Updated 27th May 2004

Richie Carter

Glenn Lamont

Glenn Lamont almost singed to play for Barnsley Football Club before landing the roll of Richie Carter.
27 year old Glenn Lamont has been a Leeds supporter since he was six years old.


One of Richie's first encounters in Emmerdale was with a drunken Viv Windsor, who tried to lure him back to her house for a 'coffee'. He escaped her attentions and instead turned his talents to computing, starting up a business with fellow young entrepreneur - and Viv's son - Scott.
Richie moved in with the Sugden family. His encounter with Viv the year before did not put him off older women and he fell head over heels for Jack Sugden's wife, Sarah. The couple started a passionate affair, but were eventually caught out by Jack.


Glenn was a professional model before joining Emmerdale and was a familiar face in glossy magazines. Not that modelling and acting have been his only career choices.
He might easily have become a professional footballer but he badly broke his leg during a game. Now the 25 year-old from Leeds is making his name on the small screen.
Glenn says. "The modelling was fabulous and I've travelled all over the world, But deep down he always wanted to become an actor. Being given that chance with a part in Emmerdale is just the break he hoped for.
Glenn's favourite moment playing Richie Carter was during a nightclub scene when Viv Windsor tried to chat him up but then passed out. Glenn thought it was hilarious.
Glenn's Favourite Things

Football Shirt

"I've supported Leeds United Football Club since I was about six years old. I try to go and see them play as often as I can and working on Emmerdale makes it easy for me to get to their home games. I either go with my brother or girlfriend Cheryl. She used to support Manchester United, but I've converted her! I've met quite a few of the players after matches and in bars around town. My favourite player is Harry Kewell - he's a great striker. I play myself but I broke my leg on the pitch not long ago."

Go Dive - Scuba diving course

"I was on holiday in St Kitts with Cheryl in 1999 and we went snorkelling. That was great and I decided I wanted to try scuba diving, so Cheryl surprised me by buying me a scuba diving course for christmas. You have to do three pool dives and four dives at sea as well as taking a classroom test. Then you're qualified to scuba dive anywhere in the world down to certain depth."

The Godfather

"This is my favourite film of all time. I first saw it when I was about 16 years old and I just thought "wow" I've seen it hundreds of times since then, and even though it was made nearly 30 years ago, it has never dated. Two of my favourite actors are Al Pacino and Robert De Niro - who stars in The Godfather Part 2. I would love to be in a film like that one day."


"This is Busta, my golden retriever. I got him from a breeder and he's nearly two years old now. I like walking him and sometimes, if I'm on location, I take him to work with me so he can run about in the fields. If I'm filming in the studio, one of my friends looks after him and takes him out on walks for me."


"Cheryl bought me a PlayStation for christmas three years ago. I find that playing computer games is a good way for me to relax. I usually get my mate Niall, around and I really like playing football games. I'm quite good at them - well, I can usually beat my mates anyway!"


"My Brother, Lee, bought me this watch for my 21st birthday. I always wear it except when I'm in bed or in the shower. It doesn't do anything fancy, it just tells the time, but it's got a lot of sentimental value. One day when I have kids of my own I hope to pass it on to my son."

6th March 2004 - The Sun

Tracy's new stud

Matched ... Tracy and new boy Matthew

CORRIE bitch Tracy Barlow’s new love was an Emmerdale stud.

Hunky Glenn Lamont played Sarah Sugden’s toyboy Richie Carter in the rural soap.

He will move on to the Street as Matthew, the driver for a florist where Tracy — Kate Ford — also works.

Insiders say she becomes so obsessed with him, she hides the fact that she has baby Amy.

One said: “She leaves her dad Ken and even Roy and Hayley holding Amy while she jumps in the sack. She enjoys the relationship for sex, not love.”

From Stuff.co.uk 26th March 2004

Here's another Coronation Street spoiler for you.

Super-bitch Tracy Barlow's new love was an Emmerdale stud.

GLENN LAMONT played Sarah Sugden's toyboy Richie Carter in the rural soap.

He will move on to the Street as Matthew, the driver for a florist where Tracy - KATE FORD - works.

Insiders say Tracy becomes so obsessed with him she hides the fact she has baby Amy.

One said: "She leaves her dad Ken and even Roy and Hayley holding Amy while she jumps in the sack. She enjoys the relationship for sex, not love."

Extract from The Mirror's Guide to This Week in Soaps click here to read it in full
TRACY BAGS A LAD! Apr 3 2004

She’s trying to get off with driver Matthew while Bev and Shelley get away


Let’s not be rude about Twisted Tracy’s insatiable appetite for men, but she makes the Sex And The City girls look positively virginal.

She has hungrily bedded the boyfriends of both her mum and gran and then gave birth to Steve’s love child. So is it any wonder that men cower in fear when she comes waltzing along?

Even so, her reputation still hasn’t reached the Dales. For her latest conquest is a driver called Matthew, played by Glenn Lamont, and last seen as Sarah Sugden’s drippy toyboy lover in Emmerdale.

‘One thing nobody’s ever accused me of – and that’s teasing,’ Trace pants, pouncing. ‘Now come ’ere!’

But she neglects to tell him about daughter Amy and then tries to pass off Blanche as her cleaner. So there’s little chance of intimacy – even if the word ‘scrubber’ does spring to mind.