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Scott Windsor
9th April 1998 -

Played by: Ben Freeman (Toby Cokerell Played the original Scott )

Scott December 2003

Scot Windsor is the son of Viv and 1st husband Reg Dawson - Viv Walked out on him when their son was very young and Reg spent much of the rest of the time in jail. Reg Died: 7 Jun 1994 (killed by police marksman at Home Farm siege) .

Born: 20 Jul 1980

Scott was brought up by his mother and stepfather Vic Windsor along side his Half-sister Donna and one stepsister Kelly.

He has one daughter, Jean Tate (born from a one night stand with ZoŽ Tate

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Scott with half-sister Donna and stepsister Kelly circa 2000

12th June 2003 - an uncomfortable Scott (BEN FREEMAN) is left holding the baby .........