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Roy Glover

Nicky Evans
Born: 20th April 1979

Early offiicial fan card for Roy (in circulation by the Production office circa 1994-1996) signed by Nicky Evans

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Kelly and Roy on their wedding day

Appeared: 1994 - 22 August 2000
Youngest child of Ned & Jan
Born: 20 June 1980
Married 26 or 27 May 1999: Kelly Windsor
Siblings: David and Linda

Roy Glover official fan card crca 1997-1998Roy Glover fan card circa 1999-2000

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). This is one of those profiles - although the contents of this particular box has been added.

Contrary to popular belief, Roy's hair is soft and dry and clean........er....so Kelly told me anyway.  

Nicky Evans, who has played Roy Glover since the age of 15, began his acting career at the age of six. 'There wasn't much for me to do as a kid in Bradford,' he says, 'so when my mother saw in a newspaper that children were wanted for catalogue work she sent me to get an agent. Three months later, I did my first television commercial, for Steak Express. As I did more commercials and programmes, I started enjoying it and realised that this was what I wanted to do.'
Nicky landed roles in Stay Lucky and Heartbeat, both made by Yorkshire Television, as well as in programmes such as the BBC's All Creatures Great and Small and Harry. 'I went from playing little urchins to drug-dealers and alcoholics" he says. 'In Heartbeat, three of us nearly killed a man. I played a drug addict in the "Screen Two" film Criminal It was a true story about a lad from Bradford, my home town, who gets sent to prison, where he hangs himself I played the character who burned his flat down and caused his imprisonment. I was watching the premiere of Criminal when I heard that I had got the part in Emmerdale.'
Nicky's rise up the acting ladder has been meteoric. 'When I was doing commercials,' he recalls, 'I thought I wouldn't mind doing television programmes. Two months later, I was there. Then I thought wouldn't it be good to get a film and, as time went by, I found myself doing one. Then I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a long-running soap and Emmerdale crossed my mind, but I never thought I'd really be in it.'
Nicky likes Roy's dry sense of humour and believes it unlikely that he will get typecast. 'That's the best thing about this part,' he says. 'Roy isn't a nasty person, or a particular role model. But I've had a lot of trouble in clubs when I've been out with lads and people have thrown beer bottles at me. It annoyed me that it never happened before I got the job. I don't go out much any more and I've got mates who keep me down to-earth. It ruins a lot of people when they start getting very starry.'
Music is a favourite pastime for Nicky, who worked as a disc-jockey in clubs after leaving school. He has a recording studio in his house and plays keyboards. Although he enjoys listening to grunge music, his own recordings tend to be a fusion of classical and dance.
Having done so much already at such a young age, Nicky has few ambitions left. 'I don't have plans,' he says. 'If you do and they don't turn out right, that leads to disappointment. To me, every day is a bonus. If this all ended tomorrow, I would travel the world as a DJ. I'd also like to get married.
Nicky left Emmerdale recently but he may return in the not too distant future.

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward


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