village bonfire party' in November. His timing had been perfect, because shortly afterwards Lynn announced she was expecting their first child.

Rachel managed to resume her 'A' level studies and gain the grades she needed for university, but Pete couldn't leave her alone. Drawn like a moth to a flame, he returned to the village in August, but found Rachel an altogether different proposition from the dizzy schoolgirl he'd bedded mere months before. She was now the dominant character, in control of both her emotions and the relationship.

One summer's evening thcy wcnt for a drink - but Rachel, seeing Pete had been consuming rather too much alcohol (another Whitclcy failing), confiscated his car keys. While making his unsteady way back to collect them, he was knocked down and killed by Kate, who was driving home along the Robblcsfield Road after a night out with an old fricnd, Fran.

Pete's death devastated his father and wife. It also split the Hughes family in two: Kate was charged five days later with causing death by reckless driving. Nor would the story go away: a lurid account of Pete and Rachel's affair appeared in a Sunday tabloid the following month, scandalizing the village. Although life went on, Pete Whiteley still cast a shadow from beyond the grave.

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